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Disability Talk / Re: Disability and gaming
« Last post by Fiz on May 17, 2018, 01:28:30 PM »
Wow good for Microsoft. It would be great if all the manufacturers, PS4, Xbox etc made a separate adapter so that disabled people could enjoy the game and play along with able bodied alike. My sons and their friends play PS4 games together while they're hundreds of miles apart. I was thinking yesterday how far and fast technology has come in such a short period of time. There was a meme on Facebook I saw this week that said "You remember when we used to type brb? We don't do that any more, we live here" and it's so true! I remember the brb days.
Non-disability News and Current Affairs / Re: It must be bad
« Last post by lankou on May 17, 2018, 01:00:23 PM »
Faked photos whatever has made you come to that conclusion. As for being in harms way, the SAS does not assign a bodyguard to people who are not in harms way. (All the comment I can make without angering officialdom.)
Welfare Rights / Re: Refused home visit requested
« Last post by Fiz on May 17, 2018, 12:00:40 PM »
It was horrendous but not just because of the assessment and my back pain which was made far worse by doing the movements she was asking me to do. Last time I said to the nurse that some movements would be painful but that I would do them if necessary and her comment saying don't do them if it hurts you turned into Fiz declined to bend forwards. Which was accurate as I'd offered. So today I decided I'd do everything requested of me and it was the nurse stopping me from doing things if she saw it was painful so no one can say I declined to do anything.

But the awful thing is my daughter hadn't been answering any of my texts so I texted to ask her if she was okay yesterday and she replied she's just got a lot on her plate at the moment. All her academic work including dissertation are handed in and her next placement is yet to start so I didn't think it could be Uni and when she uses those words it normally means she's emotionally upset so this morning I texted her landlady to say I'm worried about my daughter and is she okay. The landlady replied she thinks it's a mixture of the anticlimax of submitting her work plus she's grieving the loss of her Grandad who is dying. My father in law lived with us as part of our family for most of my children's lives and when he developed dementia I was his carer. He is such a lovely man, I considered him to be my father. Soon after I separated with my ex in 2008 I invited fil and my 2 sons over for dinner and fil played Wii games for hours with the children, he laughed so much, he loved it. My ex by then had already moved into his now wife's house leaving our 16yo and 18yo sons to care for their Granddad who has dementia. My younger son who'd achieved A* GCSE's dropped out of college to care for his Granddad as he was up on and off through the night lighting the hob and turning the iron on, my son took low end drugs during this period to manage the stress. I'd actually wanted to stay in the house at separation so I could continue to care for fil but my ex refused to move so dd and I moved. 2 months later my ex moves in with another woman. Anyway after that one great visit from my fil in 2008 that he enjoyed so much, my ex found out about it and drove my 15yo dd off and very firmly told her that I was never allowed to see him again. Not wanting my dd distressed again I obeyed the orders but I've missed my fil so badly, he was a dad to me, I literally bathed him and cared for him in every way,  calming him when he was anxious about bizarre ideas.

Dd has been the only relative to visit him regularly in the nursing home my ex put him in, not even my ex went more than twice a year. His dementia has progressed that he recognises nobody and refuses to eat because he's already eaten, which he hadn't. Dementia is such a cruel disease. So I knew dd would take the loss badly when the time came as she more than the other two completely doted on him. Reading the text telling me he's moving had me sobbing for the half hour before the nurse turned up to do the assessment and it took me the first half of the assessment to get my mind off of fil and onto the assessment which reduced the sobbing to tears. I'd expected the tears. The nurse of course has no clue why I was sobbing, she'll have assumed it was the assessment. However I don't think I needed to tell her because I'm already in receipt of enhanced care and expect to stay there, rightly so. So I don't think explaining my emotional state was necessary or deceitful. 

I've taken morphine and tramadol to deal with the pain caused by the movements I was asked to do plus diazepam to calm myself down, I might take more diazepam or I might cry all day about fil. I have no idea why dd hasn't told me about fil herself. I have told the landlady that I won't be telling dd that I know about fil or she'll know we've been having a conversation about her. But I thanked the landlady for telling me because I can be grieving now and will be more able to be strong for dd when the time comes because I won't be shocked.

My younger son and daughter in law are on holiday in Russia at the moment. I hope the death doesn't happen before they return. He will also be greatly saddened because although he's only seen I'm 3 or 4 times since fil was put in a remote nursing home and my son doesn't drive, through the years we all lived together as a family, my younger son was always Granddads favourite and they were very close. And he gave up college to care for him and the result is a lifetime working nights on the living wage when he could have flown through college and uni and got a really decent job. He'd wanted to be a primary school teacher and male primary teachers tend to climb ranks faster than female teachers because female teachers tend to have babies. So he gave up a lot for his Granddad, willingly. My ex is a complete piece of shit and I very rarely swear.

