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Was about to post on the 'Chit Chat thread of randomness dropping by' which we used to have, but as it's nearly a year since it was posted on, I was prompted to start a new thread... So here it is, and it does what it says on the tin - post about anything you like, any time, and don't worry about keeping any particular topic going >biggrin<

Tonight I've been watching England play Croatia in the World Cup semi-finals, and in extra time Croatia have just gone 2 - 1 up, so looks like we won't get to the big one after all  :-(  (don't know if any of you are following the footie at all, I enjoy the major tournaments but don't really bother with it at other times.)  Perhaps there's more Wimbledon fans here!  Or total sports-haters who'd be happy never to see it on telly again  ;-)

I'm not a footie fan (actually quite the opposite!) but I feel we could have won it in the first 90 mins if we only nailed one of those close chances we had in the 1st half.     Also, it seems to me that we can only score via set pieces..  when did one of our players score a 'normal' goal?

That said though, we cannot complain, they did their best and at least this time they can come home proud instead in shame like previous years.

..but yeah, as a non football fan, I'm glad it's all over now. 

The best thing that came out of my divorce was the lack of football in my life. I don't miss it. However I like the Saints to stay in the premiership so keen an eye on the scores until I know they will and then I switch football off in my brain. Haven't been able to be unaware in any shape or form of the world cup unfortunately, not that I watched any. Even the footie mad people on Facebook and instagram seem to be saying we did well despite not winning and getting to the semi finals is no disgrace.

Someone has started a government petition to start a war with Croatia which did make me laugh.

>edit to insert paragraph breaks - KK

I donít mind the football and have watched / had on most of the matches.  I had the sound turned down for any England match because the arrogance of the commentators really hacks me off.

 It used to be amusing watching England getting beaten until you saw the abuse and death threats dished out to the players , sorry thatís wrong, no England donít have a god given right to win and well done to the current squad of players but England would have more support from rest of uk if they canned the arrogance.

Wonder how the fools withe their World Cup winner tattoos feel 5oday.

Pretty damn silly, I would think  >erm<  IMO, the news coverage of the game - although it was obviously important in the footballing world - has been way too excessive, both yesterday in the lead-up and today digesting the unwanted result.  Let's get back to Donald Trump's visit  ;-)

--- Quote ---Someone has started a government petition to start a war with Croatia which did make me laugh.
--- End quote ---

Oh, what a complete >rude word<  >doh<  You have to laugh or you'd cry...


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