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My call-up papers have arrived

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The brown PIP envelope arrived today.  They have given me until 2nd February to get in touch with them by phone.  I am thinking that I will leave it until nearer the time 'cos if I lose it I will get an extra couple of weeks DLA money before it stops.

Sunshine Meadows:

Yes we are wealth creators for the UK what will all the people employed to check on us and the money given to think tanks and what have you to make sure the Goverment and civil service sort us out in the best (for them) manner.

 >bighugs< >bighugs< >bighugs<

I love the thread title  >thumbsup< and the logic in waiting to claim.

Sunny Clouds:
It also gives you longer to prepare your application.  Hopefully you won't need lots of time, but it's nice to have it.

Good luck.

There is a site that helps one with the application - I think that you have to pay for part of it.  Can anyone remember what the site is called please.

Sunny Clouds:
I don't think this site is what you're referring to but it has some info and it's funded by the Law Society so at least they think it's ok.


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