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Heatwaves, good or bad for you?

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Was just wondering if the current spell of hot weather is being either enjoyed or endured by other Ouchers....does it help painful conditions or worsen them, for instance?  Is the heat tiring and brain-fogging or does it give you a lift in energy and mood?  (personally I find that once temperatures go into the 80s Fahrenheit/25 Celsius and above, it's rather too much, but I know some folk cope with it better than others!)

I tend to wilt when it goes over 25c  but thankfully here near the coast the breeze has taken the edge off. However I do find that I get a touch arthritis when it is warm this time in my wrist. Hopefully it will subside before long.

Hi Kizzy

for me its tiring, I cant sit out in the sun as I burn badly, I also get migraines in the sun.  I like that its warm and dry especially as Scottish Schools have stopped and it good that the children will have decent weather.  Mind you I wish that the bosses could sort out the building.
 One new building is 30C with fans on each desk and the windows open, some idiot hasn't reprogrammed the heating and it came on at 2.00 in the afternoon.  Madness.

Never mind - for the first time in years we are having summer in Scotland  >cool<

I hate it, I get too hot and struggle to stay remotely cool, also some of my pains get worse in the heat and what's the worst for me, I use my blue inhaler over twice as much as normal as I struggle to get my breath in the heat.

What makes it even worse is my cat hates fans, I bought a fan last year and cannot use it as she instantly hides when its on and never comes out.   So I just sit here getting hotter and hotter.  and sleeping is terrible in this heat, I really struggle to get to sleep.

Roll on Autumn I say!!

I like it but only because I'm fortunate here having things that are helpful. I've allowed myself an hour outside on the patio which is time I've enjoyed on weekdays. I've found it too difficult to go out at weekends as the sound of children playing, neighbours having barbecues or arguing has increased my anxiety so I avoid that by only going out on weekdays.

My bedroom is north facing so is fairly cool until the sun is in the west or if it's extremely hot the warm air comes in the windows. I have a bedside small fan on my bedside unit which is on when needed so I never feel too hot.

Oldtone it's interesting what you say about arthritis pain as my pain has always been worse in winter with the cold and damp but this last week one hip and both knees have been painful making it sore to move about the house and manage the stairs. I was googling to see if that's normal with rheumatoid arthritis. That's been a downside for me though it's not unbearable pain, probably because I'm on strong pain meds anyway.

But sunshine and warmth does lift my mood generally, any life stresses happening not withstanding. We had months of daily rain for the first few months this year and that definitely caused my mood to lower and SAD is definitely a feature for me. I'm very thankful for my bedside fan though, I think I'd feel very differently about the weather if I didn't have it.


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