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About this website

Ouch Too was created in 2011 to be a place where people can discuss disability related issue, talk about what it is like to be disabled, and offer help and support to one another.

In November 2018 site was redesigned and upgraded, and our goals remain the same.

Those goals include:

                 To provide an accessible format and set of forum rules which enable as many people as possible to be part of the Ouch Too community.

                 To provide a safe place for people to post about their lives, ask for help and advice, and provide support to one another.

                 To provide a place where people can maintain their anonymity.

                 To discuss welfare rights, our place in society and how we are to live.

Along with the redesign we have added some additional goals which are:

                 To encourage discussion about how and why technology has both improved and made the lives of some disabled people more difficult.

                 To encourage discussion related to our place in the world where economic and environmental pressures are affecting everyone.

                 To encourage the use of a General Board where we can share thoughts, opinions and stories which are not disability related.


Terms of Use

I own www.OuchToo.org and provide the site free of charge to anyone who wishes to use it. My contact details are SunshineMeadows@OuchToo.org and Righttofreeom@hotmail.com. Website hosting is paid for by members donations, I built the site using open source software provided by Simple Machines Forum (click here), a theme I purchased from SMF Tricks (click here) and I developed that theme. I also added several modifications to it the website using software bought from SMFHacks (click here). I will also be paying for the SSL certificate soon click here for more information. With the help of Ouch Too members and more specifically SashaQ I designed the website logo and it should not be used by anyone else except in the promotion or context of Ouch Too. As far as things like copyright I donít want to write out a whole bunch of legalese about what you can and canít do in relation to the concept, design and content of Ouch Too. People know and understand it is wrong to go into other peopleís houses and take things without permission so most of you should be able to understand the same rule applies here. As far as the theme and format go I do not give anyone permission to copy or reproduce it. If you would like help or advice on how to build you own message board feel free to ask me and I will help you work things out. In using Ouch Too, you are agreeing to include a link back to Ouch Too when you take anything from here and post elsewhere. The reason for this is twofold: firstly, credit needs to be given to the author of what is being reused and secondly it allows the reader of that Ďrepostí to travel to its source and see what people are doing here. Ouch Too members do post information with links from other sites and this has meant we can help each other understand things better without duplicating work already done elsewhere e.g. welfare rights.

Ouch Too is managed and moderated by myself, Kizzy Kazaer and Monic we provide this service free of charge. As long as they are willing and able to abide by the Forum Rules (click here) anyone is welcome to join Ouch Too. There are moderation tools in place which help us work with members to keep Ouch Too a safe place with a good atmosphere. We use a warning triangle to signpost any topics or posts that might be distressing to people. Should anyone who is mentally unwell or particularly sensitive to certain issues ignore the warning triangle and look at the posts we do not accept any responsibility for possible distress caused. Once we know a member needs more help to use Ouch Too, we will to what we can to accommodate their needs and we will work with them to provide a more personalised structure, e.g. placing limits on the areas that member can read.



The information and links you see posted on Ouch Too are posted in good faith. We cannot guarantee the information is correct, therefore we are not able to take responsibility for how that information is used. Furthermore, while we do our best to make sure only appropriate links are posted on Ouch Too we need both members and guests to accept that in clicking on any links present on Ouch Too it in no way means Ouch Too is responsible for the information presented on that link. The health and welfare benefits advice given on Ouch Too often comes from personal experience and to the best of our knowledge. We recognise that the effect of any illness or disability differs from person to person, and in a similar way the way that other people interact with people with illness or disabilities varies. Ouch Too does not employ legal representation or professional benefits advisors, and this means any advice we give or suggestions we make need to be understood in this context. For definitive legal or medical advice, you would need to talk to or correspond with a professional e.g. welfare rights advisor, lawyer, healthcare employee or doctor. 


Privacy Policy

After extensive research on various aspects of Privacy Policy I understand that it is important that you understand how EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) click here and how it applies in particular to Ouch Too. However, I donít think writing out a page of technically correct information is an appropriate thing to do here especially when I know that people often do not actually read it because they can feel overwhelmed by it or find it boring. I understand why Commercial, Charitable and Non Profit websites need to have definitive Privacy Policy and that they take legal advice. When and if Ouch Too becomes large enough for that to be a necessity it will be done.

The website itself is hosted by an American Company called Go Daddy and they can access information on their servers including our information. As far as other access goes, I am the only one who can directly access the file for the website itself. I am not an IT Professional and only know how to do enough to have built Ouch Too, I donít know how to access individual information on the database and would have no use for it if I did. Myself, Kizzy Kazaer and Monic have access to forum management tools that let us see your membership information, track posts and see your IP address.  The nature of your membership means you do not have to give your real name, address, or other similar details. In fact, there are rules against people posting that sort of information on the boards. Nevertheless, we do understand that you do feel a sense of ownership when it comes to your membership and what you post. From an ethical standpoint we need to make sure you have as much control of what happens to your membership as possible as long as it does not step over and damage the ability of other people to enjoy using the site. 

Should you wish to have your membership account deleted we will do the following:

         We will stop any further posts being made by your account.

         You will have an opportunity to go over the posts you have made using the tools in your membership profile and can request posts that have personally identifying information in them be deleted.

         You will be the one with access to any personal messages your sent or received and so we will need you to decide to leave them as they are or delete them.

         The appropriate posts will be deleted, your email address will be removed from your account and the password will be changed.

         That membership account will be anonymised Ė this means a new name of random numbers and letters will be given to that account and if you have chosen an avatar it will be removed.


During the website relaunch period we will be using memberís email addresses to get in touch with them and this includes members who have not been around to consent to this. I donít know if this meets GDPR but I do know that people who join message boards are usually kept on memberlist, so they can come back at any time they wish to. People who joined the forum in 2011 will for the most part value their status and this is especially true of Charter members. That said we are trying to get in touch with members who are currently not participating and make them aware of GDPR. Within each account there are settings which allow the individual member to hide their email address and thereby prevent other members from email them outside the bounds of Ouch Too. If anyone wants help in changing any account setting please get in touch.


What are Cookies and how do I delete them?

For more information please go to this link https://www.digitaltrends.com/computing/how-to-delete-cookies/

Please be aware that if you delete all your cookies and browsing history then you will have deleted the username and password you have connected to Ouch Too. This means you will either need to remember your username and password or reset it when you return to Ouch Too



Financial constraints mean we are not able to hire a website designer and I have yet to learn enough about the technical side of things to be sure I am fulfilling the needs of every disabled person visiting or using this website. If anyone wishes to volunteer to help us make the website more accessible please get in touch with me, my contact details are SunshineMeadows@OuchToo.org and Righttofreeom@hotmail.com.

There are tools available to users of web browsers such as Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Firefox that can make websites more accessible, for more information on that please go to BBC My Web My Way click here


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