Two reports people here may be interested in.

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From the Benefits and Work Website:-

The Independent has today published figures showing that 87% of tip-offs to the DWP about benefit fraud were closed because there was little or no evidence of fraud.

Atos ‘would fully support’ the recording of PIP assessments
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I don't understand why people make 'tip offs' they can't possibly know the pain anyone is in or the mental health problems someone might have, they don't know that when someone is seen they may be having a very rare 'good' day. I think it stems from jealousy myself.

I'm talking about the majority of tip offs obviously, the cases highlighted in TV programmes where someone who claims to be unable to walk but belongs to the local running club and runs a few miles with the club each week are totally different but people like that are a tiny minority fuelling suspicion towards anyone claiming disability benefits.

But the vast majority of tip offs are made by jealous or vindictive people imo.


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''Recording assessments''

''In a written reply to the work and pensions committee last month, Atos - now known as Independent Assessment Services – explained to the committee the current regime for recording medicals. This includes''

''◦Giving three working days’ notice that you intend to record the assessment''

That is to say the claimant has to give the 3 days notice of their intention to record the assessment

''◦Signing a ‘recording agreement’ which seeks to limit how you can use the recording''

As the recording will be permitted under government rules Atos should have no say in how a claimant chooses to use their recording, a claimant might want to either post a copy of their recording on the web or send it to a newspaper which no doubt Atos would seek to prevent

''◦Providing your own simultaneous recording equipment which can produce two copies and which must not include laptops, tablets, smartphones or MP3 players.''

First if a claimant is seen to be able to operate such equipment they'd be told PDQ that they are fit to work and second, if a claimant were able to manage to obtain such equipment and get it to an assessment facility they'd be doing quite a job as given the size of the simultaneous recording devices used in the like of Police stations they are way too big for most disabled folk to carry about.

''However Atos went on to say that they “would fully support introducing a simple, straightforward process for the recording of assessments if the DWP select to introduce this facility”.''

Simples, let Atos record on their own equipment whilst the claimant records on their recorder.

''The chances of the DWP agreeing to this seem exceedingly small, however.''

The DWP would have no problem agreeing to this, however they might have a problem with taking the time to actually listen to any recordings just as they hardly appear to take the time to read the reports provided to them before refusing a claimant's claim relying on the appeals process to come to a decision at some point in the distant future.