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Cafe / Re: Word Association Game
« Last post by huhn on 16 Feb 2019 07:47PM »
Brett  vorm kopf, in English a board in front of the head, meaning i do not know what is going on and i have no clue at  all
Cafe / Re: Word Association Game
« Last post by KizzyKazaer on 16 Feb 2019 11:14AM »
The letter then says included in your ESA entitlement is a top up payment 45.30 which ensures you won't see a reduction in the level of your benefit entitlement as a result of the change to ESA. I gather this maybe IR but the letter does not give any more information.

I Googled and food this old document

Customer is entitled to transitional additions for both ESA(C) and ESA(IR) Customers who are entitled to both ESA(C) and ESA(IR) may be entitled to a transitional addition on top of each element of ESA. Where a customer is entitled both to ESA(C) and to ESA(IR), the two amounts payable (including the transitional additions) will be compared and the higher amount will be paid in the normal way. Where ESA(IR) exceeds the ESA(C) amount, the full amount of ESA(C) and the ESA TA(C) remains taxable

Long ago I worked in a call centre so I know how things can be and it is making me wonder if the DWP call agent same a Income related amount listed and assumed it means you are on income related. Call centre turn over can be so high that it is fairly likely that few people working there now were involved with the move from IB to ESA.

I agree with Monic about making a written request however before you do that it might be worth ringing the DWP back and immediately ask for a Team Leader or Manager then get their name. They should not need to keep their call duration down and so should be able to go through you claim step by step. This only works if you have the stamina to push to speak to the manager and get the answers you need. It depends how you are about phone calls but if you can do that you can add the information you get to any letter you send.
Cafe / Re: Word Association Game
« Last post by auntieCtheM on 15 Feb 2019 10:40PM »
Hi Gus
I'll admit at the start that I could never work out why some people were transferred from IB to ESA and lost the status contribution based and others kept it.

Your correct that the award seems to be con based with an income related top up, what might confuse your claim is the transitional protection that you have - the protection of your old amount so that you don't lose money when transferred to ESA.  When ESA first came in we were told that there was WRAG and support group but there were no disability premiums.  yes you'll get carers premiums but the basic disability premium about 15/week is paid to JSA claimants but not ESA claimants.

Regarding your concern about universal credit - you cannot be moved onto UC as you get PIP, your wife needs to look at her situation and see if she qualifies for PIP.  The only way you would make a claim to universal credit would be if you were found fit for work, your housing benefit ended and your esa ended.  You would then have the choice to exist on your PIP money until appeal is accepted and be put back onto ESA OR claim UC and get money in 5 weeks but be unable to return to ESA.

Government is not moving people over yet mainly because the regulations to transfer people have not been passed in law yet - or are just being passed today - I saw a link in a newsletter to the regs but havent looked at it yet.

I would suggested that you put in a written request to make sure all your premiums are in place.  As long as your confident you meet the ESA support group regs and couldnt be found fit.  Its my inner cynic that is wary as you dont want to trigger an ESA50 form which they seem to send if you contact them.
good luck
Cafe / Re: Word Association Game
« Last post by SteveX on 15 Feb 2019 07:22PM »
Thanks for the replies.
My award was 2012 not 2011 as I said in OP.
The plot thickens I have been carefully reading through my paperwork. As far as I know you cannot be moved from C-ESA to IR-ESA unless there is a break in your claim of at least 13 weeks. I have never had a break in my claim since starting my original IB claim. My award when moved to ESA 2012 was C-ESA 154.60pw the same as I got on IB. After I completed the ESA 3 form early 2013 the DWP sent a letter showing their workings as below. The letter states due to a change in circumstances, it was not a change I wanted what I was entitled to due to the DWP error, we now all know was made when assessing thousands of other migrated claims.

Living expenses
Disability income guarantee
Support group
Income-related amount 169.10 there is no mention the claim is contribution based with a top up. I needed to know what type of claim I had and called the DWP 2013 and was told my claim was contribution based with a IR top up. I received a letter a few days after my phone call which said my claim was income based from Feb 2012 and was still live. This information is incorrect my claim was contribution based as per my 2012 award letter when placed in the support group. Reading letters from the DWP for 2013/14/15 the letters seem to contradict this and state my award was income based?

