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Thank you Monic, I don't remember getting a letter saying I had underlying entitlement to Carer's Allowance however that does not mean I did not get one. 

BUT you are entitled to a carers premium of 36.00 but it can only be paid is you get an income related benefit.  so if anyone gets income related ESA or pension credit make sure DWP know that you have underlying entitlement to carers allowance.


Mr Sunshine is managing to hold onto his job and while it means we don't get any income based benefits, free prescriptions (we buy season tickets) or free dental treatment we do get a Tax Credit. That Tax Credit and Mr Sunshine's PIP are what allowed us to get a mortgage.


With Contributions Based ESA it is like they give with one hand and take with another. It does seem to me that they only people that get a real benefit from Con ESA are those who have partner's who work. :-( I hope you get at least some money refunded.
Hi Gus
as far as I know the DWP are looking at everyone who was transferred from IB to ESA.

I will take a guess at your possible entitlement but will use 2018 figures, you said you got income related ESA top up until your wife claimed carers.

a couple Need 114.85
the support group premium is added 37.65
total 152.50

subtract from that ESA CON based 110.75
41.75 would be paid as income based ESA

Your wife claims carers allowance of 64.60 so that gets added to your 110.75 giving a total income of 175.35
the amount you need according to gov is 188.50 so your income related ESA3 would be 13.15.
The easiest way to look at your whole award would be to do the official letter via your MP asking why the DWP are stalling in calculating any back money due.  The problem with SDP is the rules around it - you qualify for SDP is you live alone an no one claims carer or all the others you live with are in receipt of DLA MR care or higher.
Its hard to explain here so keep asking.

Sunshine Meadows - you said you were getting con based ESA so couldnt get carers allowance, you should have received a letter that says you have "underlying entitlement to carers allowance"  this means you have an award but dont get the cash as your ESA is a higher amount than carers allowance BUT you are entitled to a carers premium of 36.00 but it can only be paid is you get an income related benefit.  so if anyone gets income related ESA or pension credit make sure DWP know that you have underlying entitlement to carers allowance.
Cafe / Re: Re-launching the ship happyness by bulekingfisher
« Last post by KizzyKazaer on 12 Feb 2019 09:18PM »
It was enough exercise for me just wrestling with the packaging...
Talk / Re: Any tips or suggestions?
« Last post by JLR2 on 12 Feb 2019 08:10PM »
"although when I'm stressed it's very hard to focus on a game long enough to get into it"

That sounds like the way I feel when things like my not too distant trip to Berlin gets to the last few days before leaving home. Right now I'm entering that stage as it'll be a week tomorrow when I head off to Glasgow. In a couple of days I have my car's MOT and come the 18th my appointment with my doctor to do with what happened last weekend. I'm all over the place between trying not to have too much perishable food in the fridge, things like cheese and the like usually I end up drinking ltrs of milk on the morning of my leaving. Between now and then I'm still repeatedly trying to decide what it is I'm wanting to take over in my hold luggage, I'm not taking much but I want to be sure I do take things I'll need for the wee DIY jobs planned for me when I get there. One of the things I'm taking over is some raw plugs which I learnt from experience tend to be a bit more costly in the big DIY store I use when over there, those and the roll of 'gaffa tape' which can come in fairly useful for so many wee jobs.
Talk / Re: Any tips or suggestions?
« Last post by SteveX on 12 Feb 2019 07:10PM »
I find it hard to relax, especially if I'm really worried or stressed about something.
The best thing for me is to either put on some of my favourite music (I'm a rock and roll lover. so pretty much anything Buddy Holly, Everly Brothers, Eddie Cochan, Elvis, Fats Domino etc etc will be nice.   also I'm a gamer and I sometimes play an immersive roleplaying game so I can get engrossed in the game/story and forget about real life.  although when I'm stressed it's very hard to focus on a game long enough to get into it.

Cafe / Re: Re-launching the ship happyness by bulekingfisher
« Last post by bulekingfisher on 12 Feb 2019 05:26PM »
Hello Kixxy Kazaer

I am devising an exercise programme for both of us which helps us lose wright after eating those chocolate hob nobs
Talk / Re: NHS 111 ambulances and Accident & Emergency departments.
« Last post by JLR2 on 12 Feb 2019 04:27PM »
Just thinking there as I read postings and it occurred to me that were a Fire and Rescue service inspector to carry out an assessment of the fire hazards posed by patients being banked up in hospital corridors the NHS, or perhaps more warranted the government, might find they have a problem.

Hospital corridors were and are designed as they are, I'm sure, to facilitate emergency evacuations should circumstances require such an action be carried out.
If you phone you GP and ask for a summary of the A&E report, it arrives there 24 hours after being in A&E so the GP can read all tests made, their results and any diagnosis and transpose that into English and tell you.
Mr Sunshine pooped into our GP surgery today and asked about his records. The notes from the NHS 111 call are there but nothing else. I find that shocking in this day and age I mean it is one thing to be disorganised and not give Mr Sunshine a discharge note when he left the hospital, and a whole other level not adding anything to his NHS record. If he was to fall ill again what can we say to the paramedic pffffft. All we have is the fact we know Mr Sunshine was put on a nebuliser (not sure I mentioned that yet), he had an extra, and we have two medication boxes with hand written name and date on them :-(

You are right about the Casualty being unrealistic, stacking patients right in front of the bays and there being so little space to move or site shocked me the most.

JLR good question, maybe there would be an outcry or maybe too many people would switch over to whatever reality tv show was on. Actually that is a point 24 hours in A&E has not (As far as I know) show the type of situation i saw the other night.

Kizzy I did not repost the whole thing just a shorter easier to follow version. Thank you for saying it would be an ordeal for anyone, I was worrying that the fact I could only see so much from the wheelchair m eant I was being too critical.


I am sorry the DWP area failing so badly in your case. It would save so many man hours and claimants being stressed out making phone calls if the call agents were well enough trained and allowed to give understandable explanations circumstances.

A while ago I was looking up information on Contributions Based ESA and Carer's Allowance. It turned out I can't get Carer's Allowance for looking after Mr Sunshine because I am already on a income replacing benefit ie Con ESA. This might be a red herring but maybe you wife getting Carers Allowance for your son somehow affected you claim for ESA that is if it is a joint claim.
Thanks for the replies I would not really want to involve my MP for personal reasons.

Hi Monic1511 I have never had an income based claim my claims have always been contribution based so I don't know why the DWP think my claim is income based. A SAR is a good suggestion but I don't need a SAR I have every letter from the DWP they will only send me the same paperwork. After being migrated to ESA 2011 to 2013 I received contribution only 2013 to 2017 my claim was contribution based with an income top up after filling in the ESA 3 form. My wife does not claim carers for me and never has she claims carers for our son which started in early 2017 the DWP then removed the income based part of my claim

I thought the DWP were having to look at all migrated claims from IB to ESA not just people who did not receive disability premiums? This is because the DWP failed to assess claimants for entitlement to C-ESA and IR-ESA when migrated from IB which they should have done.

"A claim for ESA is legally a claim for both contributory ESA (C-ESA) and income-related ESA (IR-ESA), your entitlement to both elements of ESA should be considered." "The DWP accepted, in July 2018, that the failure to consider IR-ESA was an official error and that, as a result, backdating is payable back to the date of the conversion to ESA."

I was not accessed for income based benefits when migrated and should have been, I would have been awarded a IR top up as my circumstances when migrated were the same as when I was awarded the top up after the ESA 3 form.Are you saying the DWP are currently only looking at claimants that missed out on disability premiums?
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