Author Topic: Can someone please explain something to me?  (Read 2322 times)


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Can someone please explain something to me?
« on: 15 May 2019 07:31PM »
Hello my friends,  I'm wondering if you can explain something to me so my feeble brain can comprehend it and fully understand.

I'm talking about the thing that's been in the news and on front of all the papers for the past 4-5 days or so, this Jeremy Kyle TV programme. 

Now it is not something I've watched as I find the idea quite awful and feel the programme was like quote and old saying.. a freak show or as some use these days 'poverty porn'.  So I totally avoided it but I am very puzzled.

Without a doubt it's sad that someone took their own life but all the outrage and attention this has been given recently, even the vile and despicable PM said it was "deeply concerning"

Now, please please explain to me how this evil old witch can be "deeply concerned" about the death of one person related to a reality TV programme when she's more than HAPPY to kill the disabled and elderly by the thousands?

One life on TV is deeply concerning and thousands off tv are ..meh, nothing..?

Why?  and why have people not called her and her party out for being hypocritical scumbags?
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Re: Can someone please explain something to me?
« Reply #1 on: 15 May 2019 07:46PM »
She cares because she can safely comment on it without undermining party policy.  Saying she cares about suicides relating to her policies would be politically unhelpful for her.

As for calling her and her party out over this (and similar comments) - people, including other politicians, do but they don't get a lot of airtime or media attention.

After all, large swathes of the media are owned or run by people/organisations either in agreement with the government or dependent on the government's goodwill to get what they want.

Having said that, I think it's a mistake PR-wise because it suggests the government believes suicides are avoidable and can be caused by distress, even a single incident, whereas it would be more to their political advantage to promote the idea that if you're going to kill yourself you'll do it anyway, and it's probably just because you're mental or something. 

(Caution - mental health politics bias here on my part...) After all, that fits in beautifully with a mental health system that's underpinned by an attitude of "You have this condition so you're defective - we'll give you lots of pills for years and some ill-defined 'cognitive behavioural therapy' in which we'll tell you being & feeling ok is all down to what you do, never down to what anyone else does to you or what happens to you."
(I'm an obsessive problem-solver, so feel free to ignore any suggestions or solutions I offer, even if they sound terribly insistent.)


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Re: Can someone please explain something to me?
« Reply #2 on: 15 May 2019 09:04PM »
The PM and other politicians are commenting on the Jeremy Kyle issue because it distracts from the mess they have made of Brexit.

This might be controversial but the people who go on the Jeremy Kyle show must know the format and the bear pit of the audience, the audience members saying their piece are hypocrites, the people who took lie detector tests should all be told that the tests are not reliable and I think they are no longer allowed in US courts, never have been in UK courts, due to their unreliability.

There is no politician on either side of the house that accepts their policies have contributed to suicides, people dying due to poverty etc. 

Personally I don't think Mrs May is evil, she is consumed by Brexit but is allowing the right wing to continue the decimation of the welfare state.   
Did you see the report that seems to say that the lack of unions and ordinary people being disconnected from decision making is a danger to democracy?  We need a balance in the UK between workers rights and the rights of employers / entrapanuers to make a profit.  Since the destruction of the unions the working person has said theres no point in voting and as the workers became the unemployed who were viewed with contempt that just confirmed the disconect between the powerful and the powerless.   If the powerless are given a route to power through the far right there will be social unrest in the UK.

sorry Im away off on a tangent  >doh<


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Re: Can someone please explain something to me?
« Reply #3 on: 15 May 2019 11:39PM »
Yes, it is a very safe thing to say.  Noone will disagree with you if you talk about one person.


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Re: Can someone please explain something to me?
« Reply #4 on: 16 May 2019 07:11AM »
Morning Steve, folk like May are virtually programmed with auto sound bites be it when they are on campaign trails or wherever. They meet a new mother with her baby, 'awe s/he's lovely, what a little darling' they meet someone with their pet dog, 'Awe what's his name?' 

I doubt 5 minutes after giving her comment May remembered what the 'deeply concerning' issue was, more likely her only concern is for her legacy following her period in No 10 I believe the only thing driving May is this legacy issue, she has nothing else.

Regarding the Kyle show like yourself Steve I've never watched the thing, my being averse to the advert sodden ITV channels. Now I do, having said what I have, have to admit I did go down to London to be in the audience of the, Damn the name's escaping my memory, it was a morning chat show on BBC1 and the presenter was the guy who went to Europe as an MEP before losing his seat, he had been a Labour MP before going into telly. Hang on I've got it, 'Kilroy' I remember how the show was set up and come to think of it when I went to Glasgow years back for a Question Time program I saw how it was basically a set up from start to finish, questions planted in as much as folk were asked to read out the questions which the program makers had given them, these were not honest questions from the folk in the audience but the questions the program makers wanted asked.

So far as the sad death of the man involved in the Kyle program goes, I have a feeling that the man may well have actually passed the lie detector test but this didn't suit the program makers who were more concerned with creating drama and audience reaction.

Never having experienced a lie detector test, apart from the one my Mum used to tell me she had and threaten me with when I'd been a bad boy, I've only ever seen them in movies 'Bridge of Spies' being one and a movie based on factual events with James Stewart as a newspaper man, in each the person being tested is told as the test begins to relax. Just how did the makers of the Kyle program expect their guest to come close to being relaxed in the studio settings?  If there was to be an investigation into the circumstances of this man's lie detector test and find that the test/results were faked the program makers might find themselves liable for the man's death.