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Sailing yachts around the world.

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I have been sailing since June last year. One voyage has been logged via Mustardland.
So far I have been all round the U.K., going from the Norfolk coast, up to Scarpa Flow, the Hebrides, the Irish Sea, then up the Channel and inside the Isle of Wight and finishing back where the voyage begun.

I have always wanted to follow historic voyages. So I am using the fastest Yacht to sail round the world. As I am aware that my health could stop this, I am sailing with the current winds, via Africa and the Cape of Good Hope, across the Indian Ocean to Australia and onward across the Pacific and home, via Cape Horn.

At the moment, Wanderer IV is sailing southward and eastward, below the Cape of Good Hope, after a stop at Cape Town. The weather is real, so one is totally at the mercy of the wind. Wanderer IV is doing just over 10 knots just now, with some cloud in the sky. The boat is heeled at 28 degrees. I have seen dolphins and whales while sailing. These and sea-birds have been added to bring things more to life.

One can alway tell when a whale surfaces, as there is a big bang that sounds like the side of the hull has just been hit.

The other yacht I am sailing for Mustardland is The Catty Snork.

There are plenty of videos on U Tube about Sailaway. It is one of the few things I can still do, so I value it greatly.

 >wheelchair< Being Peace, Prabhakari.

There is a huge storm raging off Vancouver. The seas are high and the spray is fierce and blinding. sailing under reefed mainsail.

Wanderer IV is speeding through the night, below Africa. Local time is 03:22 so Sunrise is around an hour away.
Our position is S37.46

It is a calm night, in comparison to Vancouver. We are doing around 10 knots and our course is 120 degrees at present. The water under the keel is around 10300 feet. Deep enough to see whales.

Wanderer IV is sailing through high seas as we enter the Indian Ocean. Wind speed at 25 knots. The yacht is doing more than 10 knots just now. Sky is overcast but no rain. Spray flying off the water. At least it is daylight.
There are new sailors on the sim. We are a world-wide sailing community.
It is nice to get the sails trimmed well. To know that one has done one's best.

Being Peace, Prabhakari.

The Yacht is heeling at 34 degrees in the strong winds. This wind is caused by a storm-system south of Cape Town. The area is also known as the Cape of Storms for a good reason. I sailed south in order to benefit from this. Now we are sailing N.E. again. My course will be decided by the weather. Calms are possible. The Volvo race ran into a large area of calm off Africa as they sailed to Cape Town before Christmas. People got frustrated. Now most of them are in Melbourne, Australia. They all sailed S.E. from Cape Town to get the constant winds in the Southern Ocean. So it was a fast passage for them.
I am just sailing round the world, so there is no rush. If we sail further north, there will be many places to visit on the way. I use Google Earth for this. It is a good way to learn about the world. I am gaining much knowledge about the waters I sail through.

The Catty Snork is on her way to Hawaii. More storm systems there, which means course adjustments to make the most of the winds generated. We still have around 2000 Nautical miles to sail, to reach Pearl Harbour.   >wheelchair<


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