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I was thinking a lot about this yesterday.  I absolutely love it when this happens. 

The latest example that came to my attention was this.  It relates to unhealthy eating.  There were divided opinions in a discussion else-site where some were rather scathing about fat people.  I pointed out various factors, including that when you see a child eating crisps, you don't know whether they've got lots of money or whether they got them from the foodbank.  I suggested that people look at their half dozen nearest foodbank collection points and see how they're full of crisps, biscuits, chocolate bars etc.

A couple of us also mentioned how if you're struggling financially, buying whichever food happens to be on special offer in the takeaway can be a cheap way of filling your belly, especially if you've no money for the leccy meter for the cooker and fridge.

But someone else said something I'd never thought of but won't forget.  Protein can be expensive.  When people, especially those that others like to call 'chavs', don't eat as others think they should, then the cheapness of things like carrots comes up.  But ready-cooked or quick-to cook meat, fish etc. aren't necessarily that cheap in whichever shop's nearest to you.  So you might buy chicken nuggets, pizza, doner kebab or whatever, and accept the fat and refined carbs/sugar as the price you pay for affordable protein.

I shall remember that next time people are slagging off poor people for eating takeaways.

I'm currently too fat, but not because I can't afford to eat better.  It's a combination of a malfunctioning pituitary and comfort eating.  I'm currently losing weight but I've no time for being lectured by people who are getting a brain-chemical kick out of bitching and trolling.  (Which is why I feel safe here where we may disagree strongly but  none of us tries to make others feel bad.)
Disability Talk / Re: Social needs assessment
« Last post by Sunny Clouds on May 19, 2018, 04:15:06 PM »
Perhaps an analogy on why I think what I do about the prepaid funeral.  I tithe.  Most people would probably say that that's unnecessary.  To me, it's an obligation.  I don't consider a funeral as such necessary, just cremation or burial, whichever's cheapest.  But if I consider a certain degree of expenditure essential that not everyone does, then why shouldn't I apply that in reverse?  And that's what I believe the powers that be should do - recognise that we each have certain beliefs as regards our obligations.
Disability Talk / Re: Social needs assessment
« Last post by Sunny Clouds on May 19, 2018, 03:03:28 PM »
I think things like funeral plans are difficult because people have such wide-ranging views on funerals.  Legally and historically in the UK, it's not the responsibility of the deceased to have made provision to pay for their funeral before they die, it's the responsibility of the executors/administrators, or if they are unable, the local authority.

However, in reality, some people consider it essential to make provision in accordance with their personal religious or cultural beliefs and whilst it's very difficult for some of us to see why that would matter, as from our perspective if it matters to your family or religious community what happens to your body, they should deal with it, I think it's important for us to understand that this is part of your peace of mind.  Some people can get terribly anxious that they shouldn't have a local authority funeral, so I'd put it in the same category as paying for counselling.
Disability Q and A / Re: incontinence wear
« Last post by Frances on May 19, 2018, 12:23:24 PM »
I use Tena Pants all the time .
They are great as they hold my Stoma bag in place as well.
The only problem I find is I do sweat and get sore in my groin area.                              But by folding something small and cotton eg. A cut up towel that helps a lot,
I use baby nappies cut in about 4 pieces and rolled up.
I stitch around them which works .
 well as I can wash them.
Cafe / Re: Sailing yachts around the world.
« Last post by Prabhakari on May 19, 2018, 11:27:55 AM »
Not been able to attend to sailing as much as I would like.
Auto sailing keeps failing to work, so I have made no progress while the computer is off.

It is early night off Australia. The wind is doing nearly 25 knots from the stern. It is what I had planned. So we are doing more than 6 knots, which is good for such a small yacht. If I had been sailing the fast cruiser, my speed would be much greater. 20 or more knots is likely.l

I will keep the sim running in the background if I can.

There is good news with regard to the way the world looks. The sole programmer is working on a world editor, which means that anyone wll be able to add structures and land textures. This will be available to anyone to download and add to the sim. The world is too big for one man to do this, so it is being made open to all who use the sim.
Disability Talk / Re: Social needs assessment
« Last post by Fiz on May 19, 2018, 09:16:49 AM »
One of them phoned me yesterday and said they want to come and see me on Tuesday as they have more questions to ask me. I have no idea what the questions are. I just feel hounded at the moment and too stressed to deal with anything.

Plumber (male  >yikes< ) coming Monday to assess my broken shower.
Disability Q and A / Re: incontinence wear
« Last post by Fiz on May 19, 2018, 09:09:51 AM »
Fiz I use Tena Lady knickers they are more comfortable than pads.
I buy mine in fact they are ordered on line. Much cheaper than in the shops

I saw those advertised on TV yesterday and wondered about them. They said they are leak proof and I'm always terrified of noticeable leakage when I'm out. This may seem like a silly question but do they feel wet? Apparently there are some pads that feel dry when they're wet if you know what I mean and that would be so much more comfortable. I can't believe I'm discussing such a personal thing! But I find the discomfort physically and emotionally of the leakage as bad as I find the pain and that sounds stupid even as I say it. I don't feel I'm very resilient.
Welfare Rights / Re: Refused home visit requested
« Last post by Fiz on May 19, 2018, 09:03:13 AM »
Yes I think you're right,  I should just wait. Nothing I can do before the DWP letter arrives can change anything and if it's not a good result that'll only upset me having to wait for the DWP letter before I can respond. The assessor said that it's a 4 week wait for the DWP letter but often comes sooner. I'm thinking she's giving fairly sure guidelines because she knows how long it takes her to get the full report to the DWP.  Results may get from a home assessor to the DWP faster than from an assessment centre where there are a few assessors. I'm only guessing, it's just she seemed sure of the time line and she said that without me asking. Time will tell. I'll certainly not be watching for the postman for a couple more weeks at the earliest. Sometimes I can't pick the post up because it's too painful. I might bite the bullet and try and ask someone to pick it up and hand it to me if I can't do it.

I am feeling really low. I suspect it's a fallout reaction to the stress of the assessment.
Welfare Rights / Re: Refused home visit requested
« Last post by ally on May 18, 2018, 10:25:06 PM »
Monic is right  try and put it out of your mind until the dwp letter arrives from the DM.  I'm not Fizz, so was advising on what I would do.  I always face things head on.  I hate waiting for results of anything.  I'd much rather know now, then, I can move on.  Everyone is different.  Therefore, fizz, it's up to you to decide what's best for you.  Take care  >hugs<
Non-disability News and Current Affairs / Re: It must be bad
« Last post by SteveX on May 18, 2018, 09:32:10 PM »
Typical tory scum, hiding bad news and their BBC cohorts just help them along.

What got me spitting flames today was the BBC News at 6, Headline news "Wedding"  ..20 mins on wedding crap and then after all that "ohh by the way, 10 people were shot and killed today in Texas"  but yeah, the Wedding is VASTLY more important than peoples lives huh?

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