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Wise words, funny words, quotes that made you think.- a text thread

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Sunshine Meadows:
This is a text only thread which means I need you to either type in the words you want or copy and paste them in. This is because it allows visually impaired people or people who find it difficult to look through pictures eg too many colours, to take part.

Coddiwomple - to travel in a purposeful manner towards a vague destination.

Ha ha, I have a great new word to use now!

Though my top funny word is still 'discombobulated', which means 'confused or disconcerted' according to the Oxford English Dictionary - it may well be a state that many Ouchers find themselves in from time to time...

Sunshine Meadows:
Discombobulated is a good word
I just saw this on the website Pinterest,
'Be who you needed when you were younger.'

edit I over shared  >whistle<

Discombobulated is an excellent word indeed  >thumbsup<

I like 'Corridoo' from the Meaning of Liff (where placenames are repurposed to describe things that don't otherwise have names).  I can't remember the precise definition, but this is vaguely what I think it means:

Corridoo - that moment when two people approach one another in a corridor and have to decide when to acknowledge each other (too late and they seem rude, too early and they seem silly having to smile and wave at each other for a long time)  >lol<

Sunshine Meadows:
>thumbsup< >lol<


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