The DWP letters received after the ESA 3 form until my wife claimed carers mid 2015 had the same workings as above with slightly increased amounts per tax year,all listing the claim as income based?
After claiming carers the DWP letter had workings as below.
Living expenses for you and your partner 114.85
Money because your partner is a carer   
Disability income guarantee             
Support group                       
Total                                208.25

Then they remove the carers 62.10 from the above total which is now 146.15 all the above entitlements are removed.
The letter then states because you are entitled to contribution-based ESA we will pay you 154.60. This is the same amount I got in 2012.
The letter then says included in your ESA entitlement is a top up payment 45.30 which ensures you won't see a reduction in the level of your benefit entitlement as a result of the change to ESA. I gather this maybe IR but the letter does not give any more information.

The DWP now verbally state I am on IR-ESA but the letters after 2015 state C-ESA with a top up so I don't get less than my original IB claim. It looks like the DWP awarded me C-ESA with no top up then changed me to IR-ESA then back to C-ESA but still tell me my claim is IR-ESA. I am very concerned about this since my area is now full universal credit and we would lose a considerable amount of money on universal credit. Also I would not be considered for the lost backdated benefits.

Talk / Re: NHS 111 ambulances and Accident & Emergency departments.
« Last post by JLR2 on 14 Feb 2019 01:59PM »
Thanks Sunshine, "people who have stopped work to look after a parent are going to be put deeper into poverty depending on the particular services in the area they live"  Yup and no doubt many of these people will become victims to the benefit scrounger attacks. We have governments determined to try achieving healthcare on as cheap an initial cost as possible. I say initial cost as over the longer term I believe it would have been more economic to have properly invested in care services.

For me to see myself just how hard things were for my friend in Berlin as she cared for her father and the impact her caring was having on her was to be honest frightening. Many of the people finding themselves having to give up working to look after their elderly, and sometimes not so elderly, family are not entirely youngsters themselves with many in their 50's/60's having their own health problems. There will be those family carers who without hesitation or complaint put their own health issues to the back of their mind and do all they can to care for their family. Unfortunately we appear to have governments which are all too happy to know this and take for granted that families will not simply abandon their family to a care home the moment things get hard.

The love of family is a strong tool which I feel governments are not slow to exploit to the umpteenth degree, sadly this exploitation is short sighted as these family carers will themselves be hastened into poorer mental health through the stresses associated with caring for elderly parents. It is very hard to see the mum or dad whom you grew up with deteriorate from the confident big guy, (as my Dad was to me as a kid) or great Mum my mother was as she did everything she could to look after and bring my brothers and sisters along with me, to a shadow of themselves through such as cancer or dementia appearing as helpless as new born babies. My last remark being in relation to the way my friend in Berlin eventually ended up having to change he Dad's nappies every day and not just once. It is things like this that many I feel have no idea of ahead of themselves, there is many a time I've heard of sex education in schools being talked about, how about some teaching in schools about the unseen effects of dementia, those that thousands of family carers are faced with everyday?

I liked you post  >thumbsup<

What with the way social care seems to have become more of an advisory service eg where to buy items like shower seats, people who have stopped work to look after a parent are going to be put deeper into poverty depending on the particular services in the area they live  :-(

The frustration on the surgeons faces. Every week I think how can politicians live with themselves watching this? But they're probably watching Holby instead and are thinking what a great NHS we have and how smoothly it runs
I agree  :-(

About Mr Sunshine's notes, the GP service we are with is computerised and the NHS 111 notes were there on screen because the paramedic had sat here at the house doing them as we waited for the taxi. Nevertheless, it could be that the hospital notes system relies on doctors who made notes or charts have to input that information themselves and that is causing the delay. He is off work and I am thinking maybe we should have a drive out to the hospital to get the notes overselves.

Thank you for your description of the queuing  >thumbsup<

I was going to ask if Mr Sunshine had an arterial blood gas test 
I dont mind what people ask me here because I can always say I would rather not answer. The answer about the arterial blood gas test is no he did not have that nor did he have a cannula put in. He does seem okay now that is apart from his Bipolar symptoms being worse. I overheard a conversation with his boss yesterday and it seemed like a lot of questions to ask someone who is off work because his Bipolar symptoms are worse. Actually I am not sure about his physical pain levels and suspect they are higher than he is saying, he is on the mend though.

I had failed to remember the impact of bed blocking in the A & E process.
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