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Welfare Rights / Re: My call-up papers have arrived
« Last post by Monic1511 on June 23, 2018, 09:59:39 AM »
If you have already asked for an mr then you have a month from that date to get it in on time. You can do a late mr as long as you give the reason for lateness - I had to wait on several medical professionals providing additional evidence.

Because most mr go to appeal we operate on a get the mr in and if you donít get evidence before you get a decision then present the evidence at appeal. Not the best but keeps claimants within the rules.
Welfare Rights / Re: My call-up papers have arrived
« Last post by auntieCtheM on June 22, 2018, 11:49:18 PM »
Thanks Monic.  The further along I go time-wise the clearer I am getting in my head about what is required.  I have to convince them that what I said is the truth and not to read the assessor's final sentences which amount to saying ignore everything this person has said.  I'm going to try to get some more letters from eg optician that state my visual problems, for example.  I'll just have to hope they wait to do the MR until I can organise to get these letters.
Kizzy, it crosses my mind that if the RAC's online system can suffer glitches, such as the one they say happened to me in my online quote process, how would someone completing the DWP's online claims forms cope? 

For one thing a claimant wouldn't be able to prove what questions or how they had answered. Even if a claimant was to have gone through the entire online claims system only for it to be found by the system that an answer had, due to a glitch, been deleted or removed the claimant might find themselves right back at the beginning having to complete the whole process again.

If this scenario was being played out using a library computer a claimant could find themselves being pressured/encouraged by library staff to stop their claim and allow others who might be waiting to access the computer to make their own online claim.

It could even have an impact on claimants with their own home computer in so far as whilst they might be free from the pressures of others waiting to access library public use computers they may also face having to repeatedly complete an online claim form and though that may seem no more than an inconvenience the prospect of trying to repeat word for word their previous answers knowing that the DWP may have the original inputted responses to these questions and are likely to compare a claimant's second form completion against the first could I think see the claimant even more nervous as they try to complete the online form system.
Good to read of your eventual success, JLR  >thumbsup<  Perhaps the RAC will now review their obviously not-fit-for-purpose 'tick box system'  >erm<
On the day of my looking to renew my car's insurance as I was on the phone my post arrived and in it there was a letter from SAGA insurance. During a break in my calls to the RAC I phoned SAGA and ended up taking a fully comprehensive policy for £105.

There's more >biggrin< since the call from the RAC today I contacted their breakdown side to do with my membership of that which is due to renew on the 3rd of July. As I'll be away then I decided to check that there was no automatic renewal in place for that cover.

In the course of my phone call the woman I spoke with became concerned about some advice I was given by one of their call handlers back in 2017. At the time I had been looking to end my membership as I had realised just how much I had agreed to pay for the extras in the agreement. The guy I spoke with told me I was too late to cancel and so I let it carry on. From what the woman told me today the guy should never have done that instead he should have cancelled the agreement and given a refund of part of what I had paid. I mentioned to the woman I was speaking with that it had been my intention to actually continue my membership because of an incident where I had to call the breakdown service late on last year. I had found my car's front driver's side tyre flat and as the car was on a wee bit of a slope where it sits in my front garden I didn't feel I could change the wheel myself.

The result of our chat the woman at the RAC, who I had told of the recent bother I had experienced, helped me with my renewal and she explained she was giving me a reduction in the cost of the renewal because of the actions of the guy who had refused to let me cancel the agreement which he should not have done. She reduced the cost by some £40 :-)
I'm sure the MP's letter had something to do with his thinking. MP's letters tend to go in with top of large organizations, unlike your or my letters which go in at the bottom and struggle to reach someone in authority.

Did you manage to get a satisfactory quote after all?


I've just come off the phone with the RAC customer services guy who called me to apologise on behalf of the RAC Insurances side of things and offer me a cheque for £60, £50 for the bother I experienced through them recently + an additional £10 for the cost of my calls to them.

The guy explained the problem with their quoting system as a, 'glitch in the system'  from what he was telling me they think that as I scrolled to the next question, following my having ticked the unemployed due to disability or illness box, the tick was deleted/removed and it was only following my call to their customer services that the apparently unanswered question was noticed.

He also explained that he felt sure had I not made my first call to the RAC and instead tried to complete the quote system to the point of purchase the system would have picked up the lack of answer in that section.

I feel maybe the fact my MP's letter was sitting in front of him has something to do with his thinking :-)
Disability Talk / Re: Paultons Park
« Last post by ally on June 22, 2018, 12:43:48 PM »
Not sure how to delete post
Disability Talk / Re: Paultons Park
« Last post by Fiz on June 22, 2018, 09:43:47 AM »
Thank you monic. I do agree that very often sunny comes up with lots of suggestions as to how needs can be met which is problem solving and is something I've found lovely and never found it annoying in the slightest. However sunny's posts to me for a couple of days have not had a hint of problem solving, she's questioned why I don't have a wheelchair when I can't walk further than a certain distance and I've explained many times on this forum my problem is pain not mechanical. It's true I've probably not explained my reaction to PTSD triggers, possibly because when they happen I am incredibly embarrassed by my total inability to stop sobbing and calm myself down. And because I avoid all triggers thankfully it's not a regular occurrence, the last time being in December when I was last detained, there has always been aggressive behaviour on the acute ward and that's a high risk of triggers environment for me.

Sunny said "then I should have thought it unlikely that anyone unable to walk from the car to the wheelchair facility would be eligible for enhanced PIP" That's not in any way problem solving, that's questioning my eligibility for a benefit. And in doing so must either assume that I've not been honest on the form or at the assessment, my medical evidence is incorrect and made up and that the assessor has been hoodwinked in some way. Pain is taken into account as is mobility as are mobility movements you can and can't do, as is the after effects of any activity.

Sunny said "Having regard to what Fiz has told us elsethread and I assume she would need very close supervision for her safety and that of others but also that she would not wish to tell Paultons that anymore than she'd be willing to forewarn flight staff responsible for passenger safety" There's absolutely no problem solving here either. She's made judgements about my decision about whether or not my PTSD reactions are in any way a risk to others and assumed that I would do something that would put anyone else at risk. I'm not that person.

I just feel that sunny has been judgemental towards me and criticised me and it did really upset me.

I will be okay though, I will be back but I just need some time right now for my wellbeing so I may not be posting for a day or week or however long it takes.

As far as this disagreement goes as far as I'm concerned what's done is done and I'm wanting to move forward and I want to also acknowledge that sunny very often goes out of her way to help people find solutions and that is very helpful here on ouchtoo which is a great forum.

Oh, wouldn't this be just wonderful - if the Government's definition of 'most severe'/'progressive' isn't so narrow as to exclude the majority!  The site seems to be displaying just a press release at the moment with more to be finalised over the summer, so watch this space...
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