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Title: Anger at nearly 4k disabled parking bay charge
Post by: lankou on 23 Jan 2018 10:21AM
Some times words fail me:-


Anger at nearly 4k disabled parking bay charge 22 January 2018

A woman with multiple sclerosis has criticised an "extortionate" 3,800 charge to create a disabled parking bay outside her home.

Cornwall Council charges applicants for a disabled bay thousands of pounds but elsewhere people pay nothing.

Councillor Richard Pears said the authority is "effectively charging people for being disabled" and the cost should be subsidised.

The matter will be discussed at a full council meeting on Tuesday.

In comparison, Medway Council in Kent charges 40 (if successful), while Leicestershire County Council charges 100.

Cornwall Council said the 3,800 cost is for a Traffic Regulation Order, advertising, public consultation and painting the new bay.

However, once installed the space does not guarantee parking for an individual as it is available for any disabled person to use.

Deb Race, from St Austell in Cornwall, decided against paying for a disabled bay.

She said: "Just carrying anything up the road from the car is really difficult and each step is painful.

"To find nearly 4,000 and then have a lottery still as to whether I could park outside my house was totally prohibitive. It didn't seem fair."

Disabled parking bays can be advisory - where no action can be taken if another person parks there - or mandatory - where action can be taken against anyone parking there without a blue badge.

Conservative councillor Mr Pears said: "It's completely extortionate.

"We're charging 3,800 down in Cornwall, one of the most deprived areas of the country. It's completely unfair."

Title: Re: Anger at nearly 4k disabled parking bay charge
Post by: Fiz on 23 Jan 2018 12:37PM
Wow. Though because the front of my house is officially a turning bay even though cars parked there every day all day I wasn't allowed a disabled bay so I paid almost 900 to have the curb dropped and 700 to have my fencing removed and my front garden, grass and hedge removed and gravel laid so I paid a fair amount to be able to park close to my front door, needed as I can't carry or lift things far but at least no one else can park on my drive or in front of my house because of the curb. Ridiculous to charge people for something they may never be able to use. And that's extortionate.

One resident in my town was fined for painting his own disabled bay outside his house. No one knew he'd done it for months because it was done in the middle of the night so painting the lines doesn't cost much!
Title: Re: Anger at nearly 4k disabled parking bay charge
Post by: Sunny Clouds on 23 Jan 2018 02:15PM
I think that if someone has to pay, they and those they authorise should have exclusive use of the bay, otherwise they shouldn't have to pay except a nominal application fee.

Having said that, I wonder whether councils in some parts of the country have more of a problem in terms of numbers than others.  I read an article just after the brexit referendum about Cornwall and how they stand to lose an awful lot in European grants.  You don't get the sort of grants concerned unless it's a pretty deprived area.  Also, since the Tories got into power, there have been cuts to most local authority budgets, with vast differences in how much, and cuts to benefits mean that there are more rent arrears and council tax arrears in areas with more poorer people.  It may be that this area is really hard up.  My political views are that this is wrong, but whether it's right or wrong, it's a fact that some areas are struggling to balance the budget.  It may be that in Cornwall they're just not being fair, but I'd like to bet that in more and more areas of the country things like this will be chargedd more and more for as austerity makes things harder.

Title: Re: Anger at nearly 4k disabled parking bay charge
Post by: huhn on 23 Jan 2018 02:42PM
the one  for my children was free, and  others here do now the  same, sometimes poor countries  can do something without payment, and I waited  around 2 month for it and our mayor said, good idea, more can be done.
Title: Re: Anger at nearly 4k disabled parking bay charge
Post by: Fiz on 23 Jan 2018 04:39PM
Cornwall have a large number of holiday homes owned by rich city people who just want to pop down to the country for a weekend or whatever so the county lose a lot of revenue from these often unoccupied homes. I think the local authority ought to be able to charge double the council tax on second/holiday homes and this would really help rural counties out.
Title: Re: Anger at nearly 4k disabled parking bay charge
Post by: JLR2 on 24 Jan 2018 05:02AM
Back in 1997/98 I asked Highland Council if they could put in a disabled bay to the quite big public car park at the end of the row of terraced cottages where I live as the street in front of my home is purely car/large box van wide with pedestrians and vehicles having to share the same track as it were. The council very quickly put in not one but two disabled bays.

In later years following the social services arranging the council to create a parking place in my front garden I myself no longer needed the councils disabled bays but as it happened a local woman suffering MS was moved into what was my ex's house across the backyard from my place and thankfully she now has a disabled bay which I am unaware has ever been abused by a non disabled driver parking in it.

Highland council never charged me a penny for all the work done in putting in the disabled bays, the only thing they did mention was that as the bay markings were painted in white rather than in the yellow they were advisory to other car park users and should someone use one of the bays without a blue badge they would not face a penalty.