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Should I be worried

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The other day I had a brown envelope from the DWP and was somewhat thrown by it as I had contacted them only the day before to ask for the particular form contained in it.

I learnt a while back that if a claimant knows they are going to be out of the UK they are compelled to obtain this form and return it before they go abroad and so made the phone call, the form is not available in local job centres hence the phone call, trouble is for me at least the day following my phoning to request the form one arrived on my doormat.

You might say very efficient, well done the DWP but first there was for me the issue of how come a second class postmarked letter arrived within 24 hours of my asking for it?  The real intrigue starts though with my next letter from the DWP. The second letter contained the very same form which I had asked for previously and was posted using the same 2nd class pre-printed stamp on the envelope. The second letter arrived just as I would have expected the first one to have arrived, that is to say within a week or so of my asking for it, certainly not as happened with the first, arriving the next day.

So my quandary is were the DWP expecting my requesting of the form for temporary absence abroad and posted one to me 'without my requesting one' ?  Does this suggest there is more going on with regards to my benefits and of which I should be wary of?  If the DWP were expecting, perhaps through recent close monitoring, examination or investigation of my benefits claims history that I would be making a request for this particular form that they also have an idea of my timetable so far as arrival time/day at the airport involved?

It's a strange one but one wonders doesn't one?  Should I be concerned?


Put it down to the vagaries of the post.

Here's hoping :-)

Do you have to tell the DWP that you're going to be abroad for a week? I hadn't realised that. A charity is taking me to France on the 2nd. I'm absolutely petrified about every aspect of the trip but now I'm worried about this. I will never get a form in time to return before the 2nd will I?

Sunny Clouds:

--- Quote ---Benefit fraud

Youíre committing benefit fraud if you:

    donít tell the office that pays your benefit youíre going abroad, even if itís just for a visit
--- End quote ---

But don't panic!  Do like JLR2 did.

Having said that, my gut feeling is that if at the same time as you phoned to request a form, you wrote to them telling them you were going and sent the letter 'signed for', they'd be hard-pressed to argue that you'd behaved fraudulently if they didn't send the form in time for you to submit it before going.

That being so, since I'm in a nitpicky mood, I also notice that the government website doesn't say "tell before you go" it says "tell if you're going".  That might be useful if they kicked off.

Incidentally, if you're on more than one sort of benefit, don't forget that.


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