Having a nightmare

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Re: Having a nightmare

  • on: 05 Apr 2019 09:10AM
 >biggrin<  Plumbing is still doing its job. Kizzy I'm feeling much better and even though I am aware I'll be having a big bill coming at some point next week I am not depressed about it.

I drove through to the village where the boss of the engineering firm lives and visited him to thank him personally and to ask him to pass on my thanks to his mother who gave me his mobile number. When I tried the engineering bosses number it connected with his former home where his mother now lives and thankfully she thought to suggest that I tried his mobile, might seem like a wee thing but her doing this is what led to his replying to the message I left on his mobile.

I saw a Scottish Water engineer and had a bit of a debate with him as to what they are responsible for and after he had gone I discovered looking a bit more at the graphics of their web pages that the gut was right, the blocked pipeline involved in my problems is my responsibility, so when I get a chance I will apologise to the guy.

I had a chat with my sister on the phone about things and during this chat she told me of how they have an insurance thing through Scottish Gas for their plumbing, an insurance separate from the home insurance, and so I looked into this following the call and have taken out similar insurance with them and given the cost is only 48 per year I feel it is worth it for the peace of mind. This insurance covers all my private plumbing both within the house and outside to the property's boundary where Scottish Water become responsible for things.

Funny thing, well it is now I've a working bathroom again, the portable loo I ordered through Amazon arrived yesterday >lol<  I'll not be returning it as should I ever experience plumbing problems like I have had I will not find myself totally dependent on the local public loo.

My nearest point of concern just now is not spending anything I don't need to till I have received the engineers bill, one really good thing that happened yesterday was my returning to the plumbers merchant where I bought a new toilet bowl just in-case as the plumber I had trying to help explained the original bowl might break. I went into the plumbers merchant without the receipt and explained the bowl was still in the back of the car where the store assistant put it when I bought it and that it hadn't been used/fitted.

The guy remembered me and used the store's till record to find my purchase and having checked with the store's manager gave me a full refund of 41+ :-)

So today the weather is a bit sunnier than yesterday and certainly my mood is a whole lot brighter too  :-)

I hope no one else goes through what I have over recent days, it is not nice.