Dentist appointment

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Dentist appointment

  • on: 02 Apr 2019 10:26PM
Went to the dentist today as some of you will know I broke a tooth well actually two just over two weeks ago. I have never seen this particular dentist before being Agoraphobic it took a lot of strength and meds to just get to the dentist. She said because I have Crohn's she cannot manage my dental requirements and wanted to refer me to either Guys or Kings College. I explained I was Agoraphobic and both hospitals were too far away plus I cannot travel by public transport. The reply was "do you drive?" I said "err yes" her reply "maybe you could drive there?" I just looked at her. Some of these HCP's hurt my brain maybe she is training for ESA assessments >steam<

She didn't even do anything about the broken teeth just asked if they hurt,I have to go back in a months time and that is for a filling. I have noticed a huge difference in attitude when you don't pay for treatment to be honest I am not sure I want to go back.   

Sunshine Meadows

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Re: Dentist appointment

  • on: 03 Apr 2019 10:29AM

The public transport question shows to me the dentist was not really listening to you :-( 
I know what you mean when you describe home you pushed yourself to get to the dentist and the dentists behaviour must have made things more difficult. I missed too many NHS appointments at the surgery I go to and would have probably been taken off the list had I not been also having private treatment. My experience with the dentist I see is a good one but it was the managers who had asked him to talk over how they could meet my needs.

I dont know if you can afford any private treatment Gus but you are right there is a huge difference in attitude not just in appointments but also in treatment. I got a crown put on a tooth that NHS treatment would have removed and. I do feel lucky to have been able to get the money together for the treatment because it makes it easier for me to eat and looks better than a gap in my smile.


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Re: Dentist appointment

  • on: 05 Apr 2019 10:42AM
Gus I really wish, as Sunshine was suggesting, that your dentist listened to what you were saying to her. To someone without a dental problem it might seem trivial when someone is experiencing a problem but to the person involved it does have its impact and one that can be near impossible to ignore.

I've been fortunate in having the dentist I have had since moving to the Highlands but I'm aware that all it would take is for her, my dentist, to decide to move her practice outwith my area and I too could find myself with a dentist not unlike the one you saw.

Gus do you have a nearby hospital with a dental unit in it?  If you do might they see you and in doing so see you avoiding a longer distance to travel?