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Title: Dentist appointment
Post by: gus on 02 Apr 2019 10:26PM
Went to the dentist today as some of you will know I broke a tooth well actually two just over two weeks ago. I have never seen this particular dentist before being Agoraphobic it took a lot of strength and meds to just get to the dentist. She said because I have Crohn's she cannot manage my dental requirements and wanted to refer me to either Guys or Kings College. I explained I was Agoraphobic and both hospitals were too far away plus I cannot travel by public transport. The reply was "do you drive?" I said "err yes" her reply "maybe you could drive there?" I just looked at her. Some of these HCP's hurt my brain maybe she is training for ESA assessments >steam<

She didn't even do anything about the broken teeth just asked if they hurt,I have to go back in a months time and that is for a filling. I have noticed a huge difference in attitude when you don't pay for treatment to be honest I am not sure I want to go back.   
Title: Re: Dentist appointment
Post by: Sunshine Meadows on 03 Apr 2019 10:29AM

The public transport question shows to me the dentist was not really listening to you :-( 
I know what you mean when you describe home you pushed yourself to get to the dentist and the dentists behaviour must have made things more difficult. I missed too many NHS appointments at the surgery I go to and would have probably been taken off the list had I not been also having private treatment. My experience with the dentist I see is a good one but it was the managers who had asked him to talk over how they could meet my needs.

I dont know if you can afford any private treatment Gus but you are right there is a huge difference in attitude not just in appointments but also in treatment. I got a crown put on a tooth that NHS treatment would have removed and. I do feel lucky to have been able to get the money together for the treatment because it makes it easier for me to eat and looks better than a gap in my smile.
Title: Re: Dentist appointment
Post by: JLR2 on 05 Apr 2019 10:42AM
Gus I really wish, as Sunshine was suggesting, that your dentist listened to what you were saying to her. To someone without a dental problem it might seem trivial when someone is experiencing a problem but to the person involved it does have its impact and one that can be near impossible to ignore.

I've been fortunate in having the dentist I have had since moving to the Highlands but I'm aware that all it would take is for her, my dentist, to decide to move her practice outwith my area and I too could find myself with a dentist not unlike the one you saw.

Gus do you have a nearby hospital with a dental unit in it?  If you do might they see you and in doing so see you avoiding a longer distance to travel?
Title: Re: Dentist appointment
Post by: gus on 07 May 2019 09:21AM
Thanks for the reply's I have decided not to see this dentist again I will try to arrange an appointment with a different dentist at the clinic. I am so annoyed I feel even more nervous attending the dentist because of her behaviour. She seemed to take an instant dislike to me as soon as she saw I was walking with a crutch and was overweight. For the first 10 minutes she stood behind me talking to me which I thought was very rude. She kept mention discussing my sugar intake I am sure this is because I am overweight, I replied several times I am diabetic but she didn't listen.

Sunshine Meadows I do have some money but I have no idea how much the treatment would cost.

JLR2 I don't think there are any hospitals near me with a dental unit. I have never had a dentist tell me they couldn't treat me I think she just doesn't want me as patient.
Title: Re: Dentist appointment
Post by: KizzyKazaer on 07 May 2019 12:34PM
I get extremely tired of these dentists who poke their noses into other business besides teeth - yes, I've been nagged, though not for the same reasons as you, and have just found it plain unhelpful and discouraging when it takes all the psychological strength I have to get to a dental surgery in the first place...  >x-fingers<  you have a better, kinder dentist next time, they do vary!
Title: Re: Dentist appointment
Post by: Fiz on 08 May 2019 09:23AM
I'm terrified of dentists so I admire all of you for going. In the whole of my adult life I've only been to the dentist 4 times each time because the same partly cut wisdom tooth was infected. I was then offered to have it removed at the hospital which I jumped at because hopefully I won't have to see a dentist again now that tooth has gone.

Gus, you've done really well.
Title: Re: Dentist appointment
Post by: bulekingfisher on 03 Sep 2019 10:54AM
Hello Gus

I will be travelling on the bus (public transport) to go to a specialist dentist to have a crumbling root removed from deep in the gum  >crying<  >crying<  >crying<
Title: Re: Dentist appointment
Post by: bulekingfisher on 03 Sep 2019 01:30PM
Hello Gus

I forgot to say I go to have deep root treatment on Monday 23/9/19 + to be honest I am not looking forward to this daté
Title: Re: Dentist appointment
Post by: huhn on 03 Sep 2019 04:14PM
please do not think i am crazy,  i had many root treatments, to extract the tooth is to difficult so it has just roots done. i have a very good  dentist and i am totally relaxed and sometimes i sleep even for the hour. one time my  poor dentist got scared i started even to snore. so good luck and all the best.
Title: Re: Dentist appointment
Post by: JLR2 on 04 Sep 2019 08:58AM
Morning folks, reading the posts there reminded me of the day, years back now, when I popped into a dentist with her practice just across the street from my sisters wee dog grooming shop. This was a new dentist just starting out with her dental career and to my mind she was about getting the income in. As I was a NHS patient this dentist was never going to make a lot of money out of me as apart from my having dentures replacing the teeth I lost in my car crash the remaining teeth I had were fine and healthy. However the dentist decided in the course of her examination to grind away the corners of my two upper front teeth, putting small caps in where the tooth had been removed. This saw an ongoing deterioration of there two teeth to the point they both ended up having to be removed completely.

