Author Topic: Debate: should people have a choice of luxurious cars on the motability scheme?  (Read 443 times)


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Your car probably has what some makers call an 'electronic' handbrake. I drove a courtesy car with such an arrangement and the handbrake automatically released as you pressed the accelerator and came on when you stopped. Very easy.

However, having had years of using the traditional handbrake without problem I kept founding my self reaching for it. I'm sure I would get used to it, but I think I prefer to have total control.

Years ago I had a Mercedes with a foot operated 'handbrake'. I never grew to like that arrangement.


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I have found myself somewhat surprised by this posting. The first thing that hit me was the ending of the right to buy your motability car through the scheme. I was lucky enough, through a rather odd series of circumstances, to have begun buying my motability car years back, my second car was on the purchase scheme. Since then I have been buying my car and through the trade in route ended up with the car I have now a 207sw (my having started with the Peugeot 106) which is now paid off.

Back in 1990 as I was leaving the hospital following an outpatient appointment to do with my injuries from my car crash I was nearly knocked down by a Jaguar XJ as it reversed towards me from a set of traffic lights. The driver was the owner of a fruit market company I used to supply the shop my then wife and I ran. He offered me a lift home, to Castlemilk where I was then living. During the drive I noticed his blue badge on the dash board and told him of my surprise in seeing it. He explained that the car was his and he had used the mobility money awarded to him just to help with the costs involved in running the car.

I had wondered for a few years just how many car dealerships would handle the changes to mobility as so many claimants would be unsure just how long their entitlement to the benefit would be in place as Pip came into being and now I feel I know. The scrapping of the right to buy means claimants will never be faced with repossession of their vehicle due to non payment under a hire purchase arrangement and it will also make refusing claimants a renewal of their PiP award so much easier for the DWP as the car dealerships will not have long term contracts in place as they had under the old scheme. 


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I had very little knowledge about motability when I wrote the op. At that point I'd just been surprised that it was possible to choose higher end cars.

I hadn't any idea until I'd read your post that there had been a time when you could literally purchase a car and assumed that it had always been a 3 year leasing scheme. Though reading back that was mentioned earlier but I hadn't absorbed that information.

The rules for WAVS are they different because you can buy them over time or lase them for a much longer time than the 3 years?

I've known people who were on highest rate DLA mobility have their motability car collected immediately following a DLA reassessment giving them a lower award. They then went to tribunal to challenge the new award which they were successful in and so paid another deposit for a new motability vehicle for a new 3 year lease. Knowing someone like that would make me wary of paying a big deposit as that person wasn't given their deposit back when the car was collected early. But things will probably have changed and my only knowledge of motability is from the people I know who've used the scheme. 

The government is in the process of removing the motability monopoly of leasing cars in exchange for the DLA/PIP highest mobility award which would open up other companies doing the same. The government feel that ending the monopoly will give customers better deals. But motability is a registered charity who are non profit making so the only way I can think of is the sales specialists who deal with motability earning less as well as the administration people in the office earning less but I'm just getting. Knowing so little about motability I was unsure what ending the motability monopoly will achieve.


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Wav's aren't available on a hire purchase basis from Motability.  They are only available on the same basis as cars - contract hire.  However the standard  period is longer because of the much greater cost of the vehicles and typically the adaptions that people need.  There is also provision for contact hiring a 'nearly new' WAV for a period of 3 years.  There are WAVs that people have already had through Motability but which have been returned in the the first 30 months of their contract for some reason.

If you had a DLA award which stopped then the car would have to be returned but you don't lose all of the Advance Payment.  A pro-rated amount of your Advance Payment is always returned to you when the car is removed.  There are several transitional support packages offered by Motability where a DLA to PIP reassessment results in a loss of entitlement - the package you are entitled to is based on length of time you've continuously been a member of the scheme. I can't understand why the people you know would not have had a pro-rated amount of their Advance Payment returned when their entitlement to DLA HRM stopped part way through their lease.  That has always been the basis on which Motability leases have worked. 

The government is not removing Motability's monopoly or changing any of the basis on which Motability operates.  All that is happening is that the National Audit Office have agreed to do a report into Motability following the news a while back about the pay package of the Chief Exec and the substantial cash reserves that part of the Motability group has.  There may be proposed changes at some time in the future depending on the outcome of the NAO report and whatever recommendations they make but there is nothing on the table at the moment or for the foreseeable future.  I'm just making this point in case anyone is worried unnecessarily because they think things are changing when they aren't.