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News and Current Affairs. / Re: The stuff of nightmares
« Last post by JLR2 on 16 Jan 2019 02:34PM »
Hello Sunshine, I spoke with my MP's office earlier today and the woman I spoke with told me, having looked things up in Erskine May, that Mrs May had been saying that as Labour had not raised a motion of no confidence before Christmas she/the government would allow the smaller parties of opposition to do so. I have to accept it is myself who has taken the PM's words out of context.
Welfare Rights / Re: Weird payments
« Last post by gus on 16 Jan 2019 10:46AM »
The DWP have an announcement on their phone line about the part payments.

>thumbsup< for me my rice cooker is easier to use because it is much lighter than the slow cooker the problem is I dont much like rice  >whistle<


I dont know about Reddit for advice but Mr Sunshine uses it a far bit and sends me lol links.


I was thinking we could have more of that on Ouch Too, have not got there yet though. I think reddit was originally a place were people talked about what they had seen elsewhere, but it looks to me like it grew into so much more. It can be a little hard to follow sometimes because the threads can break off into other branches of thought like a tree all the way to the twigs. It is worth a look but I am not sure how good the moderation is.
News and Current Affairs. / Re: The stuff of nightmares
« Last post by Sunshine Meadows on 16 Jan 2019 09:49AM »
All good points  >thumbsup<
Talk / Re: DFG and adaptions.
« Last post by Sunshine Meadows on 16 Jan 2019 09:30AM »

It does sound a similar story to mine although it does sound like you got an OT that can at least look into your application for a wet room. My timeline is similar in that we got the grant through in 2009 and the work was done in the same year. We got so much done it was amazing there was even a suggestion that once it becomes unsafe for me to use the stairs they would look into installing a lift.All that is gone now and I don't know what disabled people are supposed to do. When I asked about getting a fan heater in the bathroom new OT that came here did mention the fact I get middle rate DLA as though that should be used to pay for such things. If so what are council OTs there for, is it just to tell me what I can buy and where. Heck they could at least have a Wickes or other shop trade card so they could get things for us at a discount and pass that discount to us. pffffft

It is a pity the OTs dont give out an email address because if they did you could email and ask if they were going forward with the wet room application for you.
Talk / Re: DFG and adaptions.
« Last post by JLR2 on 16 Jan 2019 08:46AM »
Fiz on the main issues you're probably right in the reluctance to provide what you need being down to budget cuts but so far as the perch stool goes that should definitely be provided without hesitation or fuss.

I would make mention to your OT that without the changes you are not unreasonably asking for the chances are that the costs involved in the future will be higher for your local social services department as without the changes you will be left in a situation whereby accidents are more likely.
Talk / DFG and adaptions.
« Last post by Fiz on 16 Jan 2019 07:57AM »
I had an OT assessment when I moved here in 2010 and the OT was offering me more things than I felt I needed at the time so what I asked for at the time was immediately approved and I was put on the 'substantial need' waiting list which turned out to be 18 months. Baths aren't possible so it was just a shower fitting over the bath and a grab rail. I'd been offered a wet room shower but dd needed to soak in stuff to control her eczema so needed the bath then. It's painful now stepping into the bath triggering neuropathic pain so I often can't shower and I can't stand long so I'm needing the bath removed, more wall tiling and the wet room floor created. The OT came yesterday and it felt like everything was a battle, I guess this has come with the budget cuts. She wanted me to have a bath board rather than a wet room because we have to try cheaper ways and only if these cheaper options don't work out will a DFG be granted for something dearer. I explained that while a bath board would reduce standing time, I'd still be in a lot of pain stepping into and out of the bath plus reaching for wash things, shampoo etc is painful. Despite saying this she measured the lip of the bath on the wall side which was 1 inch or 2.5cm before going. So this time I'm unsure whether I'll be granted what I need because I'm not sure if they're applying for the wet room or not.

I guess this is budget cuts changes, I was turning down offers in 2010 and now in 2019 I'm not sure I will get what I need. Oh and I asked for a second grab rail on the other side of the shower so there's one available for each hand because my balance isn't good.

