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Talk / Re: Just a question
« Last post by KizzyKazaer on Today at 08:05 PM »
I hope Boris pulls through this OK, agree with Sunshine that this is so not the best time for a new PM.. This coronavirus is certainly not discriminatory in who it attacks, that's for sure. 

Also if the worst happened to Boris, I think it would be really unsettling for the population in general who have put all trust in him and the Government to get us through this - though on the other hand it might hammer home to some of the selfish bastards who insist on flouting the lockdown rules that nobody, including their precious little selves, is immune by virtue of age or whatever.

...I'm still going to hope that whatever comes of the covid pandemic, our government will feel the need to appease the populace in some way.

I'd imagine it would be very hard after all this is over for the Government to row back spending on the NHS without losing a very substantial proportion of supporters..

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Talk / Re: Just a question
« Last post by Sunny Clouds on Today at 06:11 PM »
When Cameron's son died and I read what he wrote/said about it, I formed an opinion that I still hold.

He said something about his son being better off dead. That's a rough paraphrase - I don't remember the actual words.

I rather thought then that that was his way of coping with his son's death.  It wasn't a tragedy for his son or a failure on the part of Cameron or the state, it was a blessing in disguise.

That, I believe, shifted his views.  I don't think it triggered all-out 'bump-'em-off' euthanasia views, but in its practical effects, it was well up that curve.

But then I think there have also been politicians who were disabled in one way or another who had an attitude of "Well, I'm disabled and I've made a successful, independent career for myself, so why can't they?" 

I think it's very, very hard to get anywhere in politics unless you've got a strong streak of hardness, and unless you're able to switch off to a lot of nasty stuff.  Otherwise, how would you cope with the morass of international politics?  Which dictators to align with and not align with in a world where, in effect, you have to pick sides? 

Incidentally, random thought about politics and doing good - I think the little crumbs of welfare that came in after WW1 arose from fear by those in power that we could have a revolution here just as had happened in Russia.  Cynical experienced killers are, collectively, dangerous for government.  Quick, let's have an army pension.

NHS etc.  Hmmm. After WW2, lots of trained, cynical killers, at risk of questioning what it was all for. Countries re-aligning. Some countries still dodgy.  Give them free healthcare and a few other things to keep them happy.

Sorry, cynical as ever.  Nevertheless, I'm still going to hope that whatever comes of the covid pandemic, our government will feel the need to appease the populace in some way.  Even little improvements would be better than nowt.

I'm sitting alone, ruminating, staying awake most of the night, feeling lost after making so much effort to get out and meet people last year and now not doing so.

Let me fantasise.  Don't mention it to any psychiatrists, though.  It surely has to be close to textbook delusional to think this government mightn't keep moving further and further rightwards. 
Talk / Re: Managing dental problems at home during Covid-19
« Last post by JLR2 on Today at 05:20 PM »
I do hope Trump's no' heard about this exporting of anything that might be of benefit to others, guns, missiles or fighter aircraft no problem but relating to health no chance beyond that is private health insurance.
Talk / Re: Just a question
« Last post by JLR2 on Today at 05:17 PM »
"Meanwhile I can fantasise about his being saved and being so incredibly grateful to the NHS that he'll throw his weight behind supporting it after the pandemic is over."

Sadly I think your fantasy will remain just a fantasy my thinking this is based on David Cameron's behaviour re the DWP's DLA which as we all know now he claimed on behalf of his wee boy. So long as Cameron's son remained alive Cameron was mad keen on DLA and then about 20 minutes after the wee lad passed away so did Cameron's interest in the welfare of anyone unfortunate enough to be reliant on the benefit.
Talk / Re: Just a question
« Last post by Sunny Clouds on Today at 03:34 PM »
Well I've read online that some people are taking the government's line on prioritising who gets to go on a ventilator on the basis of survival chances as amounting to writing off disabled people, whereas others are saying that that's not what it means.  However, lets consider the possibility that disabled people have a lower priority.

Hang on, what's this got to do with Boris?  Well, whilst I appreciate that it's often considered a bit dodgy, bad form even, to try to diagnose mental conditions in other people outside the context of a clinical setting, I have long ago formed the opinion that Boris shows signs of problems with those aspects of thinking that relate to decency, morals etc.  'Don't give a toss about other people unless I will personally gain from it' disorder, maybe?  Possibly a significant degree of 'ethical disability'?

