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This is kind of embarrassing. My neuropathic pain stems from nerves running alongside my bladder. When the nerves are triggered by certain movements that sends my bladder into a small spasm just because the nerves are right beside the bladder. The spine consultant said that anyone who has over sensitive nerves that fire off on movement will experience nearby muscles spasming (sp? ) and it's just unfortunate for me that the nearest muscle for me is my bladder. Apparently as this is caused by over sensitive nerves pelvic floor exercises won't prevent the incontinence. So when I walk a set distance or climb the stairs I end up with some urinary incontinence. I never feel the muscle spasming or feel the bladder working or leaking, the first I know about it is feeling wet. I've been using pads bought from the supermarket that I order with my online shop with but these are not proving to be enough protection. What's the next step up from the thickest panti-liners? I need something discreet and not seen through clothing like trousers. I actually hate this aspect of my neuropathic nerve problems as much as I hate the excruciating pain which to me doesn't make sense. I'm always worrying that if I feel wet then the pads haven't been enough and people can see.

I guess I need to place an online order with a different company or chemist as what I am buying from my supermarket isn't enough. Excuse the personal question, I'm pleased that this is an anonymous board I can ask such questions.

Sunny Clouds:
Since I reduced the meds that were causing my urinary incontinence, I don't use them much, but I was using the sort of pads that will take a bladder-full of urine, and I found that they weren't noticeable.

It rather depends what you wear.  If you wear leggings, then thick pads will show, but under jeans or slacks (am I showing my age calling them that?) they won't show unless your  trousers are very tight, perhaps if you've got a long below-waist trunk (and of course people vary in that).

I think it's rather like when a girl starts wearing sanitary towels and thinks the whole world will notice them and then after a while realises they don't.

The other option is all-in-one incontinence pants, either disposable or washable.  The disposable ones may be more obvious, though, if you've got thin material in your trousers, because they tend to be elasticated so they have a sort of ribbed surface.

Disabled equipment suppliers do washable incontinence pants.  If that seems icky, I don't think urine in the wash is any worse than sweat and snot and general dirt on clothes, but it's a question of personal feelings on it.  For example, I'd get twitchy over washable bowel incontinence products even though lots of people get them and wash them with no problems at all.

Incidentally, if people do notice a pad, they may think it's just a thick sanitary towel, and that carries different social connotations, as it were, but actually I don't think most people would think anything of it.  It just feels like they would. 

You can get them supplied by your local nurse . Just ask to be assessed.
But I do buy some Pants and I also have a Stoma.
But if I am going out they do not privide enough protection.
So I buy terry nappies the same as I used for my Little ones.
Just fold them in half and roll them up.Used with the incontinence Pants they provide plenty of protection.
Hope that helps. Such a darn pain lack of control !!!

It is a pain, I absolutely hate this side effect of the condition. I also find it's going out that it is at its worst. Getting in or out of cars sets it off, climbing stairs. I've managed to find much thicker night time pads. If they prove not not be enough I will consider the next step.

Fiz I use Tena Lady knickers they are more comfortable than pads.
I buy mine in fact they are ordered on line. Much cheaper than in the shops


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