75000 ESA Claimants underpaid by 500 million.

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Yet another major DWP cockup:-

More at link


Mistakes in benefits claims could cost up to 500m

By Michael Buchanan
Social affairs correspondent, BBC News 1 hour ago

Mistakes in paying out benefits claims could cost up to 500m to put right, the BBC has learned.

The errors identified by the Department for Work and Pensions affect the main sickness benefit, the Employment and Support Allowance (ESA).

The BBC understands that assessors wrongly calculated the income of around 75,000 claimants.

Ministers say that they are aware of the problem and that repayments have begun to be made.

The department, which says it discovered the mistakes last December, is understood to have contacted about 1,000 people so far.

It says it is still trying to understand the scale of the problems with ESA, which is paid to about 2.5 million people, and will contact anyone affected.


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This is likely to be the disability premium of 15.75/week which in some cases would have entitled the claimant to income related ESA on top of a probable award of contribution based ESA.

This then has a knock on effect for other means tested benefits like housing and council tax benefits.  I often come across claimants who are not being paid severe disability premium of 62.45.

The daft thing is DWP staff who would tell claimants they were due additional premiums would get pulled up for deviating from the script.