So how should that be prioritised?  If his moral compass is already awry, what state would it be in after being on a ventilator?  Is he worth saving?

I suppose the answer will come down to whether the staff think their jobs are worth keeping.

I'm with Sunshine on this as to desirability.  I'll add something - martyrdom.  I don't want him to become a martyr.

Meanwhile I can fantasise about his being saved and being so incredibly grateful to the NHS that he'll throw his weight behind supporting it after the pandemic is over.  Hmmm.  Bit out of character?  He might do it if he thought he could base his image on it. Ah, but what about his corporate friends? Oh well, I can dream, can't I?  I'm suffering from a nasty bout of 'please, please give me little smidgeons of hope' disorder'.
Talk / Re: Just a question
« Last post by Sunshine Meadows on Today at 12:03 PM »
Hmm I don't know what to say ......

Okay so I actually hope Boris lives because it would be a really bad time to change Prime Minister, also if he is dead alot of the blame for the wrong decisions will be dumped on him. It takes a village to raise a child and it takes a cabinet to mess up a countries response to a pandemic.
Talk / Managing dental problems at home during Covid-19
« Last post by Sunshine Meadows on Today at 11:57 AM »
I got this link  in an email from My Dentist

I have lost two fillings so it was lucky for me that I had some temporary filling material to hand. The one I used is DenTek Temparin Filling Material Single Item and I applied to the small holes about 7pm and did not eat or drink anything until the next morning. Today is the second day and the temporary fillings seem to be holding. The one on my front tooth feels lumping and my TN has been aggravated, nevertheless I believe it is better than holes because I have quote soft teeth.

I ordered some more Dentek from Ebay and it is coming from America  >yikes<
Talk / Just a question
« Last post by JLR2 on Today at 06:34 AM »
As I woke up this morning a wee question, sort of tongue in cheek like, crossed my mind, what are the chances of someone at the hospital where Johnson is being treated hanging a DNR notice on his bed?
Talk / On the Edge - you were right about something
« Last post by Sunny Clouds on Today at 12:48 AM »
I could have just added this to the other thread but I wasn't so sure you'd read it.

It's about invisible disabilities and a discussion else-site.  Some people were getting ranty about couples shopping together instead of one shopping and the other staying at home.

Some of us pointed out that whilst many may be shopping together unnecessarily, maybe some need to be together.  An example I gave is of where two people, perhaps a couple but not necessarily so, live together and one can't be safely left alone in a pandemic, e.g with a mental condition that could leave them at risk of wandering off.  But where could you leave them for a few hours during a pandemic when so many places are closed?

So the issue of things like badges, cards etc. came up, and I mentioned the sunflower lanyard scheme that's been mentioned here and some of my local shops use.

I thought that this is a situation where on the one hand shops should be reaching out to see which customers might need extra help or allowances, but it would also be not only sensible for people to consider wearing a lanyard but really if they have invisible disabilities, now's the time to be wearing it, not just for their own sake, but to 'protect' the person they're with from aggro.

And of course, the person wearing it may not understand well.

That being said, I realise now how little public awareness there actually is.

I had a friend who had a severe mental illness, whose husband was severely physically ill (he pre-deceased her).  For years, they got on wonderfully.  She provided arms and legs, he provided calm, rational thought and decision-making.  That makes it sound more rigidly divided than it was, but you get the picture.

So whilst I still think people have the right to be cautious a lot of the time about outing themselves as disabled, maybe now's the time to be saying to our fellow disabled people that if they want others to be understanding, they've got to be open.

Oh wotsits.  I've gone and agreed with OtE again and when posting else-site I've been influenced by what he's said on here.  Don't worry, OtE, we can find something else to go hammer and tongs over! 
Something that has been causing me a bit of a niggle is the way the government cut its 12 billion from the welfare budget but now has the wherewithal to write off 13.2 billion of NHS debt, that and the masses of billions to pay the 80% of employees wages. I would suggest this is proof, if it were needed that the welfare cuts were ideological from the very start of government's imposed austerity

Didn't Mrs Thatcher once say that she only 'tolerated' the welfare state?

Nor me - it's probably gone out second-class,
Second class?? It's most probably gone out "postage due"!

A week on and still no letter from BoJo - was it a mere figment of his fevered imagination, or did the Royal Snail just lose it?  Answers on a postcard, please...

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