Author Topic: Low income top ups in UC areas.  (Read 1777 times)


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Low income top ups in UC areas.
« on: 21 Jan 2019 07:02AM »
A relative has split up with his wife. They've already contacted the HA for the assured tenancy to be in his sole name so that's done.

He's a labourer on minimum wage and has in the past relied on lifts to or from his work from his stbx wife or uses public transport. He has severe type II diabetes due to alcoholism, his sight is very poor and he has severe pain in his feet and limps quite badly. He has also previously had functional depression, I expect brought on by his alcoholism.

He has bouts of time when he loses a job for some reason and a few months later managing to find a new full time job. He's currently working full time but told me yesterday that he is struggling to keep himself together emotionally, something he would never normally admit. I gave him the samaritans freephone number as he just has the smallest most basic mobile phone as a payg. I don't think he's ever used a computer.

We're in a full roll out UC area affecting all new claimants, all changes of circumstances and they're slowly transferring people or families on benefits onto UC too.

Does anyone know the amount you would need to be earning in order to qualify for some UC? If he'd only been able to make a positive income balance because his stbx had provided half the week's shifts and now needing to rely on public transport would be paying more out on transport costs than he's earning what then? Or if the transport costs were drastically reducing his income from his job?

He's emotionally fallen apart and I'm trying to keep him ok enough to keep his job going but if he drinks more, can't motivate to get up he may lose his job, what then.

He's asked me to go to his place on Saturday to sort out all his finance and bills. He was extremely controlling of his wife and through their whole marriage her wages have paid every bill and his has paid for food and alcohol and roll ups for them both. So I will need to get every bill into his name from his account, assuming he has a sole account. I know their gas and electricity is paid by a top up card for a meter.

I'll also have to teach him how to budget as he's never paid bills and his wages have always been for his pleasure previously.

He can get very angry so I will need to find some assertiveness from somewhere.

I'm dreading it, but he's going to need a lot of help. But even I don't know what he's entitled to if his income minus transport isn't enough to pay his bills.

I'm not looking forward to Saturday. But hope I can get everything set up so his bills go from his account on or soon after his current payday. If I don't manage to get his finances sorted I think he'll be a risk to himself.


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Re: Low income top ups in UC areas.
« Reply #1 on: 21 Jan 2019 08:06PM »
Hi Fiz

I will try and explain how UC is calculated but you will need to check the local housing allowance for your area.  Your cousin will only need a one bedroom house - the rate in my area is 80.55 per week but as UC is monthly then the maximum housing element is 349.05   That means that the maximum Housing benefit(housing element) or monthly rental I can take is 349.05.

UC for a single adult is 317.82
Housing element is 349.05
Total UC eligible is 666.87

If your cousin works 20 hours a week at 8.00 per hour (minimum wage is 7.85)  his monthly earning is 640,  dwp ignore the first 63% which is 403.20.   
640 minus 403.20 = 236.80
maximum UC 666.87 minus 236.80 = UC payable 430.07
BE WARNED if he take an advance this is deducted at payment and is non negotable so if he takes a full advance of 666.87 he has to repay 55.57 every month no matter what he gets.  so his UC payment of 430.07 has a deduction of 55.57 so he'd get 374.50 to last him a month.
Bear in mind that from the 374.50 he has to pay his rent first and is that is 350 (my areas lowest rent) then he will have 24.50 plus his wage of 640 to last him a month.

If his landlord applies for rent direct they can take the 350 before he gets a chance to even think about it but rather than getting a decent amount he'll get 24.50 and be told thats all your due come back in a months time.

I hope that makes some sense but to provide any accurate figures he'd need to know his rent charge, the local housing allowance and his average wage.

Council tax reduction has to be applied for separately via the local council and my council has to see your UC award statement monthly.

Items needed to claim UC:  an email address, a bank account, a rent statement showing your monthly charge dated within the last 3 months, you need to upload your rent statement, verify your ID and respond to the correspondence in your online journal where they tell you when your appointment is at the jobcentre.

As for being sick, if he makes a UC claim and goes sick, he will still need to jobsearch (meet his claimant committment) until he passes the medical, think someone claiming ESA and handing in sicklines but still having to jobsearch for 35 hours a week while handing in sicklines.

There are no disability premiums on UC and he can only avoid UC if he has a current award of PIP standard rate daily living.

UC is a simpler more streamlined system (DWP tagline)  >steam<  >crying< aint it.


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Re: Low income top ups in UC areas.
« Reply #2 on: 22 Jan 2019 07:40AM »
Thank you Monic, you've explained that so well even me, an airhead understands that fully. He doesn't own any technology so we'll have to go to the library on a Saturday to use a computer there if he is eligible for UC and I'd have no idea how to upload anything we'll be nabbing an assistant. I'll have to do the computer stuff for him because his eye sight is so poor. His diabetes II is totally uncontrolled due to his alcoholism and I don't think he'll have a long life.

As he is in an HA 2 bed property, that rent may be lower than the LHA for a 1 bed property so they may take his whole rent into consideration? His one enjoyment in life is his garden. It's a small one but pristine and he grows all his own vegetables and fruit so I know he'd take a financial hit rather than downsize unless his sight went completely or enough for him not to be able to live independently.

I will copy your answer Monic and take it with me on Saturday so I have all the figures.

Thank you so much for your help.

He's still begging his stbx to return but she'd be daft if she did and like me is probably in the euphoric phase which lasted about 3 months when I relished living in a home where I didn't have to be permanently on guard and generally terrified the whole time although I don't know if there was any physical abuse. I hope she stays well away. And I'll do what I can to set him up so his bills get paid and he's getting the right income.