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Cafe / Re: Word Association Game
« Last post by SteveX on Today at 09:41:11 PM »
Could have been worse.   Could have been jammie dodgers!  >yikes<
Non-disability News and Current Affairs / Re: Cross your legs, chaps...
« Last post by SteveX on Today at 09:38:10 PM »
Woah. ouch, but what bugs me is:
They are talking about a ring spanner and the image is an adjustible spanner.

..yes I'm sad..  lol
Disability Talk / Re: Benefits and inflation.
« Last post by KizzyKazaer on Today at 09:27:00 PM »
....ah, I see (I think).  Benefit rates stay the same for those the Government deem the not-so-'deserving', ie JSA and WRAG claimants.  Hmmm, nice to be one of the 'favoured'  >erm<
Disability Talk / Re: Benefits and inflation.
« Last post by KizzyKazaer on Today at 09:24:20 PM »
Well, I was surprised to get an increase at all, I thought all working-age benefits were being frozen  >confused<
Was it was one of those more expensive chocolate-covered biscuit collections, I ask myself?  Does seem an awful lot of fuss, though I suppose one can't go round pinching others' munchables willy-nilly.... bringing me neatly to another (wince-worthy) news item that I found from following your link, Monic  >whistle<
Thursday 22 Feb 2018
A police officer who was alleged to have taken a colleague’s tin of biscuits has been found not guilty of gross misconduct. Pc Thomas Hooper, based at the Kingston Operational Command Unit in south-west London, was also alleged to have applied to cancel a Fixed Penalty notice against him and giving false accounts of both incidents.

Panel chairman Nahied Asjad ruled at the end of a three-day misconduct hearing that he had no case to answer for both allegations and will now return to full duties after a period of restricted duty. Pc Hooper had denied two allegations of breaching standards of professional behaviour at the tribunal in central London. It was alleged that on May 7 2016, Pc Hooper had taken another officer’s medium-sized tin of biscuits from a cupboard, without her permission. The tribunal previously heard that Pc Hooper was going to offer to share them, and also offered to replace them.
Charles Apthorp, representing the Metropolitan Police, earlier told the hearing that it was not just a matter of taking a tin of biscuits but whether his actions had amounted to a breach of professional standards. Pc Hooper was also alleged to have driven a marked police transit van at 51mph in a 30mph zone on May 3 2016 – with the vehicle in response mode, but no reason for it. It was alleged that he sought to cancel the Fixed Penalty Notice and gave a false account of events to avoid penalty points on his personal licence. Pc Hooper had been transporting a prisoner from a mental health unit to Kingston police station, his counsel Ben Summers said. The tribunal found that Pc Hooper’s accounts were ‘not false or misleading’, and that the facts he presented on the cancellation form ‘reflect what happened on that day’. The tribunal dismissed the case.


I know some folk get annoyed when colleagues in your own team or other teams in the building nick your supplies BUT to bring a misconduct charge seems very excessive

I wonder if there were tea & biscuits at the appeal hearing  >lol<
Disability Talk / Re: Benefits and inflation.
« Last post by Monic1511 on Today at 08:32:27 PM »
I have had a look at the figures and the basic amounts remain the same (73.10 for an adult over 25)  but some of the premiums increase, along with the rates for DLA/PIP/AA.

CARER'S ALLOWANCE 62.70 will go up to 64.60

   Care Component       
Highest 83.10 will go up to 85.60       
Middle 55.65 will go up to 57.30       
Lowest 22.00  will go up to 22.65

   Mobility Component       
Higher 58.00  will go up to 59.75       
Lower 22.00  will go up to 22.65

   enhanced disability       
single 15.90  will go up to 16.40       couple 22.85 will go up to  23.55

   severe disability       
single 62.45  will go up to 64.30       couple (lower rate) 62.45 will go up to  64.30       couple (higher rate) 124.90 will go up to  128.60

   carer 34.95 will go up to  36.00
ESA Support Group  36.55  will go up to 37.65 no change to the work related activity amount

Daily living component
Enhanced 83.10 will go up to  85.60
Standard 55.65  will go up to 57.30

Mobility component
Enhanced 58.00  will go up to 59.75
Standard 22.00  will go up to 22.65

Overall the increase are around 1% from memory
Hope that helps rather then opening the link helpfully provided by lankou.
The link has a lot more detail but those are the things we tend to look at here.
What really..  People calling the Police because their favourite takeaway is closed.  >yikes<

oh my god, that's blown my mind, how stupid are these people?
I mean what do they expect the police to do?  break in the premises and force them to cook at gunpoint, or perhaps provide an armed escort for DHL (Drop it, Hide it, Lose it) to deliver the chicken?

How are people SO dumb in 2018?   >steam<
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