Snow be careful.

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Re: Snow be careful.

  • on: 03 Mar 2018 04:37PM
Local news said that many convenience stores have run out of milk.

That figures - the deliveries probably haven't been able to get through to the same extent.  I heard on the radio news yesterday that up Scotland way, dairy farmers were having to pour their milk down the drain because the tankers that collect it were unable to reach the farms!  At least there's a significant thaw taking place now - well, down Somerset way at least.  Helped along by spells of quite heavy rain... Tomorrow I hope to step out as well, could do with a walk, even if just a few streets away to the Tesco Express!

Sorry you have the 'black dog' of depression on your back, Sunny - and the weather can't be helping, we need some sunshine after days of leaden grey skies.  Oh, and some milder temperatures while we're at it - though definitely less bitingly cold than things have been.  Spring is on the way - eventually  >cheerup<


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Re: Snow be careful.

  • on: 03 Mar 2018 04:56PM
We've only had the odd spot of rain here, but it is thawing. Hope it doesn't freeze otherwise it will be lethal on the roads and pavements.

We have a Tesco Express locally, but now have a brand new M&S Simply Food just opened. It was busy when I looked in on Wednesday. A bit expensive for a main shop, I just get fancy bits at M&S, with Tesco Extra for my main shop. Easy to reach and plenty of parking.