PIP review pending...

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Re: PIP review pending...

  • on: 16 Dec 2018 07:25AM
Thank you everyone. I can only do my best now. I have some supporting information to send but getting new things in the next 8 days is not going to be easy so its going to be mostly things I sent last time.
Even the review form is a joke. They have removed the No change box just to make it harder to get across that you're saying things are the same as a year ago. I am going to write it in and make it clear instead and add details of how I still am and what help and assistance I need.
Sunshine Meadows, no its fine, its not that you were wrong, none of us can ever know for sure, they change what they do all the time.
Thank you Fiz
This is the second Christmas I have been doing reviews and I already know next Christmas I will be doing an ESA review too. So that's 3 in a row, Its just not fair. They make Scrooge look like a Humanitarian!


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Re: PIP review pending...

  • on: 16 Dec 2018 01:36PM
I'm very hoping you're wrong about next Christmas but I'm pleased this one is done by Christmas so you can try to place it in the back of your mind and then think about Christmas and family and relax and enjoy as much as is possible.