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Human owners - your opinion please!


Sunny Clouds:
Forgive my borrowing Sunny's log-in.  I'm a friend of hers.  I'd like to maintain my anonimity by just using my initials DWP.

For some while now, I've been playing a game of getting humans to chase after 'benefits'.  I thought it was a fun game as I dangle the prospect of help in front of them, and they grab at it, and then I move it again.

I've made the game more fun for them by introducing extra challenges called 'phone calls' and 'forms' and 'waiting times', and over time I've made them longer to increase the fun.  But despite all my effort, the humans don't seem to be enjoying it.  I thought humans liked chasing things, for example they like chasing balls across grassy places and chasing things called 'bargains' in shops.  But they don't seem to enjoy this game.

Sunny says she thinks that it's not a nice game to play because whereas cats like chasing lasers, the humans don't like chasing benefits.  She suggested I let them catch the benefits eventually, but my friends Theresa and Esther say that benefits are very expensive and humans can have just as much fun without actually getting them.  They also say it's as much a spectator sport as a participant sport.

But the humans chasing after the benefits I'm dangling in front of them don't look very happy.  What am I doing wrong?   How can I make the game more fun?  I was going to ask my friend Iain who used to be really good at it, but he said he got bored playing 'benefits' with humans.

 >lol< >thumbsup< brilliant, apart from the fact you're 'borrowing' Sunny's log-in - I might have to wield the ban-stick for that .. oh wait, you say you're the DWP?  Hmmm, you allowed me to catch my benefits last year, so I suppose I'll have to let you off with a warning just this once  >whistle<

Sunny Clouds:
I'm glad you enjoyed playing 'benefits'.  Over 99.9% of humans I play 'benefits' say they're very happy playing it.  I'm absolutely certain of that because I take care when compiling my statistics only to ask humans that seem to be enjoying it.

Which still begs the question of why, if so many of them are enjoying it so much, they don't seem happy about it?

I've even introduced a 'go back to start' idea I borrowed from Monopoly.  If the player strikes lucky with that, they get bonus games of 'food bank' and 'backstreet moneylender'.  You'd think the extra opportunity to socialise would make life more fun for them.

How did I miss this before, it's so clever?!!

I don't know anyone that enjoys the game even if they win some benefits. Because winning them through the tribunal app seems the usual way of gaining any.

It takes up time I guess and stops people being bored. And the doctors get to play it too because they have too much time on their hands obviously.


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