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I am in need of a new toilet seat again, as the sort I usually use is no use any more. They have made them cheaper and cheaper until they are made of practically nothing. In an ideal world I want a padded seat, but have been looking for about 10 years for a padded one with a real hinge and a lid which is NOT RAISED and only found that sort.

So now I am looking at standard seats (as the next best one I found was nearly 100!! And no I won't get any help from OT services) and interested to know if anyone who uses a standard seat AND usually finds the seat slides around has found any of these "stay tight" or other special guaranteed no wobble type seats have been properly secure? I have fallen off too many toilets when they make that little sideways dip and off I go. I'd be interested in any recommendations but don't want people to waste their time sending me things that are definitely no good:

* If you never found a toilet seat slippery ever, there's not a lot of point telling me yours is tight, as it may not be especially tight, you might just be lucky. If you have a good one which replaced a bad one, I'd like to know what the good one is
* It has to fit to the standard holes in the toilet using hinges and a lid. Those things which clip onto the bowl are useless to me.
* It absolutely cannot be raised. That's what the OT service brings every time, and they cannot understand my complaint that it's too high. Reply to "The 2in toilet is too high" "We have a 4in one too if that is better".  >steam<
* Under 80, as there are already several I have seen in the "silly money" area. I'm hoping for 35 max

Sunny Clouds:
Just thinking round this...

You could buy an ordinary Bemis Stay Tight type seat on ebay then spend  money on some good quality rubber washers for the fittings.  I had a problem with a seat wobbling where I was before and spent time rummaging for washers.  As it happened, I had a good collection of washers, but if there's an old-fashioned plumber's merchant or general hardware store near you where you can rummage, you might find something.  The thing is to focus on rubberiness/clinginess not on shape and cut to shape later.

Also, some rubber washers/discs fastened to the top rim of the loo with sticky fixers or glue could provide less movement.  Note I'm saying fastened to the loo not to the seat, i.e. that the friction that stops movement would be between rubber and underside of seat not between rubber and top of loo rim.

The other thing that might be worth considering if you could get it secondhand would be something my father had that you could adapt if you're handy with tools.  It was a combination shower-chair, commode and over-loo chair.  The lid was the seat.  You take out the commode pail to turn it into an  over-loo chair.  You could get one of those and take the wheels off.  The lid being the seat, you might want to change it for a sheet of plastic or something if you find it heavy/awkward.

even  for normal people the seats are useless, i am looking also  for a old seat what stays in place for my  clumsy bunch of family, myself included.

Sunny Clouds:
What a pity you wobbly seat people don't live here.  I'd get my DIY kit out, buy a couple of wooden seats, affix brackets to the underside to fit over the edge of the loo, add some rubber spacers, and hey presto, seats that don't move!

I have done many a DIY job, the previous seat had bumpers on the underside, but after a while they crack the material where you have screwed them in. If you glue them on, they are not sufficiently secure. I've put dycem under the join, which is fine unless it gets the tiniest drop of liquid on it (you clean the toilet ever). If it were for me only to decide then I could just stump up the cash, but when you have family who can see a 3.50 toilet seat in Aldi and you want them to go halves on a 77 toilet seat, they don't see your point. :(

I might have another shot at OT services, but since they are aware that you can appeal the decision if they say it's appropriate but too expensive for them to pay for, but not if they say it would be dangerous for you, this is the report I got before:

"Pt requires a soft toilet seat. She finds the so and so type too high. A soft seat is available from [supplier] which is not one of our suppilers. Having assessed the situation, this type would not be appropriate and we recommend the [type we happen to have sitting in our stores already which is both raised AND hard]"

With absolutely no justication of how the one which is hard and high is going to meet my need for soft and low! The one they were trying to get out of buying was only 30, which is actually LESS than the one they wanted to buy me!!!


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