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News and Current Affairs. / Re: Johnson has broken the law, fact.
« Last post by JLR2 on 19 Oct 2019 11:18PM »
Another thought on things, as we have heard so often, like a stuck record, 'getting brexit done' well I ask folk to consider the driver changing a flat tyre on his car, he changes the wheel putting on a new tyre but is in such a hurry to get the job done he fails to check he has tightened the wheel nuts properly. Result (as happened to me some years back) he finds himself watching, as (in my case whilst driving down the M8 in Glasgow) the wheel comes off and rolls down the road.

Sure get Brexit done but get it done properly.
News and Current Affairs. / Johnson has broken the law, fact.
« Last post by JLR2 on 19 Oct 2019 10:47PM »
Though Johnson has sent a letter requesting a delay in Britain leaving the EU in not signing it he has in effect broken the law. You or I could have sent the letter given the lack of signature. Anyone sending or receiving an unsigned cheque would either have their cheque returned or be unable to cash an unsigned cheque made out to them.

Will the powers that be notice this aspect of law?  I wonder.

A wee note regarding cheques, though my cheque book's cheques show my name as in it is printed on the cheque without my signature it is not accepted in any bank and therefore worthless, likewise Johnson's letter it is worthless.
Talk / Re: Dentist appointment
« Last post by Sunny Clouds on 18 Oct 2019 03:15PM »
I had very mixed experiences of dentists.

I had a good family dentist as a child. When I came home from university, though, I went to a different dentist as part of a decision not to use the same dentist, doctor, optician etc. as my family.  Sort of growing up.

But the new dentist, NHS, went private and I moved to a new NHS one.  I started having problems with a tooth (not their fault) and had a new filling, but it started hurting again.

I went back to the family dentist, who did a deeper filling but warned it could get worse.  Then he died.  The tooth started hurting badly.  I tried to find out who was taking over his practice but there was a delay.  I saw a dentist from a different practice in the same building but he said he wouldn't do anything with it because that would be taking work away from the practice that was being sold.

The new dentist arrived and looked at the tooth.  He said it needed a root canal and inlay.  I said surely a cap/crown would be better. No, he said, an inlay, and I was given a price.  I was on means-tested benefits and it was a lot of money.

I said I'd think and looked online.  It was the going rate for the job.  I was still doubtful so went to an NHS dentist to see if I could get it on the NHS (and by now months had passed since my last NHS check-up so I could have a free check-up).

The dentist X-rayed it and said in her opinion the roots were cracked, although it didn't actually show on the X-ray.  I went home and researched online.  Because of the way fee-scales work, the NHS dentist would make a loss on a root canal and inlay or crown, but a profit on an extraction.  The private dentist would make a profit on the root canal and inlay but next to none, if any, on a simple extraction. 

So each was recommending what would give them the bigger profit and I had no way of knowing whether either was more competent, so I decided to gamble on paying to keep the tooth.

I asked the private dentist if he was sure the tooth wasn't cracked.  Sure.  So I agreed to have it done.  He did the root canal and put in a temporary filling.

After a few months (as agreed with him) I went back for the inlay.  Then came the shocker.  He said the price I'd been quoted (not in writing) didn't include the inlay and billed me that much again.

Shortly after that, the tooth fell apart.  I went to a new dentist, who, on the NHS, pulled out the fragments carefully piece by piece.

I've since stayed with him.  He's a brilliant dentist.  I started taking my Dad to him.  Dad could get very confused and distressed when taken out of his usual surroundings, and the dentist treated him with respect, e.g. telling him he looked smart when actually he was wearing slippers and had breakfast stains on his shirt.  It was beautiful to watch.

I wish I'd made a formal complaint about the rip-off dentist.  I think the amounts were 400 + 350, but it could have been 450 + 400.

What sort of person will cheat someone on means-tested benefits for that amount?
Cafe / Re: Re-launching the ship happyness by bulekingfisher
« Last post by bulekingfisher on 17 Oct 2019 08:03PM »
Hello SashaQ

About the electric wheelchair I go for my dread PIP assecment on Thursday 29/10/19
Welfare Rights / Re: They've got me at last...
« Last post by Jockice on 16 Oct 2019 08:23AM »
Strange isn't it? Apparently apart from apparently being a bit clumsy as a toddler I didn't really have any signs of disability until I was about five. There is a video of me on a family day out before that walking without any problem at all. At one point my cousin Steve is kicking a stone along and almost collides with me. I don't even flinch. In the last few years before I started being a full-time wheelie I could fall over if someone looked at me.

It was actually someone on the old BBC Ouch who suggested that I might not have CP but something called DRD, which is extremely rare but treatable. I was tested for that and it turned out not to be the case but after I showed the doctors the video (which I'd only just got a copy of myself, as I had more or less lost touch with that side of the family) they said: "Hmm. It might not be CP then."

It is difficult to work out exactly what's going on with me too, but HSP is a 'best guess' thing. Although my mate has warned me not to throw any doubt on the diagnosis during the assessment as they could use it against me if I say I don't know exactly what's going on with my body.

And I know exactly what you mean about baggy clothes.
Cafe / Re: Re-launching the ship happyness by bulekingfisher
« Last post by bulekingfisher on 15 Oct 2019 08:54PM »
Hello hun hun

I realy appericate that you have the corauge to come up with me in our enclosed gondala  >hugs< thankyou
Welfare Rights / Re: They've got me at last...
« Last post by Sunshine Meadows on 15 Oct 2019 04:12PM »

It is interesting that you mentioned the age you were when symptoms arrived because I had a similar experience in that my walking difficulties became more obvious as I got older and physically. Getting boobs and bigger hips rally messed up my walking gate. I think there are many people who had CP like symptoms as children in the late 1970s  and 80s  were expected to just get on with it and here we are in our 50s no longer able to just get on with it because of the damage caused throughouit our younger years. the description does sound like my symptoms but as I have other conditions it is too difficult to work out exactly going on.

I think maybe the way to go in the assessment is to think about how  the reasons for your limitations colour you description of what you can do. If an able bodied person was to have a traumatic brain injury that put them at the level of disability you have now they would need to be taught how to manage whereas you have ways of doing things that you worked out over time. For example I wear baggy clothes a lot of the time because it is easier to get dressed than wearing things in the right size.
Disability Q and A / Re: Sunflower Lanyard
« Last post by suessad on 15 Oct 2019 07:51AM »
Sainsburys have reportedly joined. Should make life easier in the Christmas queue. >thumbsup< 
Welfare Rights / Re: They've got me at last...
« Last post by auntieCtheM on 14 Oct 2019 07:10PM »
You are having a fun time arn't you Jockice.
Welfare Rights / Re: They've got me at last...
« Last post by Jockice on 14 Oct 2019 01:25PM »
And since sending that message, I've got my new date. A fortnight today. Super.
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