She suggested a care line because I've fallen down the stairs 3 times, once breaking my big toe, once breaking my little toe on the other foot, neither time bothering with hospital because I knew I had just broken toes. The last time I tore a ligament across the top of a foot where it bent back and that time I did call an ambulance because the pain was much higher and I thought I might have broken the foot. On each occasion I managed to sort myself out so I don't see how a care line would have helped and it's an ongoing cost I don't feel I need at the moment.

So we'll see if what I know I need is asked for on this occasion and how long the wait is. The OT was okay but her mind seemed to be elsewhere and not on my needs. I forgot to ask for a perching stool for the kitchen. Washing up is painful.
Disability Q and A / Re: Making life easier in various small ways
« Last post by Fiz on 16 Jan 2019 07:25AM »
I've found that Reddit is a great forum for advice on anything. I've been trying to make some bespoke gadgets to make up for my lack of movement, and people are very helpful when I need advice on parts and getting help to make them.

That's interesting. I'd heard of Reddit but not known what it was. I'm looking for a new forum to chat on is it for general chatting too?
News and Current Affairs. / Re: The stuff of nightmares
« Last post by JLR2 on 16 Jan 2019 07:06AM »
Good morning Monic, I have just sent the following email to the BBC;-

''Good morning,

I am stunned at just how easily both Jeremy Corbyn and the media has been taken for mugs by PM May. Was nobody listening to what Mrs May actually said following the defeat of her Brexit plan?

Mrs May first announced that due to the size of the defeat of her plan the main opposition could, using the proper procedure make a no confidence motion in her government and if it did so time would be made the next day to hold such a debate, however Mrs May then went on to say that should the main opposition party not do this, specifically before Christmas, that her government would allow smaller opposition parties introduce such a motion and time would be made ‘’tomorrow’’ to debate such a motion.

Mrs May and her party guessed, in this case it appears correctly, Mr Corbyn would take the bait hook, line and sinker and call for the vote and he without hesitation did. Everyone, including someone as simple as myself, knows that with the support of the DUP the government will survive this vote of no confidence so what’s the point or purpose of Mrs May pushing the leader of the opposition into making this motion?  Well for one thing it sees him contribute to the successful running down of the Brexit clock, the thing he accused Mrs May of doing and he has done it spectacularly. Then again given some of the commentary I’ve heard from political journalists on the BBC and elsewhere this might be something Mr Corbyn is actually happy to see happen if it is correct to believe he himself is not honestly interested in Britain remaining in the EU.''

Regarding your

''In the background - a roll out of universal credit to pensioners with a working age partner was announced last night.  You cannot make a claim for pension credit unless both of you are state pension age after 19/05/19'' comment.

It says to me that there is nothing unwanted or accidental in much of what the government are doing, sadly that old expression comes back to haunt me, ''A good day to bury bad news'' and by heck did they bury that bad news.
News and Current Affairs. / Re: The stuff of nightmares
« Last post by Monic1511 on 15 Jan 2019 10:19PM »
//I did not vote for Brexit BUT the UK did and I wish they would have just signed the deal and then we can try and get the deal revamped.   My tuppence worth of what next is that there will be a vote of no confidence, tories will win this but even if they don't and there is a general election there will be bad repercussions.  If there is another election in 2 weeks or whatever then in my view the home counties will return right wing and conservative government.  Farage might even get a seat.  Scotland will probably vote SNP this would then trigger more independence rumblings (sorry not in favour or that either)  The reason I believe the conservatives will be re elected is that given a choice between ANY tory and Corbyn/McDonald then they'll vote tory.

Moderate conservatives will be de selected with Brexit supporting candidates fielded, the lib dems will probably be wiped out or largely replaced with UKIPers.

what an unholy mess made by Call me Dave who gave this referendum as a sop to try and unite the conservative party.

In the background - a roll out of universal credit to pensioners with a working age partner was announced last night.   You cannot make a claim for pension credit unless both of you are state pension age after 19/05/19  >steam<
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