Author Topic: keeping quiet or open mouth?  (Read 2303 times)


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keeping quiet or open mouth?
« on: 13 Nov 2019 07:03PM »
Last week i took the bus and with me  is a  small boy from the special school  with his support worker and a lot of other village  folks. A short while later when  we  collected the people from the refugee camp she started to tell in a very loud voice the others that in her village is a woman living  10 years and still not talks Greek and that it is Cyprus and everyone  has to speak Greek and how stupid the foreigners are that they  do not know the language. and she continued then that it is a disgrace that blackies come to Cyprus. First thing is Cyprus is having 3 official languages, and in all schools is taught English from grade 1. I was just thinking, when she is so a racist what is she  saying about  the boy in  her care when  he is not with her? My  problem is the boy goes with my children to school and i do  not want to trouble his parents when they loose her and have nobody to take  him to school but on the other hand , that is not going like  this.
My second  thought was , it is  unacceptable  to talk about the refugees, i want to remind the people that many many Cypriots left Cyprus 1974 when  there was a war. why make a difference?

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Re: keeping quiet or open mouth?
« Reply #1 on: 15 Nov 2019 09:46AM »
There is no cure to the ignorance and sense of entitlement in some people so it is likely that the woman you are talking about won't change. It is hard when people like us witness this type of bad behaviour and feel they should do something because the cost to us could be too high. I think it comes down to whether or not saying something is likely to have a positive outcome. Maybe you can look for opportunities to say things that could help people think more fully about situations but not when this woman is around if she is going to shout you down.