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B****y fireworks

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Going off in all directions at the moment and the evening isn't really started yet..  cue not only bangs and whistles but dogs barking on and on and on. Why can't we have silent fireworks? I've nothing against the beautiful light displays that can be created in particular at organised events, but the noise seems quite unnecessary....

They have just started round here.  I think that there is a firm that does silent fireworks.  I love fireworks but hate the bangs.  When I was a little girl I ran away when an aeroplane came in my direction.  I ran into the kitchen and it followed me. I was terrified.  It could have exploded infront of me for all I knew.

as much as I love fireworks and firework displays I have to say that I now think it's time that fireworks were restricted to events and the professionals. I really don't think its a good idea to pretty much sell explosives to the general public, because as per usual a few morons ruin it for everyone and abuse people and animals with them.

I guess making the age limit 21 might help a tiny amount but you'll still get idiots buy them for kids, so lets call it a day.

Yes, I agree Kizzy

I had a mixed time on bonfire night. My neighbour across the road put on a display of silent fireworks, so I was able to enjoy the sparkling fountains from the comfort of my warm home, but then the pub down the road put on a display of massive noisy ones that made me jump so badly I nearly fell out of my wheelchair - unnecessary indeed...

Thank goodness it was 'nearly'  >yikes<

At least the fireworks are all over now until.... New Year's Eve  >doh<


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