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News and Current Affairs / Vilification of disabled workers by the government
« Last post by Sunny Clouds on December 09, 2017, 05:20:18 PM »
In case anyone missed it, Philip Hammond recently told the Treasury Select Committee:  “It is almost certainly the case that by increasing participation in the workforce, including far higher levels of participation by marginal groups and very high levels of engagement in the workforce, for example of disabled people – something we should be extremely proud of – may have had an impact on overall productivity measurements.”

So on the one hand, the government makes a big issue of its being absolutely essential that no one is ever better off out of work (pretty much guaranteeing it that many will take that as meaning not that the same person should be better off in work than out, but that nobody out of work should ever get more than people on minimum wage with such minimal benefits as they're entitled to even if their needs are less);  and on the other hand, it's telling people that disabled people in work are at least in part responsible for the state of the economy.

I struggle not to cry over this sort of vilification.  I no longer believe that it is accidental.  I simply hope that the government will keep it at this level of unpleasantness not worse, and that I'm simply overly depressive.
Talk / Re: Just in cases anyone gets messed about claiming Universal Credit
« Last post by Monic1511 on December 08, 2017, 08:56:16 PM »

Better still - is you have a choice DO NOT claim UC especially if you get any disability premiums
Welfare Rights / Re: Radiculopathy
« Last post by Monic1511 on December 08, 2017, 08:53:51 PM »
Hi Bub
I'm glad you have a supportive GP and the reason the DWP does not contact Gp's is because when they do they have to pay the GP for the report.  the fee for the gp is £35/patient.  at that price I wish some of them would actually look at the descriptors before they write "does not have care needs or no communication problems"  - that was the notes on my dads form - he has had perforated eardrums for 30 years, has very limited hearing and lip reads. has sleep apnoea and falls asleep every time he sits down, even mid meal.

anyway enough of my moaning
Talk / Just in cases anyone gets messed about claiming Universal Credit
« Last post by lankou on December 08, 2017, 05:14:01 PM »
This has just appeared on the DWP website, I suggest anyone who thinks the may be claiming Universal Credit here is how it SHOULD work.
I suggest downloading it and saving it just in case:-

Something that wouldn't go through their scanning system.  I'll PM you.
Welfare Rights / Re: Radiculopathy
« Last post by bub1 on December 08, 2017, 10:57:49 AM »
Thankyou I wasn’t sure.
I had a drs appointment today just to update him and to get some more medication.
Medical people haven’t contacted him as yet.
He said it would be easier for all the people going through this if medical people got in touch with GPS and other consultants to confirm people medical diagnosis etc that way it would stop a lot of people having to go to these assessments as they could tell them if there was anyway you would be able to work or not.
I think that is something the DWP need to look at.
He asked me where the centre was I would be going and if anyone would be taking me.
Which I think was nice.
I am to book another appointment to see him after the assessment.
News and Current Affairs / Re: UC lines closed for most of Christmas
« Last post by JLR2 on December 07, 2017, 11:05:52 PM »
''UC lines closed for most of Christmas''

Ah'm wondering, will that mean no 'orrible brown envelopes on the door mat for a few days?
Sunny, might I ask what was the format the DWP rejected and what sort of format is it that they require reconsiderations to take?

Ally, I hope everything goes well for your op tomorrow.
Sunny, how long do you have to send it in again?  Can you take a few days off before doing this?
I sent in my request for a reconsideration but it got sent back and I've got to send it in again in a different format.  But I'm in meltdown and draft after draft is just more and more emotional.  I feel barely rational now.
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