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Great link  >thumbsup<

I grabbed a video from YouTube

The fact Amazon have it on Prime suggests a person could try before they buy as long as the handybar does not end up looking used. It is a great idea for those who can use it.


I just read the whole thread and it looks like you just believed what the other person said about the Motability and went from there. It shows how there could still be a general belief going around that people can get expensive cars on Motability and it is disheartening. It might be a bit of a mental leap of logic but it seems to me the old 'facts' about what a sick and disabled person is entitled to are still enduring well past the days when papers like the Daily Mail were publishing articles about it.


Good morning Monic, I would like to ask your brother, had I the chance, to leave out his lecturing of you re-Scotland's regaining its Independence. If I were ever to even attempt to lecture my younger sister 'about anything'  let a lone Scotland's Independence I'd soon find my heid in my hauns :-)

My wish to see Scotland Independent simply comes from my being a Scot. The film Braveheart may have been inaccurate in many parts of it but it did reflect the selling out of Scotland to Edward I of England by those who held much of what power Scotland had at the time, in the main those who signed away Scotland's Independence interests were purely selfish and concerned their own standing and wealth. End of my lecture >biggrin<

A change I would like to see at Westminster is one where a PM cannot play games with cabinet reshuffles, I'm meaning to say when a PM feels someone in the cabinet is not right for the position they are in they are moved to the back benches until the next general election has been held. To see the numbers of ministers who have held the DWP as secretary of state since May's election is ridiculous and those she has moved are not much better in the new jobs she has given them. All these reshuffles do is provide a government with a tool to cause distraction in the media and deflect attention from other issues that should be looked into more closely. Mind you I feel the same way about things like the Oscars and other events such as the school exam results being heralded in the media, all other news is virtually lost whilst the media go over the top showing some reporter gushing about some actresses dress on the red carpet or our screens filled with pictures of kids opening their exam results supposedly live on the telly.

Noo I've my own crisis, ah've run oot of coffee, time to refil ma mug >biggrin<
The Brexit vote was always going to be a vote for a dream rather than reality.  The hypocrisy now from the Tories is that they are saying that the UK can exist without its biggest trading partner (Europe) and that's why a Brexit vote is a good idea, but how dare Scotland say that independence would not affect the trade between Scotland and rest of UK.   Nationalist will say Scotland can renegotiate deals with the R of UK but Tories say no they can't.  Then the Tories say they can renegotiate deals with the R of EU but re mainers  say no they can't.  To be honest the whole thing makes me tierd.

In my opinion the winners in either Brexit or Scottish Independence will be the lawyers.  Treaties and trade deals need legal documents to be enforceable and take years.  We have a divorce bill for Europe and next it will be the break up of the UK.   My brother is pro independence so I get regular in depth lectures from him,  I know the system is not perfect and due to population size Scotland is never going to get its way if England votes tory.  Its only when England turns against the tories that the rest of UK's voice is heard.  Funny thing is Scotland used to vote tory until Thatcher.   Yes I can see the break up of the UK coming but I'm not sure it will be good for either side.

I have to guard my opinions because I work elections and am employed by the council - council employees are not allowed to broadcast our political views and my council changes hands every few years,  people who work elections are not allowed to be members of any party, on polling day we can't wear the colours of any party and have to be neutral in all our comments.  So after an 18 hours day on election duty Im a bit testy when the Independence side started shouting FIX because they lost.  The No vote did the say after Brexit

The only way we can know the will of all the people would be if everyone voted and voting is not compulsory - even if you just spoilt your paper.  there is a stat showing that 6 million people are not registered to vote and of those registered 34% don't even vote.

This decline started with Maggie using the electoral role to chase folk for poll tax, then when people consistently voted Labour and got a tory government people said there was no point in voting.

Now we need to get the un registered interested and the registered to come out to vote.

I appreciate its a rubbish choice sometimes but If you do not vote you have no right to complain about the result and I think you are shaming all the working class people who fought and died to get the vote for the ordinary person.

The more folk that vote the quicker my day goes as well so its good for me as well.  Non voters also contribute to the cost of elections - I had 8 books of voting papers yet only used 2 of them, all the unused papers have to be kept and stored in case there is a challenge to the vote.

How do we sort our political system?  would it help if we engaged with it a bit more rather than ignoring Westminster as a house of corruption?  When we let them get away with things they take it as permission.

I think I better stop now and thanks for not being mad at me.
Cafe / Re: Re-launching the ship happyness by bulekingfisher
« Last post by bulekingfisher on August 31, 2018, 08:30:05 PM »
Hello Kizzy Kazaer

I've decide to put stabilizer's on my buggy as I don't want any broken bone's + any one who   come's for an ramble with me I insist they also have stabilizer's fitted by Eric (our Norse handy man brought on board by Yevette). Sushh be quite there is a large male mouse (with the giant antler's) on a carpet of red, gold + orange leaves, that have just fallen so the tree's can keep all the water for a long hard winter
'most citizens voted Brexit'

Might have helped if they'd known what they were voting for rather than the vague promises and down right lies being proffered by both sides involved.
I do agree that Corbyn is being specifically targeted and misquoted so as to appear his views are one thing when he said something about a totally different subject. This tells me political parties view Corbyn as a threat and as Liberals are unlikely to win a general election, this will ensure Conservatives will remain in power.

But what Labour and Liberals seem not to be thinking about is that in the first truly democratic referendum ever, most citizens voted Brexit. That means they feel strongly enough to back any party that is pursuing that aim and from what I've read, that means labour and liberals are out of the running. So it appears a done deal in more ways than one.
Disability Talk / Re: Please read and reply - GDPR
« Last post by Sunshine Meadows on August 31, 2018, 11:16:15 AM »
I made this sticky so it is at the top of the list.:-)
'I have too much brain fog right now'

I know the feeling Sunshine >biggrin<
Monic and JLR,

I enjoyed reading both you posts.

I have too much brain fog right now to reply properly but I will be back  :-)
Cafe / Re: General chat about anything you want :-)
« Last post by Fiz on August 31, 2018, 07:09:05 AM »
Definitely something to ask for when your appointment happens Steve.

I'm fortunate too in that the phones at my GP surgery open at 8am and anyone phoning would be offered a same day appointment to see a doctor.

Or as said before a GP will ring back. I've called 111 and had a GP visit me at home over a weekend and they've prescribed and dispensed antibiotics so 111 is always a possibility if your GP practice isn't providing adequate services.

My GP now has weekend GP surgeries held at a community hospital 20 miles away. Useful. Not. 111 is the better option though when I called them needing antibiotics I had no car and was housebound and things are different now.

Oh, I worked out how to get into my car without pain yesterday. It's not quick and I'm sure looks on but I'm sure it will make each day I use the car less painful in general now.
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