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Cafe / Re: Word Association Game
« Last post by KizzyKazaer on Today at 11:15 AM »
Repairman (or woman if you please)
How long on you staring at the computer screen for?
Maybe an hour and a half  sometimes shorter some longer.

Are you experiencing any twitching/ jerks or involuntary movements?
Apart from shaking and 'ordinary' cp symptoms no.

thank you for asking.
How long on you staring at the computer screen for?

Are you experiencing any twitching/ jerks or involuntary movements?
Welfare Rights / Re: PIP review pending...
« Last post by Monic1511 on 13 Dec 2018 09:27AM »
When filling out a form I look at the points and decide which is appropriate to that person and then try to explain.  For example my client with a learning disability can heat food in a microwave but canít read the settings so everything gets cooked for multiples of 3 minutes, so I explain the difficulties he has with food preparation, doesnít understand why you peel or chop food and how to cook it, Iím really looking for the 4 points criteria but will probably only get the 2 points for can cook with a microwave, I donít think he can as he canít prepare a meal that needs 4 minutes.
This is why I suggest getting the criteria as itís different to DLA in several ways.
The downside some leave voters might not like is we would have to accept free movement of people from the EU countries which I have no problem with it at all.
I dont have a problem with that either especially given how many EU residents work in the NHS,

Speaking from the opposing side I can't see how some will accept the free movement of people after all UKIP and the Leave campaign made such a big deal about migrants taking British jobs.
If this is the funding for the whole of Cyrus it sounds very low  :-(

Do you know how many people they expect to help?
I am just wondering if anyone else's has an idea what this might be. I usually get up at about 8:30am, watch some tv and potter about, then go on my computer upstairs. For as long as I can remember I get shakey and more spazzy when I am tired and from time to time it would happened in the earlier part of the day. Lately at about 11:30am I have been having something that is a bit like a Menieres Disease attack as in I get giddy and feel like I am falling backwards. However I also shake a lot and feel very weird. I don't ever pass out but it feels like I am going to. I deal with it by asking Mr Sunshine to make me toast and a a drink, after which I slowly feel better.

I asked my counsellor (who I am still seeing) is it is psychological like a panic attack and she suggested it being low blood sugar. If it is low blood sugar will eating even more than I already do in the morning help. One weird thing is my pulse rate only goes up a bit and nothing like when I take Bran out with the powertrike.

Does anyone here have something similar happen to them?
Welfare Rights / Re: PIP review pending...
« Last post by Sunshine Meadows on 13 Dec 2018 08:01AM »
Something else I read yesterday was that DLA was all about the conditions a person has and PIP is about what people can and can't do. This made me think if a person is good at managing their disability or as Monic was saying on another thread if a person sees it as part of life eg getting old then they are going to have a harder time claiming PIP.

I have not been called to move over from DLA to PIP yet but when I do I am going to think about how my able bodied sister would do something and how I do something. For example to make a cup of coffee my sister fills the kettle, gets milk out of the  fridge and makes a coffee. Whereas for part of the day I can't lift the kettle to the sink so I use bottled water, I have to put some of that cold water into my travel mug so the coffee is not too hot to drink, I usually spill some sugar and coffee granules because I shake but wont be able to clean up the mess, it is difficult to get the travel mug lid on but once it is on I can lay the drink on its side and wheelchair myself back to the sitting room. I almost forgot I would need to mention I dont have milk because it adds an extra difficulty I cant do without. My wheelchair has power assist electric wheels. Luckily for me I live with Mr Sunshine and he makes almost all of my drinks however if just said that it would not be telling the the DWP why or how my disability is affecting me. 

(When I was a kid a family friend used to call me The Lady of Leisure because I did not get up always jump up and make a drink or whatever society and my family thought I should do back then - sorry old wounds for me to deal with )
Welfare Rights / Re: PIP review pending...
« Last post by Sunshine Meadows on 13 Dec 2018 07:39AM »

I could not find the information I was looking for so I looked for more about PIP. I agree with Monic's advice and also want to add the folowing.

This is advice for people in England sorry I am not sure where you are.

How much PIP you can get and for how long click here

The DWP should write to you 14 weeks (roughly 3 months) before your award is due to end, reminding you to make a new claim. It can take the DWP a long time to process a new claim so itís a good idea to make your new claim before your old one ends. You can do this up to 6 months before your old one ends. This will also help prevent any break in your PIP payments while you wait for a decision on your new claim

Your PIP could be reviewed by the DWP at any time, though itís most likely to happen about a year before your award is due to end
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