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Disagreements - an apology

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Sunny Clouds:
I am posting this here since some people will not have read what I have posted elsethread.

Whilst I have had disagreements with others, and some of my feelings about it are very strong, my problem is with how I feel about those disagreements, i.e. it is my reactions I need to address, not other people's behaviour or comments or whatever.

I disagree very strongly as to what I understand to be the views and/or ethics of some people here in respect of various matters, and I get the impression that othes here would say the same in reverse.  But I do not know most of you in RL or else-site and there are always gaps in what we know about one another on a messageboard, which may give a very misleading picture.  We do not socialise with one another and do not have to like one another or agree with one another. 

I enjoy, I think, a different sort of debate from quite a few others here.  Anywhere, on- or off-line where people discuss and debate, there will be disagreements.  However, I think that if there are only a few people discussing it can be problematic if they are seeking different things from the discussion.

I think that I have been slow to recognise that for me this has become more of a problem with the number of posters on this site dwindling so that the sort of debate I enjoy is not the norm here now.  I believe that I should have recognised that and seen that I am out of synch with many others.

I apologise for disruption that may have caused, and as I have stated elsethread, will now be withdrawing from debates, save for the tail-end of my goodbyes, and then just popping in from time to time.

Iím sorry you feel you need to withdraw but appreciate that itís what you feel is best for you.
I hope when you pop in you will continue to contribute even if itís not getting involved in debates.
Take care

Thanks for posting that, Sunny - and I echo what Monic said.

Disagreements/misunderstandings between people is probably inevitable on occasions whatever the size of the posting membership on a message board, but I feel it should not be a reason for anybody leaving.  There's not much that can't be sorted out once those involved have had a chance to take time out and think about things - and as I said in Management Feedback, I feel this is one of the safest places on the Web to do so.  Anyway, we keep trucking on  :-)

Hi Sunny, don't feel bad about what is going on.  We love reading what you say even if we do not join in with your discussion.  You have very interesting views and I would be sorry if you did not pop back every now and then, and join in with whatever is going on.   >hugs<


On the one other message board I post on there was a similar problem with one or two people feeling a "chat" thread was a debate and people feeling upset. It was suggested there that if someone started a thread to have a debate type discussion about something, then they'd say so in the thread title so in this instance it would have said "Debate: Paultons park disability consessions"

For me the problem became personal quoting my mobility ability, entitlement and decisions about who I share my PTSD mental health issue with, whereas had it been kept generalised it wouldn't have felt so personalised.

I'm sorry you feel you have to be here less often but respect your decision, for me what's done is done and there's no hard feelings (emotions suck - frequently) and I hope that when you're ready, you'll change you mind.



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