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This came up on my email feed from "they work for you"  It seems to be part of PM Questions and should have been mentioned in the news in my view - despite the fact she's telling lies again.

Theresa May The Prime Minister, Leader of the Conservative Party: "What we see in the changes that we are putting forward in relation to welfare reform is encouraging people into work and making sure that when they get into work, work pays. I might also say to the right hon. Gentleman that there are £2.4 billion of unclaimed benefits under the legacy system of the Labour party that will be paid to people under universal credit—700,000 people getting the benefits that they are entitled to under universal credit for the future. He asks me about what this Government are doing in relation to the end of austerity, and I have been very clear that there are better times ahead for people. We will see debt falling and we will see support for our public services going up. Austerity is being brought to an end. What is not being brought to an end is fiscal responsibility.

Since she's abolished disability premiums that money will not be paid as it technically no longer exists

Jeremy Corbyn Leader of Her Majesty's Official Opposition, Leader of the Labour Party
The poorest third of households will lose £745 a year if these cuts go ahead. Just this week, the Equality and Human Rights Commission—and the Prime Minister should listen to it—has reported that the situation facing those with disabilities has got worse and their rights are being violated in our society. After eight years of painful austerity, poverty is up, homelessness and deaths on our streets are up, living standards down, public services slashed, and 1 million elderly are not getting the care that they need. Wages have been eroded, and all the while, billions were found for tax giveaways for big corporations and the super-rich. The Prime Minister declared that she is ending austerity, but unless the Budget halts the cuts, increases funding to public services and gives our public servants a decent pay rise, then is not the claim that austerity is over simply a great big Conservative con?

if you are bored the whole thing is here:


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Re: Unclaimed Benefits according to Prime Minister
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I thought that when she said austerity can now end and she's still pressing ahead with the cuts and public services are still being given less than inflation annually meaning in real time they're receiving cuts to their budgets again. Her words mean nothing at all. Does she really believe herself? Is she that thick?!