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abbreviations- can I start a list

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CMHT - Community Mental Health Team
PN - Pudendal Neuralgia
PNE - Pudendal Nerve Entrapment

everyone big thanks >bighugs<

and much thanks to Sunshinemeadows for moving the thread here >thumbsup<

some professionals commonly met -
GP - General Practitioner (a doctor who knows a bit about a lot of things...)
RMN - Registered Mental Nurse (honestly, that is a psych nurse's genuine title - I used to be registered mental!)
RGN - Registered General Nurse
RM - Registered Midwife
SW -  Social Worker
ASW - Approved Social Worker (part of a mental health team)
SS - Social Services
OT - Occupational Therapist

PCT - Primary Care Trust

 >bighugs< >bighugs< >bighugs<

 to everyone for the explation's you have calmed me down all those letter's are very confussing


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