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A sharp knife I can use?


Has anyone seen any sharp knives which are accessible for disabled users? I have a few special knives which don't hurt my hands as badly, but every single one of them is practically a butter knife. I have a bread knife which I can use, but anything like a steak knife is hard to get accessible versions. I presume they think if you need a special grip then you shouldn't have a sharp knife, but of course a blunt knife is a dreadful danger. I can't just use Fimo and similar craft materials to mould it like I often do, as it needs to be properly sealed and washable to keep it clean. Anyone know either a place I can get a sharp knife with a secure built up handle with finger holds and possibly even a strap to keep it in my hand, or a craft material which moulds easily, hardens without excessive heat, will then be waterproof but isn't terribly expensive. Sugru is great, but enough of it to build up a knife handle would be about 50!

Have you looked here:-

Sunshine Meadows:
Good link tah  >thumbsup<

I have a Reflex Slicing Knife and use it for slicing bread. The slice I get is much better than with and ordinary knife and the remain loaf does not get squished so much.

Those seem like good designs.


--- Quote from: lankou on 02 Oct 2017 12:19PM ---Have you looked here:-

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Did you get any of those to cut? I've owned about half of them, one fell apart, another broken when I dropped it, the rest I could ride bare bum to Newcastle without injury! I think that use "chef knife" as an indicator of shape and size rather than an indicator you can chef with it. Very disappointing.


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