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The Windrush Scandal - Tory Britain?

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The disabled are not the only ones who suffer under the Tories (old thread title)

An article about Windrush

U.K. news in The Guardian.

Sunshine Meadows:
I thought I had heard everything about the Windrush scandal but somehow missed this article so i am glad it was posted.

--- Quote ---The Home Office said the taskforce is not sharing information with immigration enforcement and that security and police checks are undertaken on all cases that UK Visas and Immigration consider. They added that one of the systems that is checked for all cases is the police national computer and that if a “wanted” marker appears staff contact the police.
--- End quote ---

--- Quote ---The father-of-three has been remanded in custody at HM Pentonville in London on a charge of handling stolen goods two decades ago, which he denies.
--- End quote ---

 >doh< >bigheadache< >hurtandunconscious<

This country is getting more and more like a Police state.
The Windrush generation were invited to the UK to do the jobs that UK folk didn't want to do alongside the fact that post war the population needed a boost.

You have Home office detention centres and imigrant children turning 18 & being deported back to countries they have no links to. There were a couple of teenage boys on the news who are being deported because the home office says its safe for Christians to return to Pakistan despite their dad being on a hit list.

We all know the discrimination faced by disabled but now the discrimination of the poor is being escalated with the roll out of universal credit.

The media are doing their best to destroy the labour party with the anti semitic allegations - happily ignoring the anti islamic tendancies of the tory party, it feels like everything is a challenge and its a bit depressing.

You wonder when theres going to be a productive change that hopefully does not involves another war or any sort.

Sunshine Meadows:
Well said Monic  >thumbsup<

Reading your post reminded me of how some newspaper articles have talked about illegal immigrants who are presenting themselves as children when they are actually adults. Things like this are then used to define the majority of illegal immigrants as scroungers much like the Daily Mail portrayed disabled people.

Speaking for myself I would rather risk a few undeserving people get into the country than one child get sent back to be abused in their home country.

Launching a 12-week consultation on a compensation scheme, the Home Office said a cap would ensure no-one got a "disproportionately
high payment".

  >bleep< and they continue the narrative that is set to encourage discontent and jealousy

Hello, and welcome back Sunshine.

Let me say before I start that if anyone feels what I go on to post is not in keeping with the thread please feel free to remove it.

''The media are doing their best to destroy the labour party'' (Monic)

Please see new thread here where we can talk about media coverage of prominent politicians etc.


Your reply was not off topic so much as needed a thread of its own because thee topic is so big it needs more than one thread. This one is about groups of people and the new one is about individuals who can potentially improve our lives (maybe).


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