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incontinence wear

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The link worked for me. They are massive pads, and I mean massive. They took a little bit of getting used to, at first you think How  am I going to get that  in my pants? But you do, and then life gets much easier.

Sunshine Meadows:
Yep the link works thank you.

Right now I am not getting out and about on the trike like I used to but if I do get back to the cycle way dog walk I will try these because I can no longer wee behind a tree without getting wet. Maybe for long car journeys too.

edit to add - I know they will be bulky but it wont show much in the wheelchair especially in winter time when I have baggy waterproof trousers on.

Happy to help! It took me quite a bit of effort to find this product online. Whats available on the High Street and in supermarkets is so inadequate for my night time needs, and I suspect Im not the only one. They would be great for a long car journey. Ive just ordered a slightly smaller size of this particular brand. Id bought some from Age Uk, but they arent much better than my standard Extra Plus pads, that I get for free.
I normally put one of the NHS pads  in with the Age UK pads if I am just at home. With the NHS pads, I have to use the loo/commode every 90 minutes or so to stay dry.

I just done a big  clean out  and all  the  cotton nappies from my 5 children went to the vet for  dogs and cats with incontinence problems.


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