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Title: Items to help you in the home
Post by: Fiz on 23 Feb 2019 04:55PM
Since I've lived here I've bought 3 doorbells with battery bell push and plug in receiver and they all failed to work a few months in so I'd stuck with just people knocking on the door. Occasionally I've not heard the door being knocked and I've discovered a missed delivery card. I can only move slowly due to pain so even when I hear the door being knocked by the time I've reached the door, the delivery person has given up assuming I'm out and driven off with my parcel and this is only a small house. So I relayed this problem to the OT who recently assessed me via text and she sent me the action for hearing loss catalogue circling 2 extra loud battery door bell and plug in receiver door bells. Then I spotted the A291 doorbell system where the battery bell push informs the person to wait when they press the doorbell and I attach a battery powered receiver either by clip or lanyard and that vibrates or rings when the doorbell goes and when the button is pressed on the receiver it alerts the person at the door that I'm on my way. Both problems sorted! Never miss a delivery again! Slightly annoyed that you are only eligible for VAT relief if you are registered deaf which I'm not but I am needing it because of disability.

It was sent yesterday by parcelforce express 24 hour delivery so should be here today. The online tracker says it's out for delivery. I'm worried that I wouldn't get to the door in time when the door is knocked (how ironic that would be) so I've spent the day sat near the door, it's almost 5pm and I'm in pain and feeling grumpy. I could really have done with a time slot. I'm not sure what time I give up and decide it's not coming, I could really do with lying on my bed to ease the pain.

I'm consoling myself that this is the last time I need to go through this as the doorbell system will solve this problem but I'm unsure if it will arrive today. Oh but the catalogue fails to say whether batteries are included or what ones you need and how many so possibly I will need to shop first.

Only writing this because I had no idea such gadgets existed! It makes me wonder what else is out there that would be helpful that I know nothing about.

Title: Re: Items to help you in the home
Post by: Monic1511 on 23 Feb 2019 08:14PM
I share your pain re getting to the door on time, I have to run down 14 stairs to my front door and rarely get there on time
Title: Re: Items to help you in the home
Post by: Sunshine Meadows on 24 Feb 2019 12:24PM
It is okay to post a link https://www.actiononhearingloss.org.uk/shop/alarms-and-alerts/a291-caller-alert/

It is a good bit of kit  >thumbsup< please let us know how it goes.

I got Bran my Labrador Husky cross to help me know when there is a knock at the door and also to make me feel safe when I answer the door  :-)
Title: Re: Items to help you in the home
Post by: Fiz on 26 Feb 2019 04:20AM
Huskys are very good at letting people know about visitors. Unfortunately golden retrievers rarely bark. If I'm in the lounge she pricks her ears and goes to the front windows which tells me she can hear something so I door check but if I'm not in the lounge she doesn't let me know at all. A friend popped in yesterday and I was wondering whether she'd (my dog, not my friend  >biggrin< ) start getting excited about the doorbell.

It arrived yesterday but isn't easy to put together. The Bell push already has a battery in it because it lights up saying please wait so I need to screw that into the brick wall somehow. I have a phillips screwdriver the right size so I will try with just that today, if it requires a drill then I will have to ask my foster dad if he can pop round and do it if he's got a small enough drill bit.

Then the hardest bit is the small alerter which I've attached to the lanyard doesn't work so I assume I have to remove the 4 minute crosshead screws which I don't have a small enough phillips screwdriver for to remove the covering on the battery which will allow it to work then do it up again. Once that's done I won't need to take it apart as it is rechargeable so the only thing that needs a battery is the doorbell outside. Once I've attached the bell push to the wall outside and sorted out my receiver it's good to go. The instructions are incorrect in one place for the bell push and it fails to mention you need to take apart the receiver to get the battery going so we did ponder yesterday how easily an older person would find it to set up. Hopefully I will get it all set up today. I'm sure it's going to solve my problem about getting to the door in time. I will even know the doorbell has rung if I'm in the garden and people will be asked to wait. I'm so impressed with the idea of this.

Yesterday I asked an Asda staff member if they could help me by lifting the trolley bags into my car boot for me which they were happy to do but they set off at a pace with the trolley that I had to ask them to slow down because I can only walk slowly. I'm getting better at asking for help but only do it because I absolutely have to. I was in a lot of pain yesterday hence not attempting to attach the bell push then. I will let you know if it does the job well!

Sorry for not posting the link sunshine I don't have a computer or laptop and my tablet doesn't copy and paste but I could have kept tabs open and typed it in. Sounds like it would be useful for you monic?

Title: Re: Items to help you in the home
Post by: Sunshine Meadows on 26 Feb 2019 09:24AM
No worries on posting the link it is just some sites don't allow that type of link and we do especially when helpful to members - thank you

Title: Re: Items to help you in the home
Post by: Fiz on 03 Mar 2019 08:32AM
Well I finally got it all going on Friday. There is an on/off button on the back of the receiver but pressing it did nothing. So I held the button down and that turned the plug in receiver on, there'd been no instruction in the instructions to have to do that. Then the receiver on the lanyard wouldn't work despite me fully charging it so I pressed the central button down and after a few seconds it lit up and now it flashes every few seconds which I guess it will do to tell me it is charged enough. The builder that was here laying concrete drilled the holes for the bell push into my UPVC door frame and it's now been used once with everything working perfectly. I'm really pleased with this gadget though the instructions could have been clearer. The builder was impressed and may get one for his Mum!