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Motability vehicles and insurance regulations

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I thought someone might know the definitive answer to this. I know a carer who works for several families caring for a child with complex needs in each. They drive the motability vehicle when taking the child anywhere. I mentioned the insurance rules of two drivers but was told that all the various carers drive the vehicle. I've looked at the website that it does seem that where there are a multi amount of carers an open insurance policy is available. So that sounds right for them.

However it seems to be clear on the website that a journey without the person with the disability in the vehicle must be to benefit the disabled person in some way. They said that's not true, that the disabled child has been placed in a hospice for a couple of weeks in the UK regularly so that the parents and siblings can drive around Europe on holiday. And apparently the family checked with motability who said that was fine. But that's not what I'm reading on the website. The family say that the motability vehicle is the family vehicle and so is used for all the family's benefit and not just the disabled child.

Is anyone able to clarify?

As I understand it itís illegal to drive a mobility car when itís not being used to the benefit of the person, folk regularly flaunt this law and it wasnít until I saw a documentary when they told the driver that they were impounding the car as it was being used fraudulently.  She then drove to the care home where her gran lived and took gran out of the home as a way of saying the car was being used for the gran,  they checked and that was the first time the gran had been out the home in over 6 months.  Car was impounded and gran got the money paid instead.  Granddaughter was fuming as she no longer had any wheels. >angry< >devil<
Thatís my interpretation of the rules anyway.

That is what it says in the information pack that I've received from motability although it's not against the rules to use the car without the disabled person in it, if they're not in it then the driver must be using it for the benefit of the disabled person. So you can do their shopping, pick up their medication, visit them in hospital etc. I think motability allow a small amount of leeway from what I've heard in that you can collect a sibling from somewhere. Possibly you can infer that doing so is conducive to family life which benefits the disabled person in the family although this leeway is not mentioned in the information pack at all. I'm certain that leaving the disabled child in the care of others and then driving the rest of the family around Europe isn't in any way for the benefit of the disabled child. The carer says the family checked beforehand but that's what they've been told by the family I'm sure.

One of the two families here that have been aggressive, spiteful to me and vandalised property of mine here has a disabled adult and a motability vehicle. For almost a year the spouse worked as a home carer and took the car to do her work in for several hours each day. During that year I never saw the disabled person in the car.  I was almost certain that was against the rules but I'm not a person to report anything unless their actions could endanger lives ie drink drivers. I know that the spouse could use it legitimately to collect their child from school without the disabled adult in the car, as again that's for the benefit of the disabled person. But someone else using it as their own work vehicle or going away on holiday in it without the disabled person isn't okay as far as I can see. I've given the carer the website page that says who can and who can't drive the vehicle. As much as anything unless the various families they work for have the open insurance scheme they may themselves be driving without insurance which is a criminal offence.  That's only just occurred to me.

As I understand things driving a motability scheme source car without the disabled person in the car is only allowed when the car is being driven to a point of collection of the disabled person, for example to collect them from such as a hospital or doctor's surgery where they have been attending an appointment.

The only other situation I can mind seeing on the BBC's benefit fraudsters program a while back was where someone using a blue badge was being given a parking ticket had it explained to him that had he been at a chemist's collecting a prescription on behalf of the person named as being entitled to the blue badge that would have been within the rules but only if they could show the medications or the prescription due for collection. In the case on the BBC the man was using the blue badge to park the car whilst he went to work in a nearby office.

I feel sure any insurance company covering a motability car will, in the event of there being a claim following an accident, make a point of establishing very quickly if the person named as being on the motability scheme was either in the car, had been driven in the car immediately before any accident occurred or had reason for the car being used without their presence reason such as medication collection.

No the disabled person doesn't need to be in the car when it's used, but its use when they're not present must be for the purpose of the disabled person which could include collecting their child from school. It says that clearly in the motability information pack that I've been sent. I was going to add the link to the relevant motablity page that says that too but the motability website is down approximately 70% of the time and it's down at the moment. This site is out of date as it doesn't mention PIP but explains the use of the vehicle
No one can use the disabled persons blue badge unless they're in the car.


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