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Title: Powerchairs - help please!
Post by: MEdawn on 04 Feb 2018 03:26PM
Background - I have ME/chronic fatigue and currently use a lightweight wheelchair some of the time but still struggle to self propel it for more than 50-100 metres on the level.  I can walk short distances with a stick and currently don't need a chair in the house but that might change in the longer term.

I've been persuaded by d-i-l that it's time to start looking into a power chair which should give me more freedom. At the moment I'd be looking to use it just round the local area as I don't want to get a hoist fitted to my current car, but when I change my car next (probably to something like Peugeot Teepee) I'd be looking to get a hoist then.

I've spent a lot of time googling and I'm completely confuzzled (ok it doesn't take a lot but even more so than usual).

What I think I need:
Suitable for outdoor use as well (want to be able to take small grandson to the park and round the wheelchair path in the local woods)
Reasonable range - see above (and hoping to cut down on car use by using this instead for local-ish stuff)
Will fit in a car boot (eg Teepee) and leave room to spare for other stuff - even with a hoist
Small enough to easily get on trains and into my house for storage
Don't want a massive one but my weight fluctuates between 13-15 stone

Other issues:
I'll need to either sort out outdoor storage or get a ramp fitted to my front door as my shed where it could live very happily has 2 sets of steps up to it. Anyone please who store theirs outside on a regular basis (in a small shed/hut etc) does it affect the batteries badly?
New v second hand - obviously 2nd hand may be a lot cheaper, but as I'm hoping this will last a long time is it better to get a brand new one and look after it properly? Knowing a friend's daughter bought 2nd hand and kept getting stranded despite a guarantee has made me a bit (ok lot) paranoid.
I could use motability but will probably buy outright so I can use motability for the car and hoist when I change my car

What haven't I thought about please:
Obvious stuff or not obvious there's bound to be something I'm missing!

Thankyou for any help, recommendations (or anti-recommendations), etc

Oh and I live in Bradford, West Yorks - all the huge showrooms seem to be miles away and the small ones have little choice. I looked at the Motability show but if I'm getting one it has to be by mid April at the latest as I've a trip booked to London and will need it for then.

Title: Re: Powerchairs - help please!
Post by: Sunny Clouds on 04 Feb 2018 04:13PM
Prabs has had a lot of problems with buying a wheelchair and getting it sorted, so he might be able to give you ideas as to what to watch out for.  Hopefully, he'll see this thread.
Title: Re: Powerchairs - help please!
Post by: KizzyKazaer on 06 Feb 2018 04:38PM
Hi MEdawn

This is an old thread, but there may be a nugget or two of useful info:


Also, have you looked at this site?


Title: Re: Powerchairs - help please!
Post by: MEdawn on 07 Feb 2018 05:20PM
Brilliant thankyou so much!
Title: Re: Powerchairs - help please!
Post by: Fiz on 13 Feb 2018 05:28PM
Of kizzy, that first link brought tears to my eyes, still missing Deb (devine)  :-(