Shingles Jab

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Shingles Jab

  • on: 09 Oct 2018 05:57PM
I had a Shingles Jab on Monday and I am sorry I read the leaflet that comes with the jab after I had had the jab.

If I were of a nervous disposition I would have both the ambulance service and the undertaker on standby.


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Re: Shingles Jab

  • on: 09 Oct 2018 10:00PM
I know what you mean - if you read the leaflet that comes with your medicines its scary, to be honest most of the time I don't read it unless I start to feel unwell,

Sunshine Meadows

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Re: Shingles Jab

  • on: 10 Oct 2018 11:34AM
Here is the link to a copy of the leaflet.

Will there be any side
Side effects are usually quite
mild and donít last very long.
The most common side effects,
which occur in at least one in
every ten people, are headache,
and redness, pain, swelling,
itching, warmth, and bruising
at the site of the injection. If
the side effects persist for more
than a few days you should
discuss this with your GP or
practice nurse.

I like your response Monic and I wish I could be like that because the first thing I do when I get a new medication is check out the side effects. It is silly of me to get a bit worried about such things after all the possible side effect of getting a headache pales in comparison to getting shingles  >hurtandunconscious<


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Re: Shingles Jab

  • on: 10 Oct 2018 12:41PM
I developed shingles last Christmas.  It was pretty horrible.  You can't get an inoculation against shingles unless you're 70 or over at our health practice.  If anyone's suspects they have shingles go straight to your GP or walk in centre before it takes hold.  They'll be able to prescribe anti viral meds which will not cure it, but, will prevent further complications.  It helps the pain, and, the sores to heal faster.  My shingles weren't as bad as they could've been, due to my prompt action.  Even still, I was left with pain affecting the nerves where the rash had been for a month or so  afterwards. I also read the leaflets that come with meds etc.  Sometimes, like the bisphosphonate infusion I need, I'm put off by the adverse posts on the Internet.  It's difficult to make a decision, when the side effects can be a fracture, which is the main thing you're trying to prevent.