My minds latest wanderings

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My minds latest wanderings

  • on: 29 Apr 2018 04:04PM
We have heard and some no doubt have seen the TV coverage of the meeting between North Korea and South Korea's leaders, well me I have my theory and it goes like this.

I feel the Western World's media was so focussed on what the US Government and in particular how D Trump reacts or might react to what happened at that meeting it didn't take the time to actually listen to what the NK Leader was saying. It struck me he was more or less making the case or a case for the reunification of Korea. All his talk of, ''One people, one language''  had for me echo's (now please nobody go getting wound up by what I'm about to say)  of how in 1930's Germany the National Socialist instigated a growth in national fervour for the bringing together those German people whom had by the settlement conditions of the 1st World War had found themselves living in a foreign country as areas of what had been till then Germany were ceded to France or Poland. The National Socialist Leader used the power of the then media to build a calling in Germany of regaining their rights over those areas ceded under the guise of protecting the Germans living there.

The Leader of North Korea has pretty much been doing the same as he talks about their shared language and of being the one people, should he continue along this path is it not possible South Koreans thinking about their blood families in the North of Korea will begin to press their government in the South for ever closer ties with the North, maybe to the point of them actually seeking a reunification of North and South.

Were such a reunification to be brought into being or for that matter even to look like it might be the direction of things between these two governments it I could see it causing the US Government real concern and not a little anger as they would be very quick to tote up the loss of influence in that area of the world. I remember there was talk of France being about to sign a huge deal with Saddam's Iraq and believe it was that deal that led to Blair being compelled/convinced by G Bush Jnr to invade Iraq when he did. The US Government had to everything it could to depose Saddam before the French Government signed a deal with him as were it to try invading after such a deal it would have found itself possibly in conflict with a NATO member.

And noo the good news I'm wandering off to organize a pot of coffee >biggrin<