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Cat owners - your opinion please!

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Hello my friends,
I'd just like the opinion of cat owners or former cat owners.  I try to play with Sky as much as I can but it's hard really so I bought a laser pointer a few months ago and I sometimes use that to play with her, she goes tearing around chasing it all over the house.

but..  (yes, you knew that was coming huh?)

I've been told (on another forum, a motorsport one at that. hehe) that laser pointers are cruel for cats and should not be used.

and no, not because of hitting her eyes (I'm always ultra careful to keep it around her paws or further away) but that they said its cruel to cats as it is just very frustrating for them as they chase it around for ages and never actually catch anything.

So now, I'm wondering if I should stop using it to play with her, what are your thoughts?

Never used a laser pointer with my own succession of feline friends, but surely the cat does 'catch' something now and again, ie the dot of light that's being chased?

Anyway, a cat would soon let you know if it wasn't happy with a particular form of play - they just wouldn't participate in it!

yes Kizzy, i think also the them.

Sunny Clouds:
One option is to give the cat a treat after chasing the laser.  It could be a little crunchy snack or it could be a cuddle.  'Catch' the laser, 'catch' the treat.  If you don't want to give the cat an extra treat, you could play catch the laser just before ordinary meal time, perhaps alternating with other games.

But I agree with Kizzy that if the cat wasn't happy, it wouldn't play, so if the cat seems happy, then keep playing.

I think a little treat after the lazer game sounds like a plan. But there's no way a lazer game with a cat is cruel Steve, you've got to love some people with their opinions that they just have to voice.


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