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Title: Cyprus-Urgent call for centre for adults with special needs
Post by: huhn on 17 Nov 2015 04:09AM
The House labour committee has set authorities a deadline of the end of January to present a set of concrete proposals to create a centre for adults with special needs.
“Up they are 21, children with special needs attend special schools,” committee chairman Andreas Fakontis told MPs on Monday. “After they are 21, there is a gap. There are no state institutions that can welcome or offer proper support, treatment, therapy or education to them.”
Although help can be offered through the private sector, these institutions cannot cover all their requirements.
Fakontis said the Volunteer Commissioner would coordinate a team comprised of the labour, health and education ministries to appear before the committee by the end of January “with specific proposals aimed at covering this huge gap offering support and relief to families that face this problem.”
According to DISY MP Efthimios Diplaros, individuals that receive various forms of therapy such as speech therapy or music therapy at a state institution are forced to leave once they hit 21 years of age, something completely inappropriate for 2015.
As a consequence “several parents are forced to quit their jobs so they can be with their children. The majority of these children fall into depression because they can’t have the level of care they receive from institutions from their parents.”
DIKO MP Antonis Antoniou described how parents struggle to take care of their children as they get older and there is always the issue as to what happens to the children once their parents die.
He said they had submitted a draft bill in 2009 for centres to open offering training and therapy.
“It is unbelievable that a matter we raised in 2009 has not been resolved in 2015.”