I had not ever given much thought to things regarding what a dentist was doing as they examined my teeth instead I always simply trusted them to sort out any problems they saw. My late mother was horrified as she knew my teeth had been OK and the only conclusion we could come to was that as a NHS patient this dentist would be paid for the work she had done and so she had made her money out of me and I do not doubt she repeated the same with many others as she built up her income. Perhaps now, if she is still practicing, she has made enough money through the NHS to only treat her patients for dental work they actually need.
Title: Re: Dentist appointment
Post by: bulekingfisher on 24 Sep 2019 08:46AM
Hello hun hun

Yesterday 23/9/19 thing's went very smoothly at the Dentist he was pleased at how calm I was when he pulked the wobbly tooth + root out in one smooth yank there was virtualy no blood there is no pain  after a good nights sleep the numbness has gone all in all it has been a pleasenent exprince
Title: Re: Dentist appointment
Post by: JLR2 on 24 Sep 2019 07:34PM
Nice to hear everything went well, even though I have few original teeth left I always have that little nervousness about going to the dentist.
Title: Re: Dentist appointment
Post by: huhn on 25 Sep 2019 04:16PM
oh dear, my children were making fun  with my father. they were telling him, his  teeth are like stars. so the old man was very happy. then they continued. they are coming out at night. grandfather was then very angry. and everyone was  smiling about it.
Title: Re: Dentist appointment
Post by: KizzyKazaer on 26 Sep 2019 09:27PM
 >lol<  it's said the old jokes are the best, hope granddad saw the funny side eventually...

Bule, good to know you didn't suffer too much of an ordeal, though personally I find extractions of teeth are considerably less uncomfortable than fillings.  And as for nervousness going to the dentist, I wouldn't think many people actually look forward to it!
Title: Re: Dentist appointment
Post by: SteveX on 27 Sep 2019 06:37PM
I was at the dentist yesterday for two fillings and a cleaning.   tbh I find the cleaning a lot more uncomfortable then the drilling/fillings.
Title: Re: Dentist appointment
Post by: KizzyKazaer on 27 Sep 2019 09:32PM
You know what the problem is?  For cleaning, you don't even get the local anaesthetic ... I recall many moons ago a nightmare visit to the hygienist (not helped by the fact that she was a bad-tempered madam who seemed determined to make my mouth bleed).  Not seen a hygienist since!  My dentist used to give a scrape and a polish at the same time as the six-monthly check, but they don't do that any more at my practice  >thumbsdown<

Actually, if you have a nail file or similar small sharp instrument, you can do quite a good cleaning job on your gnashers in the comfort of your own home...
Title: Re: Dentist appointment
Post by: Monic1511 on 27 Sep 2019 10:37PM
You can get the tools in chemist shops if you want the correct ones.  >biggrin<
Title: Re: Dentist appointment
Post by: Sunny Clouds on 18 Oct 2019 03:15PM
I had very mixed experiences of dentists.

I had a good family dentist as a child. When I came home from university, though, I went to a different dentist as part of a decision not to use the same dentist, doctor, optician etc. as my family.  Sort of growing up.

But the new dentist, NHS, went private and I moved to a new NHS one.  I started having problems with a tooth (not their fault) and had a new filling, but it started hurting again.

I went back to the family dentist, who did a deeper filling but warned it could get worse.  Then he died.  The tooth started hurting badly.  I tried to find out who was taking over his practice but there was a delay.  I saw a dentist from a different practice in the same building but he said he wouldn't do anything with it because that would be taking work away from the practice that was being sold.

The new dentist arrived and looked at the tooth.  He said it needed a root canal and inlay.  I said surely a cap/crown would be better. No, he said, an inlay, and I was given a price.  I was on means-tested benefits and it was a lot of money.

I said I'd think and looked online.  It was the going rate for the job.  I was still doubtful so went to an NHS dentist to see if I could get it on the NHS (and by now months had passed since my last NHS check-up so I could have a free check-up).

The dentist X-rayed it and said in her opinion the roots were cracked, although it didn't actually show on the X-ray.  I went home and researched online.  Because of the way fee-scales work, the NHS dentist would make a loss on a root canal and inlay or crown, but a profit on an extraction.  The private dentist would make a profit on the root canal and inlay but next to none, if any, on a simple extraction. 

So each was recommending what would give them the bigger profit and I had no way of knowing whether either was more competent, so I decided to gamble on paying to keep the tooth.

I asked the private dentist if he was sure the tooth wasn't cracked.  Sure.  So I agreed to have it done.  He did the root canal and put in a temporary filling.

After a few months (as agreed with him) I went back for the inlay.  Then came the shocker.  He said the price I'd been quoted (not in writing) didn't include the inlay and billed me that much again.

Shortly after that, the tooth fell apart.  I went to a new dentist, who, on the NHS, pulled out the fragments carefully piece by piece.

I've since stayed with him.  He's a brilliant dentist.  I started taking my Dad to him.  Dad could get very confused and distressed when taken out of his usual surroundings, and the dentist treated him with respect, e.g. telling him he looked smart when actually he was wearing slippers and had breakfast stains on his shirt.  It was beautiful to watch.

I wish I'd made a formal complaint about the rip-off dentist.  I think the amounts were £400 + £350, but it could have been £450 + £400.

What sort of person will cheat someone on means-tested benefits for that amount?