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Title: 16 yr old daughter and DLA
Post by: summer on 13 Aug 2013 03:19PM
My 16 year old daughter has been unwell since getting Glandular Fever when she was 9 and since this time she has not attend full time school, so had on line tutors and just finished with home tutors. Sat her GCSE's at home.

She is improving slowly and managing to get out and about more and do more "normal teenage" things, like sleepovers and going shopping, cinema see friends etc. She has a place at college which we had to plan very careful as the most education she has been able to manage is 15 hours per week.

Obviously college is going to be a huge change for her and her health and no one can predict how her body will react. My worry is do I need to inform DLA about her being able to do more and her pain is less etc, but then in a few months time we could god forbid she could go backwards with the effects of college etc.

When she is feeling well she wants to do everything like a normal teenager but when she gets "payback" and I have to try to rain her in and stop her from boom and busting with exhaustion and pain, as this in turn causes stress on her immune system and she can pick things up very easily.

She gets DLA Middle Rate Care until  Oct 2015 and I get Carers Allowance and Disabled Tax Credits for her (I also have the same illness as her but for some 11 years). I am so paranoid about benefits and making sure I do the right thing, concerned about the new changes to PIP.

We did have a vist from someone from DWP a few months ago because she was reaching her 16th Birthday as they wanted to see if she could cope with her own affairs and have her DLA put into her bank account, but both my daughter and I did not think she was ready for this to happen and the man who came out agreed and I have been put as her appointee.

Advice please.......I so worry when she is out and about doing "normal things" as you hear of so many people being reported, but they dont see her when she has payback.....
Title: Re: 16 yr old daughter and DLA
Post by: Monic1511 on 13 Aug 2013 05:51PM
if she was going to be well for at least 3 months and you could be sure she wouldn't get worse then you maybe could inform DLA, I wouldn't bother until at least 3 - 6 months have passed.   There is a backwards and forwards test to apply for DLA PIP.   You must have had the condition for 3 months back & expect it to last another 6 so you could argue this in reverse as well, otherwise you'd be calling dla every time she had a good week / fortnight /month

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Title: Re: 16 yr old daughter and DLA
Post by: summer on 13 Aug 2013 05:54PM
Thank you so much - I thought realised this after I sent the post. I am such a worry wort. Your time is appreciated