Disabled comedian on 'Britain's Got Talent'

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Did anyone else see this?  'Lost Voice Guy', who 'speaks' using a machine and also has cerebral palsy, is in the semi-final of the talent show and gave his second performance last night.  He's good, but I have to say that all his jokes were about disability and nothing else.  OK, he was making fun of himself and sending up the whole business, but I feel he could have added some non-disability gags to his repertoire...I mean, we don't think about being disabled all the time, do we?!


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I might try and find it on ITV hub. I've not watched it for years as I had no TV licence for a long while but I was in the audience at the 02 once. Where I was totally disgusted at the treatment of people with disabilities who had requested concessions. We were well and truly punished for it by being placed in the very back two rows even if we had arrived at the venue before anyone else, only about 30 people had arrived in the queue when we arrived so had we not been discriminated against dd and I would have had fantastic seats. Seats are allocated on a first come first served basis and there is disabled access to all levels so there's no excuse for sticking everyone with disabilities at the back however early they arrived at the venue. I totally went off the show from that moment on though to be fair the issue might be with the 02 rather than BGT. 


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Have to say I love lost voice guy and his gags about disability. Suppose it depends where he wants his own career to go after Britain's Got Talent. I do love his stuff, but widening his repertoire to other subjects might give him a longer career into the future.