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Sean TCC

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We invite you to take part in our research which will look at how younger adults with sight loss (age 16-44) move towards independence, the role and significance of housing and support and the possibilities for creating and improving housing opportunities.
We, The Campaign Company an independent research organisation, have been commissioned to carry out a scoping study that is exploring the significance of housing and independent living from the perspective of younger adults with sight loss. The research takes the form of telephone interview that will last no longer than 30 minutes. If you take part in the interview you will receive a 20 cheque.

We hope you are willing to take part as your experiences are valuable in learning and understanding the current barriers and enablers in housing for those with sight loss. Please can you can contact me directly to discuss the research and arrange an interview at a time and date that suits you.

Researchers: The Campaign Company and Thomas Pocklington Trust
Open to: Certified visually impaired aged 16-44 in all of the UK (EXCLUDING Scotland and the North West)

Contact Details: [removed by moderator, see post below]
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Hi Sean TCC

Welcome to Ouch Too.

You may not be aware of this but before asking to do any research a message board like Ouch Too, the expected procedure is to ask the site Admin directly or ask in a new thread is it is okay to do the research before starting the research.

It is okay for you to post your questionnaire on somewhere like SurveyMonkey and then provide a link to it. You could also post the questionnaire on this thread.

We do advise against people engaging in email correspondence with someone who is new to Ouch Too and says they have a questionnaire.   I have therefore edited out the contact details in your initial post - please see for further information.

Sean TCC

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Hi Kizzy,

Thanks for your reply. As a new member of this site I wasn't aware of the procedures and therefore apologise if I have overstepped the mark. However, it isn't possible to put a surveygizmo link or the like as this takes the form of a 30 minute depth telephone interview.

I would be happy to personally speak to any of the admins on the site to confirm the research that we are doing, who we are and any further details that you require. I work for The Campaign Company, you can see our website here - - to confirm that we are a reputable company.



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Sorry I did not get back to you on this sooner. The short PM you sent Kizzy reminded me to reply.

I want members and future researchers to have a better understanding of the thought processes involved in the decisions we make so I am going to publish my reply to you here. I hope you are able to get something sorted offsite.


Kizzy has forwarded the PM you sent to her (see below) for me to reply.

These days a lot of people use their real name and information online on websites like Facebook and Twitter and I think this might be why people coming to Ouch Too to ask members to help with research do not realise why there are rules about what they can and cant do.

When BBC Ouch announced it was going to close down one of the biggest concerns was that people who used that message board would no longer have somewhere they felt 'safe' to post or where they could easily remain anonymous. While I know that Twitter and Facebook do allow people to use made up names I also know that the extra level of moderation we have here on Ouch Too helps people remain anonymous.  For example, people can not use the PM system to get in touch with other members until they have fifty posts, also we do not allow people to post email addresses containing their reals names unless we know they are okay to manage their own correspondence.

I myself use a made up name and only a handful of people know my actual name and location. Giving out my name would be ringing a bell that could not be unrung and there would be no benefit to me or Ouch Too in me using my real name. Which brings me to whether or not I am happy to phone you and discuss your 'advert'. To do so would reveal my identity and location. Furthermore to support an advert which involved Ouch Too members doing a interview on the phone would not be in keeping with the rules we currently have for the same reason I just stated.

I have looked at the The Campaign Company website and checked out the phone number you gave and everything looks above board, but I want Ouch Too to remain in a neutral position in regard to research. I cant allow you to post a email address or the telephone number but if you wish to create a web location for the information eg a Facebook page, Twitter page or a web page I will let you put up a link to that location. This means any person reading the post you make will be reminded to think about what they want to do before moving off the Ouch Too pages to the offsite information.

If you have any links to other research done by The Campaign Company in relation to disability, health issues or welfare rights is their any possibility that The Campaign Company would be happy to share the research results with us? Also does the The Campaign Company ever take on small research projects free of charge for organisations such as Ouch Too?

Kind regards,
Sunshine Meadows