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Disability Talk / Re: Please read and reply - GDPR
« Last post by Sunshine Meadows on Today at 07:25:11 PM »
Thank you  >bighugs<
Disability Talk / Re: Please read and reply - GDPR
« Last post by Achesnpains on Today at 04:31:14 PM »
I agree
Disability Talk / Re: Have I got this wrong? ESA and Universal Credit
« Last post by Fiz on Today at 03:15:41 PM »
The trouble is I never have the hot water on unless dd is here because she needs baths to soak in her eczema stuff whereas I use the electric shower and then rarely more than once a week due to lack of motivation.  My house looks like I'm depressed and only the lounge and spare bedroom is clean. I live in chaos. Many winters I've not turned the heating on at all to save money, this year I've set it to timed but the thermostat is set at 10. If I were to have a lodger I'd need to somehow clean the house, the shower screen is broken so I'd need to pay someone to fix that, I'd need to heat the house to a good standard and have hot water plus I'm usually crying by 4pm at the latest and my evenings are awful distress wise and I try to medicate myself to sleep as soon as possible. Even if I had a female lodger I'd not to be to say she couldn't have a male visitor and it's really tricky having males in my safe place so for those reasons plus others a lodger isn't viable. Also I do have people stay in the spare room, dd and friends so I'd miss the ability to be able to. I'll just have to make do. It does look likely that I'll be allowed the bedroom disregard for the spare room and so far I've managed to keep up with the payments for my therapy room. I wouldn't want to share a house with me!

If you dont get the Discretionary Housing Payment would you consider getting a lodger to share the housing costs - maybe a student so they were not there all the time?

If Mr Sunshine were to lose his job our fall back position is renting out the spare room?


Are you able to look up and post the rules on what happens if you rent a room when you are on Income Based Benefits?
Disability Talk / Re: Have I got this wrong? ESA and Universal Credit
« Last post by Monic1511 on October 18, 2018, 07:51:30 PM »
Local authorities have discretion on how they calculate the awards of DHP.  Its not a set system,  my council covers all under occ charges for council tenants on HB, then they calculate the rest depending on each persons circumstances. 

With that calculation its no wonder your confused.
Disability Talk / Re: Have I got this wrong? ESA and Universal Credit
« Last post by Fiz on October 18, 2018, 04:26:42 PM »
That is true.

I've been in touch with the council and I have to say how often a carer stays overnight to get the disregard but it seems possible. I'm in a 2 and 8 having paid the increased amount for 10 days, so a week at 25% then working out 3 days of 25% and the rest of the week at the lower rate now need to work out backwards how much I've overpaid if my spare room is regarded as a room for a carer. Because I'm unwell at the moment the calculation is totally beyond me so I've just reduced my fortnightly rent in advance down to 10 online banking and hope I can sort myself out before I get into arrears.

It would be really useful I local authorities told us what we needed to pay as the under occupancy reduction in HB instead of telling us a percentage and if the percentage changes mid week like it did with dd then the calculation was not easy. I might have got it wrong and I can't attempt it now backwards.
I like the painting style and it looks good enough. I dont know whether Trump got the picture put up at the White House was because he sees himself as good as the other former Presidents or maybe he just wants to make out they would have wanted to spend time with him socially. To me it looks like something that would more usually get put up as a talking point rather than as a piece of art.

Years back I was friends with a few Republican Libertarian type and one in particular would have got a kick out of left wing liberals reaction.

Non-disability News and Current Affairs / Re: are these paintings low taste or not?
« Last post by JLR2 on October 18, 2018, 06:10:34 AM »
Fair to say, I feel, the painting of the Presidents does look well painted by the artist the only thing spoiling it, for me, is the inclusion of Trump.
Disability Talk / Re: Social housing
« Last post by Monic1511 on October 17, 2018, 10:51:36 PM »
housing benefit can be paid for up to 13 week as long as you intend to return to your home, you tenancy agreement might be different though an be around 4 weeks unless you are in hospital.
Disability Talk / Re: ESA underpayments and time line for claimants to be refunded
« Last post by Monic1511 on October 17, 2018, 10:48:48 PM »
People who were moved into the Support Group are typically in the Contribution based ESA.  Income related ESA is topped up when someone is due the disability premium and they could also be due severe disability premium depending on the DLA award and their living conditions.

The reason this is important is that people on contribution based benefit only often had to pay rent and council tax charges,  if you get 10p of income related benefit you are entitled to full housing benefit and full council tax charge.

The next step is are your saving below the 6000 (working age) limit.

Any award of DLA/PIP gets the disability premium

Severe Disability premium is paid if the claimant gets Middle rate care DLA or standard daily living of PIP AND they live alone and no one claims carers allowance for them

Enhanced Disability premium is paid if you get high rate care / enhanced daily living and are in the support group
rates are DP33.55, SDP 64.30 EDP 16.40 per week - 2018 rates

correct me if I'm wrong - its a bit late and I'm tired.  >thumbsup<

If you are already on ESA you can ask if DWP are aware you live alone and get PIP and tell them what the rates are.  This is not a reason to transfer you to UC and cannot be used as a reason, I think you are a home owner so cant claim housing benefit anyway and thats the only reason you'd claim UC - unless you have a new baby and want to claim the UC equivalent of tax credits  >yikes<
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