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Title: Kavanaugh - Right Wing America
Post by: JLR2 on 28 Sep 2018 08:34AM
Warning triangle added because Kavanaugh is accused of sexual assault - Sunshine

My nomination for the Oscars?  Brett Kavanaugh.  What an actor, incredible I am amazed stunned at the man's ability. Who ever taught this wannabe actor how to turn on the tears should feel well proud of themselves this morning.

Kavanaugh's act might have fool a fawning, Trump pleasing bunch of sycophants but it did not fool me for a moment. His script sounded like it had been put together by Trump's speech writers. One small but to my mind not insignificant remark was made during Kavanaugh's evidence, the remark in relation to his 'calendar/diaries' he admitted that what the senate was reading might not be quite what he had written in his original entries. The man's fear and determination not to allow the FBI to reopen their files on these accusations speaks volumes.

Some of the republican senators who spoke during really brought home to me just how utterly unhinged that country is. I can well understand why Trump supports Putin, and the North Korean leader it is because American is no different to these countries. America is a pathetic, morally bankrupt country.

My own personal reaction/conclusion to what I watched yesterday is that I want nothing to do with the USA, this means I will no longer buy online through the likes of Amazon, I will avoid bothering myself to watch US movies in other words I will instigate my own boycott of the USA.
Title: Re: Kavanaugh
Post by: Sunshine Meadows on 30 Sep 2018 11:46AM
More information https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-45673858

Kavanaugh's testimony showed me the sort of person he is because it was about his pain and how he was a compassionate human being eg where he talked about helping a friend after she was assaulted- I did not believe him one bit. I do feel sorry for his wife and children.

The thing is he would have know part of the process being appointed as a Supreme Court Judge would be looking into his past. If it had been more about teenage stupidity and how people lived their lives back then and not serious sexual assaults, he could have got in front of the story years ago and said this is what happened and why. It would have helped progress the #MeToo campaign.

The article mentions the possibility of Roe V Wade being repealed if Kavanaugh gets appointed. It is so annoying that Right Wing Americans talk so much about freedom when it comes to guns and business but when it comes to a woman having a right to do what she wants with her own body the right wing try to make it as difficult as possible.

Title: Re: Kavanaugh - Right Wing America
Post by: JLR2 on 01 Oct 2018 06:49AM
Kavanaugh's testimony had look of a totally coached performance from start to finish. I would not be surprised if the republicans had called in Hollywood to teach Kavanaugh the art of turning on the tears and how to control them through the use of forcing the tongue into the cheek. Kavanaugh also appeared to be using his speech making experience when he resorted to repeating many of his earlier answers, word for word, to democratic senators even going over irrelevant matters. Kavanaugh knew the chairman would apply the 5 minute rule hard and knowing this spun his answers out to avoid answering the question asked, where have we seen this before?  It reminds me of Trump snr writing the response to a committee's question asked of his son or son in law to do with a meeting at Trump tower with Russians.

During his testimony Kavanaugh repeatedly shouted out about how 'he' had wanted the hearing held the next day after Ford's claims had been made public, well sure he would wouldn't he. Having the hearing sooner might have lessened there being the chance other similar claims he knew were lurking in his past coming to the light of day.

One only has to think of how people like Bill Cosby, R Harris and our own J Saville were eventually exposed for the real predators they are and were. For all the reported support from friends of Kavanaugh I felt it would have taken but one comment from a democrat senator on that panel to bring to an abrupt end Kavanaugh's reliance on the idea that all these people casting doubt on how this hard working decent man could possibly ever commit the acts he had been accused of, the question being, 'Was not Bill Cosby looked on as the same sort of respectable hard working man that you have claimed to be through these words of support from your former school friends and the like?'.
Title: Re: Kavanaugh - Right Wing America
Post by: Offworld on 09 Oct 2018 08:28PM
Yet where are the hysterical political correcters and "mee too"  types (as sponsored by the likes of Soros NGOs) who condemn Kavanaugh -- about whom their basic conclusions could well be right, but about whom they in an "I think, therefore it must be" way offer no solid evidence beyond their own highly intolerant prejudices, semantics and  fantasies --  when it comes to concern for almost entire populations of for instance Syria (including females) subjected to vicious attack, murder and enslavement by US/UK associated jihadists, and Yemen (including females) being starved or blitzed to bits by the western political establishment's armed and munitioned Saudi / UAR chums?
Not to mention the UK/FR/US and jihadist destruction of LIbya.....
A somewhat hypocritically selective sense of (allegedly) "moral" indignation, is it not?
Title: Re: Kavanaugh - Right Wing America
Post by: JLR2 on 10 Oct 2018 03:47AM
''A somewhat hypocritically selective sense of (allegedly) "moral" indignation, is it not?''

Is this question directed to me Offworld?

Regarding Kavanaugh's appointment to the supreme court, I am glad to have read that just as our governments can appoint more of their mates to the HOL in their attempts to restore their advantage in voting control of that house the senate in the US can, if the democrats gain control, appoint more judges to the supreme court and in doing so neuter Trump's placement of yes men to it.

What the whole Kavanaugh saga has brought home to me is just how unhinged the USA is. Having the likes of Kavanaugh and Leslie Graham sitting as judges in any court is beyond parody. From what I saw of Graham in particular, he is a complete and utter nutcase.

Whilst I didn't have any plans or thoughts about visiting the USA before this series of events I would not now accept a free all expenses paid trip to the country, the place is simply too dangerous.

A couple of things could have seen me change my mind, first if the FBI had been allowed to carry out a serious investigation into the claims of those accusing Kavanaugh of sexual assault (including, if thought based on evidence found, a criminal investigation) and second the removal of Graham from the supreme court and his being held in an appropriate hospital till such times as he regained some semblance of sanity.
Title: Re: Kavanaugh - Right Wing America
Post by: Offworld on 10 Oct 2018 11:46AM
JLR2 :  Is this question directed to me Offworld?

Your doubts about the character of appointees to US governance are entirely justified, and consistent.
It is the Clinton/Soros aligned US political establishment faction's faked concern that is sickening, likewise the selective indignation from its hypocritical puppets in mass-media and politics in the UK and countries of mainland Europe.

The present US regime is also part of that same Establishment. Though they, their rivals and the foreign followers of both sets are engaged in an ongoing wrangle for power and status against each other, all are nonetheless servants and promoters of the Neoliberal/Neocon empire and its globalist agenda.
Beyond superficial spin to ever less convincingly maintain a charade of "democracy", there's really only one economic (and therefore social) model permitted anywhere that's under their control ... basically that of austerity, asset-stripping and so-called "privatisation" ... as for instance the Greeks found, and so will supporters of Corbyn or the SNP however reformist their ambitions.
That draining away of even hope itself is what makes the whole rotten soap-opera so depressing.
Given that ... just what are F-35s, re-labelled US missiles and NATO allegedly supposed to 'defend' us against?
Title: Re: Kavanaugh - Right Wing America
Post by: JLR2 on 11 Oct 2018 07:37PM
''Leslie Graham''  my mistake, the guy's name is Lindsay Graham.

''so will supporters of Corbyn or the SNP''

I am a supporter and member of the SNP. For me, with regards to the SNP, it is about Scotland regaining its Independence beyond that Scotland can vote for whichever colour of political party it chooses. I do not doubt for a moment the likes of Ruth (I'm a Tankie) Davidson finds Scotland has regained its Independence she will put her name forward as a candidate to sit as a Scottish MP in a Scottish parliament.

In the case of Davidson I think she will very quickly adjust her rhetoric when she discovers the Westminster governed remainder of the UK is simply not interested in her moving to a safe Tory seat in England.