Sorry for that completely irrelevant ramble. The nurse said the results usually take 4 weeks but are usually quicker. She said I might need of be reassessed face to face again or my reassessments may be paper based. She was nice, working at speed trying to work through questions at lightening speed. I'm not sure if that was for her benefit or mine because I was upset. My gut feeling is I will continue to get enhanced care and at least standard mobility. Obviously if I were to be awarded enhanced mobility, a car could be life changing. I can feel the morphine starting to work now, the pain is easing and the diazepam is slightly lessening the tension. Though spurging out all this emotion here might be cathartic and helpful in a way.

Once all the medication wears off I will know better how anxious I will be waiting for the assessment results though grieving the potential imminent loss of the wonderful man I consider to be my father will distract me from it.

If you've managed to read all that you deserve a medal. Thank you all for your kind thoughts, it helps so much knowing how other people here know the affect these wretched assessments have on us. I really don't want ever to have to go through this again.
Disability Talk / Re: Disability and gaming
« Last post by Sunny Clouds on May 17, 2018, 12:00:09 PM »
That all sounds amazing to me.  I don't mean amazing as in 'I don't believe it', I mean amazing as in 'that's wonderful'. 
Non-disability News and Current Affairs / It must be bad
« Last post by JLR2 on May 17, 2018, 11:59:14 AM »
Whatever it is it must be really bad news the BBC is working so hard to bury on behalf of the government. So what two non-entities are getting married on Saturday, hundreds of other happy couples will get married on Saturday and I wish them all the best for a happy future including the two non-entities I referred to. I'm just p**d off that the BBC are giving so much time to their wedding, there are more important things going on in the world

Harry is a guy I have had no time for ever since his faked photos in Camp Bastion in Afghanistan showing him behind the trigger of a gpmg (machine gun)  I doubt the photos of him flying in the helicopter were taken anywhere near a dangerous zone where he might have faced enemy fire.

The BBC and its penchant for currying favour with whichever government is in power will see to it that they have a story covering the countdown to Harry's first child, least the first he'll admit to as his, if it'll help distract from whichever cock-up the government want buried.

I hope the Royal Household and the MSM do not attack and do all they can to besmirch Megan if and when her family become too much of an embarrassment to Q-Liz back at the Palace as they did to Fergie.
Disability Talk / Re: Disability and gaming
« Last post by Prabhakari on May 17, 2018, 11:27:22 AM »
With regard to the other site, I know what you mean. It has changed completely in five years. I used to feel at home there. Not now.

As for gaming, there is more than that. I have been able to desigm rockets for space travel; I have flown in many  places; I can explore our galaxy. I have had a go at lorry driving round Europe. I can operate boats with various ship sims, such as being able to explore Gibraltar Harbour.I have made many friends on the way. My .life has been richer because of the computer, and it is true for all the disabled people I meet.
It is why I am writing about sailing here. The sailing sim is evolving all the time. Soon we shall have a world editor, and people will be able to transform the land.

I wish I could still do 3D modeling. I would love to build the harbour where I am.

Be peace, Prabhakari.   >wheelchair<
Welfare Rights / Re: ESA
« Last post by Fiz on May 17, 2018, 10:57:49 AM »
That would be useful. I think I'd be reassured if others had long gaps though I think it's linked in with PIP awards, if you get a high award they probably think you're not worth assessing.
Welfare Rights / Re: ESA
« Last post by Sunny Clouds on May 17, 2018, 10:51:52 AM »
I was assessed in 2012 (first time, migration from IB) and then again in 2014.  I wonder whether for those of us in the support group, there's an assessment then another to be sure support group is right, then stick us on the back-burner unless something turns up that the relevant bit of the DWP considers may amount to a change of circumstances?

Maybe others will come along and say what their assessment spacings have been.
Disability Talk / Re: Disability and gaming
« Last post by Sunny Clouds on May 17, 2018, 10:44:45 AM »
I'm not into gaming as such, but I can see from the outside, as it were, that it can provide anything from a bit of bit of pleasure and enjoyable social contact to a crucial link with the outside world for isolated people.  I mentally map it onto the places I go online to 'play' with words, like  messageboards, skype messaging etc., although I stress that as a non-gamer I'm aware that that's probably only an approximate analogy in terms of function in a person's life.

So anything that makes it more accessible is surely a good thing.  I hope that if you need any of this equipment, or if any of this would make gaming easier for you, you can afford it.

Btw. I'm glad I read this rather than on another site you and I post on, where doubtless someone would come along with snide comments about people who aren't really disabled being given what's obviously too much money by decent, hardworking taxpayers if they can afford to play games... 
Disability Talk / Disability and gaming
« Last post by Prabhakari on May 17, 2018, 09:55:22 AM »
This is very good news, just reported in The Guardian.
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