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Welfare Rights / Re: PIP mobility scenario
« Last post by Sunny Clouds on October 19, 2017, 01:18:03 PM »
Welfare Rights / Re: PIP mobility scenario
« Last post by Fiz on October 19, 2017, 10:52:12 AM »
This is where it seems daft. If my GP or a shop were 4 doors down I could almost certainly get there with necessary pain relief. But as the nearest anything is a mile away my GP does home visits and my shopping is online and the asda man empties the crates onto worktops as I can't bend. So yes, I would get 4 doors down if I had to but as anywhere I need to go is further than I can get I am housebound to all extent and purposes. I think the questions don't fit everybody. I'm really low at the moment so all forms are beyond me.
Welfare Rights / Re: Radiculopathy
« Last post by Fiz on October 19, 2017, 10:44:37 AM »
My back condition sounds similar symptom wise and I received 0 points for mobility but have enhanced care for mental health reasons. My mobility has decreased dramatically since my last ESA 50 though. I'm currently wondering whether to apply for pip mobility but think I'm too scared plus filling in a form is beyond me and I can't even get to a post box to post a letter so they'd never receive it!

I hope your symptoms improve. I'm moving up the analgesic ladder fairly rapidly with little success as yet but there has to be a stage on the ladder when I'm helped and it must be the same for you. Big hugs  >bighugs<
Welfare Rights / Re: Radiculopathy
« Last post by bub1 on October 19, 2017, 10:31:20 AM »
Thanks Monic I do breathe heavy. Will get son to type separate sheet over weekend.
Welfare Rights / Re: Radiculopathy
« Last post by Monic1511 on October 18, 2017, 10:00:38 PM »
Hi Bub
add to your descriptions - I get breathless on exertion and exertion can be walking from my bed to the toilet, due to the raynauds I have no feeling in my fingers or toes - this means that I cannot grip and retain control of any object I try to lift.  I drink through a straw as I got fed up dropping my drink on myself, I no longer drink hot liquids as it causes burns when I drop the cup.  both types of arthritis mean any physical task is extremely difficult and painful.  Since I cannot feel my toes I have a tendency to trip over my own feet so I shuffle rather than walk.
You could send the discharge papers as it also shows when you were last in hospital.

my way of doing the forms is to look at the descriptor and try to work out which job the are talking about
so mobilising - lollipop person
sitting / standing - check out assistant, call centre worker, office worker - just thought do you get breathless when speaking cos that would rule out tele sales (mum there's a heavy breather on the phone  >whistle<)
picking up & moving is the check out and the shelf stacker jobs

 >chocolate< >mug-tea<
Welfare Rights / Re: Radiculopathy
« Last post by bub1 on October 18, 2017, 09:08:26 PM »
Thankyou thatís all about right except canít pick up cup I use a straw lol.
I have trouble walking already because of osteoarthritis especially bad in knees and feet. Even walking with crutches is a pain literally as canít grip properly as for laying down I can only do that for showtimes and I am always tired. Wheoi had my last day surgery injection the discharge papers does say confirmed diagnosis of radiculopathy shall I send copy with form?
I appreciate all your help this is another illness added to;
Copd,raynauds,osteoarthritis,rheumatoid Arthritis.
Welfare Rights / Re: Radiculopathy
« Last post by Monic1511 on October 18, 2017, 08:56:47 PM »
Hi Bub
back again - so I looked online and according to the web you have nerve pain in your spine (I am not being dismissive but it might come across like that) so that will affect walking, sitting, standing reaching, maybe even grip and fine motor skills. You will need to be clear if the pain and issues are there all the time and whatever you do - do not tick it varies - that just means that you can do the task some of the time and if you can do it sometimes you can be a part time employee. >doh<

1 Mobilising - I can mobilise a short distance but the majority of the time will not take more than 10 - 15 steps without stopping (1 step = a meter)
I cannot self propel a wheelchair as my upper body is weak and the pain restricts my ability to move my arms/shoulders/elbows/wrist.  Elbow crutches are out for the same reason

Sitting / standing - I cannot sit for more than 20 minutes before I need to move, standing is also painful and I frequently need to lie down on a flat surface just to get some respite from the pain

Reaching - I can't repeatedly or reliably lift my hands to my head - I rarely wash my hair as I cant do it myself
picking up and moving - I can lift my cup but cannot pick up the kettle due to the pain increasing when I do this, I could not do this repeatedly (I cant stack shelves / scan items at a checkout is what your saying)
Manual dexterity - do you lose power in your hands if yes how often
speaking -- might not be an issue
Bowels - does the damage to the spinal nerves affect your ability to control your bowels or bladder movements.
consciousness - is this an issue

that's my take on how that one illness affects the ESA descriptors but that's with only a quick look at the condition.

hope that's helpful
Welfare Rights / Re: Radiculopathy
« Last post by Sunny Clouds on October 18, 2017, 04:47:27 PM »
Good luck with the ESA.

Meanwhile, I hope something can be done about the radiculopathy.  It sounds very distressing.
Talk / Re: Funny init ( people in power abusing women and men)
« Last post by SunshineMeadows on October 18, 2017, 01:02:25 PM »
I admit I got annoyed with myself for (after trauma-based one-to-one therapy earlier this year, aren't I supposed to be 'cured' of all that??)

Welfare Rights / Re: Radiculopathy
« Last post by bub1 on October 18, 2017, 12:23:06 PM »
Thankyou will send what I think is appropriate as I said drs on Friday 20 back to see consultant on the 30 th October the injections in through neck to spine vertebrae havenít worked. So we shall see
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