Medication amount?

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Medication amount?

  • on: 11 Mar 2018 09:57PM
(hope it's okay to post this here)
This has puzzled the heck out of me the last couple of days.  Lets see if your maths are far better than mine!

I use a gel daily which comes in a sachet and it's a 5g sachet with a dosage of 50mg on it.
but the manufacturer has stopped doing it in sachets and it now comes in a pump dispenser but..  the dosage is doing my brain in.

According to the bottle
1 pump = 20mg dosage
2 pumps = 40mg
3 pumps = 60mg
4 pumps = 80mg

My puzzlement is this..  How the heck do I get my prescribed 50mg from that??

2 pumps would be 40 and an underdose, 3 pumps would be 60 and an overdose.

I can't do 2 and a half pumps.. how do you do half a pump?  lol
So..  I'm not sure what to do.

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Re: Medication amount?

  • on: 11 Mar 2018 11:31PM
When you say pump, I'm visualising something like a tube with gel in it that comes out when you operate the pump in some way.

What about making an appointment to see your GP/nurse/prescriber as to dose, and in the meantime, if it's possible, each day pump 2 x 20 in one place to use, and 1 x 20 in a dish or whatever to scoop half of up with a finger/spoon/spatula?  If the gel is safe to keep exposed or in an ordinary dish or in the fridge, you could use the other half of the separate 20 the next day, otherwise throw it away each day until you've had advice on altering the dose.

However, I say that without knowing what the gel is for and whether a pump-squirt onto a surface or dish would be appropriate or usable.
(I'm an obsessive problem-solver, so feel free to ignore any suggestions or solutions I offer, even if they sound terribly insistent.)